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Enterasys 2B0-103 Exam -

Free 2B0-103 Sample Questions:

1. When Enterasys Sentinel Trusted Access Gateway receives a RADIUS reject from a RADIUS server, what will it do with that reject?
A. Forward the RADIUS reject to the switch
B. Forward Accept Policy back to switch
C. Forward FailSafe policy back to switch
D. Forward Quarantine policy back to switch
Answer: A

2. What type of end systems will not interact with Enterasys Sentinel?
A. Unmanaged PCs (i.e. PCs not under the administrative control of IT operations)
B. Managed PCs (i.e. PCs under the administrative control of IT operations)
C. IP Phones, IP cameras, printer
D. None of the Above
Answer: D

3. Which of the following authorization features are supported with Enterasys Sentinel?
A. Location-based authorization using Security Domains and Lock MAC feature
B. Special handling of particular end system/users with MAC/user overrides; including blacklisting and whitelisting particular devices/users
C. Location-independent end system quarantine action with NetSight ASM integration
D. All of the above
Answer: D

4. Once an Accessment Server is added to Enterasys Sentinel Trusted Access Manager, it is then associated to which of the following?
A. Switch(s)
B. Enterasys Sentinel Trusted Access Gateway appliance(s)
C. Security Domain(s)
D. End-System(s)
Answer: C

5. Which of the following information is required for creating a User Override?
B. Domain Name
C. User Name
D. Both B and C
Answer: C

6. User overrides work with the following authentication methods?
A. Mac Authentication
B. 802.1X
D. Both B and C
Answer: D

7. Whe NetSight Automated Security Manager is configured to Notify Trusted Access Manager, when taking an action on an end-system, Enterasys Sentinel Trusted Access Manager will automatically create which of the following?
A. MAC Override
B. User Override
C. Static End-System
D. Both B and C
Answer: A

8. Which of the following is not a required component of Enterasys Sentinel?
A. Trusted Access Manager
B. Trusted Access Gateway
C. RADIUS Server
D. None of the Above
Answer: C

9. The Assessment Agent is installed on which of the following?
A. Assessment Server
B. Trusted Access Manager
C. Trusted Access Gateway
D. Both A and C
Answer: A

10. When Enterasys Sentinel Trusted Access Gateway (TAG) receives a filter-ID back from a RADIUS server in response to an authentication request, TAG can be configured to do what with the response?
A. Forward filter-ID to switch
B. Modify filter-ID before forwarding it to switch
C. Forward RADIUS reject to switch
D. Both A and B
Answer: D

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