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Symantec 250-510 Exam -

Free 250-510 Sample Questions:

1. Which two products can be run on virtual servers? (Select two.)
A.Endpoint Discover
B.Endpoint Prevent
C.Network Monitor
E.Network Prevent
Answer: DE

2. How is the incident count for a new system managed in order to avoid overwhelming the incident response team?
A.Match count thresholds are set.
B.More than one policy is enabled.
C.Many incident responders are allowed access to the system.
D.Incidents are auto-filtered to hide false positives.
Answer: A

3. Which response rule action will be ignored when using an Exact Data Matching (EDM) policy?
A.Endpoint: Notify
B.Network: Block HTTP/HTTPS
C.Protect: Quarantine File
D.Network: Remove HTTP/HTTPS Content
Answer: A

4. Which two recommendations should an organization follow when deploying Endpoint Prevent? (Select two.)
A.test the agent on a variety of end-user images
B.initially enable monitoring of the local file system
C.enable monitoring of many destinations and protocols simultaneously
D.configure, test, and tune filters
E.configure blocking as soon as the agents are deployed
Answer: AD

5. Which plug-in can connect to Microsoft Active Directory (AD)?
A.CSV Lookup
B.Live LDAP Lookup
C.Active Directory Integration Lookup
D.Directory Server Lookup
Answer: B

6. Which information is recommended to be included in an Exact Data Matching (EDM) data source? fields
B.numeric fields with fewer than five digits
C.column names in the first row, state, or province names
Answer: C

7. What are two valid reasons for adding notes to incidents? (Select two.) provide incident detail to policy violators allow the next responder to more quickly prioritize incidents for review allow the next responder to more quickly understand the incident history provide detail when closing an incident provide incident detail for report filtering
Answer: CD

8. What must be running on a Linux Enforce server to enable the Symantec Data Loss Prevention user interface?
Answer: B

9. Which file on the endpoint machine stores messages that are temporarily cached when using two-tier policies such as IDM or EDM?
Answer: B

10. Which detection server setting enables detecting text within markup language tags?
Answer: A

11. What are two benefits that data loss prevention solutions provide? (Select two.)
A.provides accurate measurement of encrypted outgoing email insight into capacity planning for sensitive data
C.identifies who has access to sensitive data
D.indicates where sensitive data is being sent
E.measures encryption strength for sensitive data
Answer: CD

12. What are two examples of confidential data? (Select two.)
A.manufacturing plant locations
B.published press releases
C.stock performance history
D.CAD drawings
E.employee health information
Answer: DE

13. Which two statements describe an effective data loss prevention (DLP) program? (Select two.)
A.DLP is best implemented as a departmental initia tive.
B.DLP is primarily driven by the network team.
C.An incident response team is rarely required.
D.Employee education is important.
E.Business stakeholders are held accountable for risk reduction.
Answer: DE

14. Which two products are required for quarantining confidential files residing inappropriately on a public file share? (Select two.)
A.Network Discover
B.Endpoint Discover
C.Network Monitor
D.Network Prevent
E.Network Protect
Answer: AE

15. Which product can replace a confidential document residing on a share with a marker file explaining why the document was removed?
A.Network Discover
B.Network Protect
C.Endpoint Prevent
D.Endpoint Discover
Answer: B

16. Which product lets an incident responder see who has access to confidential files on a public file share?
A.Network Protect
B.Endpoint Discover
C.Endpoint Prevent
D.Network Discover
Answer: D

17. Where does an incident responder find the exact matches that triggered an incident?
A.Incident Dashboard
B.Incident Snapshot
C.Incident List
D.Incident Summary Report
Answer: B

18. Which products run on the same detection server?
A.Network Protect and Network Discover
B.Endpoint Discover and Network Discover
C.Network Monitor and Network Prevent
D.Network Discover and Network Monitor
Answer: A

19. What is a function of the Enforce Server?
A.policy creation
B.detection of incidents
C.inspection of network communication
D.identification of confidential data in repositories
Answer: A

20. Which two actions are associated with FlexResponse? (Select two.)
A.manually quarantine files
B.automatically quarantine files on file shares
C.modify a response within a policy
D.automatically quarantine files on endpoints
E.apply digital rights to content
Answer: AE

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