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Symantec 251-351 Exam -

Free 251-351 Sample Questions:

1. An application is started and stopped using custom scripts and consists of a single running process. Which type of resource is recommended to cluster this application?
A. Process
B. Program
C. Application
D. GenericService
Answer: A

2. What is a procedure of decreasing the size of a volume?
A. Select Actions-->Shrink Volume
B. Select Actions-->Resize Volume-->Shrink
C. Select Actions-->Resize Volume-->Reduce
D. Select Actions-->Reduce Volume Size
Answer: B

3. Which attribute enables Veritas Cluster Server to bring a resource online after it goes offline unexpectedly and before faulting the resource?
A. RestartLimit
B. OnlineRestartLimit
C. AutoRestartLimit
D. OnlineRetryLimit
Answer: A

4. You have a two node cluster with a single Active/Passive service group and you want to guarantee that an attempt to manually bring a resource online will be quickly caught on the passive node. Which resource type attribute would you change?
A. MonitorInterval
B. OfflineMonitorInterval
C. ViolationInterval
D. MonitorTimeout
Answer: B

5. Which two attributes must be defined for a SQLServer2005 resource? (Choose two.)
A. UserAccount
B. Instance
C. DetailMonitor
D. LanmanResName
E. MountV
Answer: B, D

6. In a five-node cluster with two configured heartbeat links, what is the GAB seeding value set by the Veritas Cluster Server Configuration Wizard?
A. two
B. three
C. four
D. five
Answer: D

7. The account used for the Veritas Cluster Server Helper (HadHelper) service is used for which two activities? (Choose two.)
A. providing the security context for the HAD service
B. providing the security context for network access
C. accessing and updating Active Directory objects
D. provding read-only access to the cluster
E. restarting HAD in case the service stops for any reason
Answer: B, C

8. Which feature of Storage Foundation is required in order to use Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator managed storage devices?
A. DG Delayed Import Service
B. iSCSI Support Service
C. Storage Communication Service
D. Product Authentication Service
Answer: A

9. You have just configured a two-system cluster using the Veritas Cluster Server Configuration Wizard. Which command is present in the gabtab.txt file?
A. gabconfig -c -x
B. gabconfig -c -n 2
C. gabconfig -x
D. gabconfig -n 2
Answer: B

10. Given the partial definition:
group AppSG(
SystemList = { SystemA = 0, SystemB = 1, SystemC = 2, SystemD = 4 }
AutoStartList = { SystemA, SystemD }
OnlineRetryLimit = 3
OnlineRetryInterval = 120)
AppSG is online on SystemA. All other systems are up and available.
To which system will AppSG fail over when SystemA faults?
A. SystemA
B. SystemB
C. SystemC
D. SystemD
Answer: B

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