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Symantec 250-700 Exam -

Free 250-700 Sample Questions:

1. What are three components of a VCS Service Group? (Choose three.)
A. dependencies
B. heartbeats
C. resources
D. the system list
Answer: ACD

2. Which two resource type attributes can be set in order to tune VCS failover characteristics? (Choose two.)
A. Flags
B. RestartLimit
C. ToleranceLimit
D. ActiveCount
E. OfflineMonitorInterval
Answer: BC

3. A service group containing a critical and enabled database resource in a three-system cluster is temporarily frozen for maintenance. While still frozen, an evacuate command is issued to the system containing the service group.
Which action does VCS take?
A. evacuates the service group to the next available system
B. enters the service group to offline state
C. ignores the command and maintains online state
D. notifies the ResourceOwner that an evacuate command was issued
Answer: C

4. There is a requirement for an application to remain online when a public network interface fails in a two-system VCS cluster.
Which hardware configuration is required to configure this behavior in VCS?
A. Multiple public network interfaces must be present on each system.
B. One network interface per system will work as long as two or more switches are present.
C. VCS will fail over the application any time any network interface fails on a system.
D. Multiple network interfaces must be on the same controller card on each system.
Answer: A

5. You are planning to install both VERITAS Cluster Server and VERITAS Storage Foundation. You will also be changing the application environment over the course of the next 18 months.
Increasing the number of ______ will require modification of the VCS configuration. (Choose three.)
A. highly available applications
B. file systems used by the highly available applications
C. disk groups used by the highly available applications
D. disks in the disk group used by the highly available applications
Answer: ABC

6. You want to verify that systems are suitable for a VCS clustered application.
Which three items do you verify on the systems? (Choose three.)
A. operating system licenses
B. operating system patch levels
C. amount of memory in each system
D. systems listed in VCS Hardware Compatibility List
Answer: BCD

7. You are the administrator of a VCS cluster. You want to add another system to the cluster.
Which two security group memberships are required on the new system to add the system to the cluster? (Choose two.)
A. Domain Administrator
B. Enterprise Administrator
C. Local Administrator
D. Domain User
Answer: AC

8. Which two security group memberships are required to add a system to a cluster? (Choose two.)
A. Domain Administrator in the domain
B. Enterprise Administrator in the domain
C. Local Administrator for the new system
D. Domain User in the domain
Answer: AC

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