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Symantec 250-421 Exam -

Free 250-421 Sample Questions:

1. A database must be able to recover from a logical data error in which invalid application data has been entered and saved.
Which data protection technique is most likely to help in this situation?
A.database server clustering
B.a backup of the database and daily logs
C.disk array based real-time replication storage mirroring
Answer: B

2. Your environment uses a SAN for disk access.
Which feature of NetBackup 5.0 Advanced Client is appropriate? backups backups
C.referential backups
D.incremental backups
Answer: B

3. You are designing a NetBackup environment. You will be using an external (non-NetBackup) scheduling product to initiate the jobs from the Master Server.
Which three NetBackup features will be available in this configuration? (Choose three.)
A.cumulative incremental backup
B.automatic retry of failed jobs
Answer: ACD

4. NetBackup Vault is being used to duplicate backups in an environment where there are only two tape drives.
How many additional tape drives are needed to keep a single tape drive failure from being a single point of failure?
Answer: A

5. You are designing a data protection solution for a new datacenter.
Which two things can be done to improve the overall availability of the data protection environment? (Choose two.)
A.add an additional local disk to each backup server
B.connect each system to separate power sources
C.mirror the boot disk of each backup server
D.connect a tape drive to each client in the datacenter
Answer: BC

6. You are determining the scope of a data protection solution. You have already analyzed preferences and deadlines.
Which two other items must be analyzed before you can provide a solution? (Choose two.)
A.information in the SLA infrastructure
C.number of employees
D.number of tapes purchased
Answer: AB

7. You want to evaluate an environment for a NetBackup 5.0 implementation. You are already aware of which servers will be the master and media servers and which agents will be used.
What else do you determine in order to provide the proper installation requirements for NetBackup?
A.Is Name Resolution functioning properly?
B.Is every client present in the master server hosts file?
C.Is the root partition on the master server mirrored?
D.Is mySQL installed?
Answer: A

8. Which three items are considered in a Data Protection design? (Choose three.) hardware standards
B.the type of cabling used for networks and SAN throughput speeds over networks and SAN requirements for recovery point and time
Answer: ACD

9. Which two items are gathered during the data collection for a Data Protection design? (Choose two.)
A.backup client platforms and operating system versions
B.amount of Data to be backed up
C.Sales Engineers preference of tape library vendors
D.existence of network intrusion detection servers
Answer: AB

10. When determining the required backup performance of a Data Protection design, which three items should be determined? (Choose three.) server backup performance and SAN data rates
C.capacity of tape media
D.client backup windows
Answer: ABD

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