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Symantec 250-722 Exam -

Free 250-722 Sample Questions:

1. What is required for Shared Storage Option installation?
A. Fibre Channel connections for all tape devices to be shared
B. a robot SCSI connection to all participating NetBackup media servers
C. 1-gigabit Ethernet communication between all participating NetBackup servers
D. a SSO license key on the NetBackup master server and on all participating NetBackup media servers
Answer: D

2. An administrator planning a new NetBackup installation has 10,000 tapes in a single library and 27 tape pools.
Which NetBackup feature allows automatic assignment of free tapes to any of the 27 pools when the pool runs out of tapes?
A. enabling a scratch pool
B. setting up bar code rules for each pool
C. turning on Media Multiplexing for each pool
D. enabling auto-assign media in the Universal Attributes tab
Answer: A

3. A heavily used file server must be configured as a NetBackup client. The server is in production
around-the-clock. Backups must not interrupt production, and open files must be backed up. Backups must have no effect on client disk I/O and CPU. The client data exists on SAN attached disks.
Which backup methods would best fit this scenario?
A. Flashbackup
B. Offhost backup
C. Copy-on-write snapshot
D. Mirror snapshot
Answer: B

4. A NetBackup system administrator is trying to restore the NetBackup catalogs after a hard disk crash.
Which command is used to restore the NetBackup catalogs?
A. bprestore
B. bprecover
C. dbrestore
D. dbrecover
E. bpdbrecover
Answer: B

5. Which three methods do you use to verify that backups finished? (Choose three.)
A. execute bpps -a
B. execute bpsched -report -list_all
C. execute bpdbjobs -report -all_columns
D. use the Activity Monitor in the NetBackup Java GUI
E. use the Device Monitor in the Windows NetBackup Administration GUI
F. use the Activity Monitor in the Windows NetBackup Administration GUI
Answer: CDF

6. You are currently assigned to conduct a NetBackup assessment for a Storage Area Network environment. The system administrator wants to know how to verify that the Fibre Channel switches are supported by VERITAS.
Which two tasks can be done to determine if VERITAS supports the switches? (Choose two.)
A. review the SNIA Certification List
B. review the Compatibility Matrix Guide
C. review the Media Manager Device Configuration Guide
D. ask the system administrator which types of switches they are using
Answer: BD

7. You need to add a number of Windows servers from another department to your NetBackup Windows 2003 master server. The system administrator for these systems has given you a Domain Administrator account and permission to install the client, but he will not be available to help you. He has not given you access to the computer room where the systems are physically located.
What is the supported method for installing the client?
A. share the installation CD on the network, log into the systems through a Remote Terminal session, map the CD and run setup.exe
B. from the Administration client on the master server, select all the remote clients in Host Properties, right-click and select Client Install
C. log in to any system on the domain as the domain administrator, run Launch.exe on the install CD and installation to network clients
D. remote installation is not allowed; the system administrator will have to give you physical access to the new clients
Answer: C

8. You have an MSSQL database that you need to add to your environment. Which three items do you need to know before backups can be configured? (Choose three.)
A. the version of MSSQL being used
B. the kind of authentication being used
C. the directories in which the database files are located
D. the backup retentions needed by the DBA
Answer: ABD

9. You are installing NetBackup Database agents into an environment with a high level of change control. You are using all of the relevant Database agents.
Which database forces you to restart the database though it does not necessarily require rebooting the whole system?
A. Oracle 8i
B. MSSQL 2000
C. Exchange 2000
D. Microsoft Access
Answer: A

10. Which three determine tape usage when preparing for a NetBackup deployment? (Choose three.)
A. tape type
B. backup window
C. number of fulls
D. number of file systems
E. number of incrementals
Answer: ACE

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