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Symantec 250-422 Exam -

Free 250-422 Sample Questions:

1. Your systems use dynamic reconfiguration to reallocate hardware dynamically. The system and processes will continue normally after a reconfiguration. However, all processing on the system is stopped during the reconfiguration process. You do NOT want VCS to fault a system undergoing the dynamic reconfiguration operation.
Which parameter would enable you to extend the time allowed before a systems VCS heartbeat times out?
Answer: B

2. You are designing a high availability solution where low cost is the primary design requirement. The HA solution must control two database servers. Each database server requires a virtual IP address and disk group in order to run and fail over properly. The performance of a system degrades significantly if it is required to run both database servers simultaneously.
Which HA design do you recommend?
A.a two-node active/active cluster
B.a two-node active/passive cluster
C.a three-node N+1 cluster
D.a three-node N+2 cluster
Answer: A

3. You are designing a cluster for a Web server. The Web server has mostly static data that infrequently changes.
Your budget is limited and you want to minimize the cost of the cluster.
Which storage solution best fits this criteria?
A.shared storage
B.local storage only
C.replicated storage
D.No storage is needed.
Answer: B

4. You have a two-system cluster with a production application on one system and a test application on another.
The test and production applications cannot run on the same system at the same time, and if the production application needs to fail over, the test application must be shut down first.
Which category of service group dependency supports this behavior?
Answer: D

5. You want to validate operation after installing, configuring, and starting VCS. You execute the command gabconfig a.
Which GAB ports should be running? (Choose two.)
Answer: AC

6. What is one disadvantage of using active/active clusters over using passive standby systems in a cluster?
A.Active/Active clusters risk overloading the systems.
B.Most applications will not support active/active clustering.
C.Active/Active clusters increase operational overhead.
D.Active/Active clusters increase the cost of licensing.
Answer: A

7. When is fault-tolerance chosen over clustering?
A.when near zero downtime is required
B.when you are only concerned with network subsystems
C.when you are only concerned with storage subsystems
D.fault-tolerance and VERITAS clustering are interchangeable.
Answer: A

8. There is a business requirement to alert a help desk whenever any event affecting an application or the cluster occurs in a VCS cluster. What should be implemented in the HA design?
A.configuration of the VCS notifier agent
B.configuration of the AlertMonitor agent
C.write a series of custom triggers
D.provide the Help Desk with read-only GUI access
Answer: A

9. There is a front-end application that should only accept client connections when a back-end database application is available. Both applications are to be made highly available under VCS in the same cluster.
Which two ways can this be configured in VCS? (Choose two.)
A.configure separate service groups for each application with no dependencies.
B.configure separate service groups for each application with a dependency.
C.configure one service group with appropriate dependencies between resources from each application.
D.configure one service group with no dependencies between resources from each application.
E.configure the notifier to start the front-end application after the back-end application has started
Answer: BC

10. There is basic information available about an application environment including the hostname, applications installed, and location of hardware.
What else needs to be known in order to configure VERITAS Cluster Server?
A.the CPU serial number
B.SCSI paths
C.boot disk configuration
D.public IP addresses
Answer: D

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