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Sun 310-013 Exam -

Free 310-013 Sample Questions:

1.Which three name services use hierarchical name space? (Choose three.)
Answer: C, E, F

2.You administer a growing network of systems, using the NIS naming service, with numerous slave servers. As the number of users and systems grows, performance is going down, updates are overloading the network, and the volume of data held on each server is becoming too large, causing difficulties in making backups quickly. You need to increase network security. What are two solutions to this problem? (Choose two.)
A.configure your network to use NIS
B.configure your network to use FTP
C.configure your network to use NFS
D.configure your network to use NIS+
E.configure your network to use DNS
F.configure your network to use LDAP
Answer: D, F

3.You have a network with 115 Solaris systems using no naming service. There are no security concerns. Many users have accounts on several different systems. You want your users to be able
to login on any system and have them use just one password. You also want to keep the network administration as simple as possible. Which action allows you to meet these requirements?
A.configure your network to use NIS
B.configure your network to use NFS
C.configure your network to use NIS+
D.configure your network to use DNS
E.configure your network to use LDAP
Answer: A

4.Which two statements about the RBAC security mechanism are true? (Choose two.)
A.The roleadd command uses the same default shell to useradd.
B.The roleadd command uses very similar syntax to the useradd command.
C.The ­P option, used to associate an account with a profile, may only be used with roleadd.
D.Using usermod ­R rolename username updates the user_attr file to associate a user with a role.
Answer: B, D

5.Which shell is the default when adding an account using roleadd?
Answer: C

6.You have created an RBAC role which is allowed to perform privileged tasks. You want to allow certain existing users to access the role. Which three actions should you take to ensure that users can access the role? (Choose three.)
A.You give the users the password to the role. B.You give the users a profile type shell at login.
C.You connect the user to the role through the usermod command.
D.You inform the users that they can access the role through use of the su command.
E.You inform the users that they can access the role through use of a direct login, Telnet, or rlogin.
F.You give the users execute permissions to the privileged commands associated with the role through use of the ACL mechanism.
Answer: A, C, D

7.In the execution attributes database, what is NOT a valid value for the attr (which is the last field)?
Answer: D

8.Which command lists the registered RPC services?
Answer: E

9.Which statement about an Ethernet address is true?
A.It is unique for every system.
B.It has an entry in the /etc/inet/hosts file.
C.It is a 32­bit address divided into four 8­bit fields.
D.It is a number assigned by the system administrator.
Answer: A

10.Which layer of the seven layer OSI/ISO model resolves packet delivery decisions based on the
Ethernet address?
A.session layer layer
C.physical layer link layer
Answer: D

11.Which command identifies the local system's Ethernet address?
C.snoop ­a
D.netstat ­i
E.ifconfig ­a
Answer: E

12.Given: # pkill ­HUP inetd What are two results of executing this command? (Choose two.)
A.It forces inetd to re­read the /etc/inetd.conf configuration file.
B.It aborts all Internet services and leaves them in a quiescent state.
C.It stops NFS services in preparation for bringing down the network.
D.It starts any Internet services that are listed in the /etc/inetd.conf file.
Answer: A, D

13.Which layers of the seven layer OSI/ISO model are combined to form the application layer of the TCP/IP model?
A.application, transport, and Internet
B.application, transport, and session
C.application, presentation, and Internet
D.application, presentation, and session
Answer: D

14.System A is using TCP/IP over Ethernet to contact System B on its subnetwork. System A has System B's IP address but no Ethernet address. Which protocol is used to establish System B's Ethernet address?
Answer: A

15.Which command should be used to manually invoke a consistency check and perform any necessary updates on a cacheFS file system?
A.cfsadmin ­c
B.cfsadmin ­d
C.cfsadmin ­s
D.cachefsstat ­z
E.cachefswssize ­s
Answer: C

16.Which command creates a log called /var/home_cache.log and initiates logging for the
/export/home file system which is being cached?
A.cachefslog /var/home_cache.log
B.cachefslog ­h /var/home_cache.log
C.cachefswssize /var/home_cache.log
D.cachefslog ­f /var/home_cache.log /export/home
E.cachefslog ­s /var/home_cache.log /export/home
Answer: D

17.What must be done before you run the command to check the integrity of the cached file
system /export/home_cache?
A.delete the cache
B.check the cache statistics
C.obtain the cache ID number
D.unmount the cached file system
E.adjust the working set size of the cache
F.find all backup superblock numbers for the file system
Answer: D

18.Which three series of commands should be used to completely dismantle the cached file system /export/home_cache created to cache the /export/home file system using a cacheID of homecacheid? (Choose three.)
A.newfs /export/home
B.mount /export/home
C.umount /export/home
D.rm /export/home_cache
E.swap ­a /export/home_cache
F.cfsadmin ­d homecacheid /export/home
Answer: C, D, F

19.Which command configures the cache /export/home_cache that should be used when caching the /export/home file system?
A.cfsadmin ­l /export/home_cache
B.cfsadmin ­p /export/home_cache
C.cfsadmin ­c /export/home_cache
D.cfsadmin ­m /export/home_cache
E.cachefslog ­c /export/home_cache
Answer: C

20.You are in a directory containing only text files. You want to use grep to search all these files for lines which contain "A" at the start of a line. Which command should you use?
A.grep A*
B.grep '^A' *
C.grep * '^A'
D.grep '$A' *
E.grep * '$A'
Answer: B

21.Which command displays an Access Control List for a file?
Answer: E

22.Which server is used to control the client activity on Enterprise Agents and is itself a client to
other servers?
A.mail server
B.print server
C.workgroup server service server
Answer: C

23.When configuring a domain with a Network Information Service (NIS) client­server relationship, what qualifies a system as an NIS client ?
A.Every system on the subnet is an NIS client.
B.Every system in the domain is an NIS client.
C.Only systems that are not NIS servers are NIS clients.
D.Only systems that are not NIS master servers are NIS clients.
Answer: B

24.You have searched for and found a string in the file. Which vi command should be used to find the next occurrence of the same string?
D.n E.s
Answer: D

25.Which vi command, while in command mode, deletes all text from the current cursor position
to the end of the current line?
Answer: A

26.Which four pieces of JumpStart client information can be configured by using the sysidcfg file? (Choose four.)
A.locale service
C.root password
D.client host name
E.patch information
F.file system layout configuration cluster
Answer: A, B, C, D

27.What does Sun Management Console do? (Choose two.)
A.It provides a means of connecting to a remote system at the ok prompt.
B.It provides a GUI through which local and remote systems can be administered.
C.It provides a means of managing remote systems without having to do a remote login.
D.It provides a common terminal window to type commands which subsequently run on a number of
Solaris 8 systems at the same time.
Answer: B, C

28.Which three statements about Sun Management Console are true? (Choose three.)
A.It provides a graphical means to manage metadevices.
B.It simplifies administration by bringing the tools together in one location.
C.It allows management of all the Sun Management Console servers in one location.
D.It gives the user a graphical representation of the administration components available and the level of user privilege required to run them.
Answer: B, C, D

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