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Computer Associates 270-411 Exam -

Free 270-411 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 What is a Global User as defined in eTrust Admin?

A. A user login on a specific machine.
B. An individual employee identifier in a company.
C. The user login common to all UNIX machines in a company.
D. A common user login on all machines in a company's network.

Answer: B

Q: 2 Which component of eTrust Access Control keeps track of bypass access permissions?

A. Watchdog
B. Bookkeeper
C. SEOS Agent
D. eTrust Syscall

Answer: B

Q: 3 What is the primary task of a TCL script in eTrust SSO?

A. Assist with debugging
B. Generate eTrust SSO tickets
C. Provide instructions for logging a user into a specific application
D. Specify options that control the communication between the eTrust SSO server and clients

Answer: C

Q: 4 Which two does the TERMINAL class provide? (Choose two.)

A. The ability to control login events
B. Permissions for remote administration
C. The ability to control root access for the terminal
D. The ability to define hosts used in the TCP class

Answer: A, B

Q: 5 Which two statements are true concerning centralized management of
multiple eTrust Access Control servers using the PMDB architecture? (Choose two.)

A. PMDB is a recommended replacement for NIS.
B. The PMDB architecture provides a hot backup capability.
C. The master and sub-PMDBs can reside on the same physical server.
D. All servers being centrally managed in this architecture must have the same policies.
E. Each eTrust Access Control server can be administered locally if the PMDB server goes down.

Answer: C, E

Q: 6 Where are SSO login scripts stored?

A. On the SSO Broker
B. On the SSO Server
C. On the target system
D. On the SSO client PC

Answer: B

Q: 7 What does a role represent in eTrust Admin?

A. A job function
B. The machines on which a Global User has accounts
C. The department with which an employee is associated
D. The specific rights granted to an eTrust security administrator

Answer: A

Q: 8 All items in eTrust Access Control can be broadly classified into which two categories? (Choose two.)

A. File
B. Process
C. Program
D. Accessor
E. Resource

Answer: D, E

Q: 9 The scope of an eTrust Admin Administrator can be limited to which groups?

A. Any arbitrary group of users
B. Specified Native OS Groups
C. Specified eTrust Admin User Groups
D. Specified eTrust Admin Directory Groups

Answer: A

Q: 10 How does the Universal Feed Option submit changes to eTrust Admin?

A. Through the etautil utility
B. Through the workflow engine
C. Through the Delegated Admin interface
D. Through the SPML Provisioning Service Poinit (PSP)

Answer: B

Q: 11 Which three database types are supported within an eTrust SiteMinder environment? (Choose three.)

A. User Store
B. Token Data
C. Policy Store
D. Resource Store
E. Accounting Logs

Answer: B, C, E

Q: 12 Which eTrust SSO credentials can only be used with UNIX hosts?

A. SecurID
B. Passticket
C. X.509 certificates
D. One Time Passwords

Answer: D

Q: 13 Which two functions does the eTrust SSO server perform? (Choose two.)

A. Interprets login scripts
B. Logs a user into an application
C. Manages requests from clients
D. Validates the eTrust SSO ticket
E. Provides the user GUI and tools

Answer: C, D

Q: 14 Which two functions does the Operator permission provide? (Choose two.)

A. Permission to shut down security
B. Write access to all files being backed up
C. Read access to all files being backed up
D. Permission to operate the secons command

Answer: A, C

Q: 15 What does the eTrust Access Control STOP technology do?

A. Prevents users from performing an "su" command
B. Prevents unauthorized copying of files or other resources
C. Prevents buffer overflow attacks from executing arbitrary code
D. Prevents eTrust Access Control from being shut down by unauthorized users

Answer: C

Q: 16 If you are migrating to eTrust SiteMinder 6.0 from a 5.x version of the product, you would discover which two changes? (Choose two.)

A. Agents can now transparently failover between clusters of policy servers.
B. Domain Administrators are now permitted to manage select system objects.
C. The four major eTrust SiteMinder services are condensed into a single service.
D. The time required to start the Policy Server has been reduced through the elimination of bulk reads to the policy store.

Answer: A, C

Q: 17 In which language are SSO login scripts written?

A. Perl
C. VBScript
D. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Answer: B

Q: 18 Which field does eTrust Admin use when correlating users?

A. Any field
B. The full name
C. The last name
D. The user account name

Answer: A

Q: 19 Which three items are the main installable components of eTrust Admin? (Choose three.)

A. Portal Server
B. Admin Manager
C. Workflow Server
D. eTrust Admin Options
E. Web Application Server

Answer: B, C, D

Q: 20 Which resource type in eTrust Access Control is used to protect critical programs from shutting down?


Answer: C

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