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Enterasys 2B0-019 Exam -

Free 2B0-019 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 Authentication is used in Secure Application Provisioning to:
A. Quarantine malicious traffic
B. Persistently apply policy
C. Allow configuration of a switch's host data port
D. provide additional network access
Answer: D

Q: 2 Saving a NetSight Atlas Policy Manager configuration to a .pmd file:
A. Writes the configuration to NVRAM on the switches
B. Allows for multiple configurations to be stored on the NMS
C. Notifies the RADIUS server that new policies have been created
D. Temporarily disables communication between all RADIUS clients until the save is complete
Answer: B

Q: 3 Certificate services must be installed when using:
D. MAC authentication
Answer: A

Q: 4 Persistent policy assignment:
A. Can be effective in an incremental deployment of acceptable use policy
B. Is dependent upon a RADIUS back-end configuration
C. Is deployed based on user authentication
D. Cannot be used on uplink ports
Answer: A

Q: 5 A distinguishing characteristic of PEAP is:
A. It adds security by running over a VPN tunnel
B. It uses salt encryption
C. It requires that only the supplicant present a certificate
D. It creates keying material using the Pseudo-Random Function
Answer: D

Q: 6 In the Enterasys policy-enabled network model, on-demand policy assignment:
A. Is the result of a manual configuration
B. Makes use of the Filter-ID parameter
C. Is overridden by a ports default role
D. Requires the use of 802.1X authentication mechanisms
Answer: B

Q: 7 All of the following are services which make up the pre-configured Acceptable Use Policy service group EXCEPT:
A. Deny Spoofing
B. Permit Legacy Protocols
C. Limit Exposure to DoS attacks
D. Protocol Priority Access Control
Answer: B

Q: 8 After configuration changes have been made in NetSight Atlas Policy Manager, what must be done before the changes take effect on the devices?
A. The NMS must be rebooted
B. The changes must be enforced
C. The changes must be verified
D. Nothing the changes take effect immediately
Answer: B

Q: 9 In the three-level policy model, Enterasys maps:
A. The business/network level to classification rules
B. The service-provisioning level to roles
C. The device level to classification rules
D. All of the above
Answer: C

Q: 10 The Active Edge consists of:
A. Policy-enabled switches
B. Core routers
C. SAP servers
D. User resources
Answer: A

Q: 11 EAP-TLS:
A. Utilizes uni-directional authentication
B. Generates keying material for use in WEP encryption
C. Does not require a Public Key Infrastructure
D. Is regarded as a weak authentication method
Answer: B

Q: 12 The Enforce function in NetSight Atlas Policy Manager:
A. Provides system-level administration
B. Writes information to a switchs flash memory
C. Takes place automatically when the application is closed
D. Is used to save .pmd file information
Answer: A

Q: 13 Populating NetSight Atlas Policy Managers device list:
A. Is accomplished using the applications discovery function
B. Can be accomplished by reading information from a .csv file
C. Allows the user to input a manually-created list of addresses
D. Can be automated by first running the MAC Locator utility
Answer: C

Q: 14 Acceptable Use Policy:
A. Is based on VLAN membership
B. Should reflect the formal network security policy
C. Requires the use of an authentication method
D. Prevents users from sharing information
Answer: B

Q: 15 Enterasys Secure Guest Access solution:
A. Provides guest access without compromising security
B. Prevents guests from seeing each others traffic
C. Allows only specifically-defined protocols
D. All of the above
Answer: D

Q: 16 When potentially damaging traffic is introduced at the network edge:
A. Classification rules which discard the unwanted traffic can be pushed to the edge switches quickly
B. A new .pmd file must be opened and enforced to each device in the active edge
C. Policy Manager must contact an IDS in order to determine the source IP address of the malicious traffic
D. (a) and (c)
Answer: A

Q: 17 Key elements of a common policy architecture include:
A. A policy decision point
B. A policy enforcement point
C. A policy termination point
D. Both (a) and (b)
Answer: D

Q: 18 Classification rules may be written based on all of the following EXCEPT:
A. TCP/UDP port number
B. Logical address
C. PHY and PMD sub-layers
D. Hardware address
Answer: C

Q: 19 The RoamAbout R2 WAP supports policy-enabled networking:
A. By mapping MAC addresses to virtual ports
B. By forwarding unauthorized traffic to a Discard VLAN
C. Regardless of firmware version
D. By assigning the same policy to all authenticated users
Answer: A

Q: 20 The traditional approach to Secure Guest Access has been:
A. Protocol-based containment
B. Based on Application Level Gateways
C. VLAN containment
D. To control access using Layer 4 classification rules
Answer: C

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