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Symantec 250-402 Exam -

Free 250-402 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
What are two prerequisites for installing and configuring IT Analytics? (Select two.)
A. Microsoft Reporting and Analysis Services
B. Adobe Flash
C. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Datamining Viewer Controls
D. Microsoft Office Web Components 11 (2003)
E. Microsoft Silverlight
Answer: A,D

Q: 2
What are two prerequisites for installing Out-of-Band Management? (Select two.)
A. SQL Server configured in mixed authentication mode
B. SQL Server configured in Windows authentication mode
C. Symantec Management Platform
D. SQL Analysis Service installed
Answer: A,C

Q: 3
An administrator receives notification of a new vulnerability threat from Symantec Deepsight Alert Services. The alert includes the name of an executable that should be prevented from running.
Which policy should the administrator configure?
A. Malware Blocking policy
B. Application Metering policy
C. Custom Inventory policy
D. Software Inventory policy
Answer: A

Q: 4
The IT Security department wants to prevent all versions of a particular file sharing application from running on company computers. Where must the software resource be defined before it can be prevented from running?
A. Software Inventory scan
B. Software Catalog
C. Software Library
D. Software Update policy
Answer: D

Q: 5
A system administrator is testing the delivery of an application. During deployment, the administrator determines that the install path of an MSI needed to be changed without modifying the MSI. The administrator needs to change the command line parameters of the install package.
Which policies would be affected when the default install command line of a software package is modified in the Software Catalog?
A. policies that are assigned to a non-managed computer
B. policies that leverage Software Discovery
C. policies currently referencing the modified entry
D. policies referencing staged software updates
Answer: C

Q: 6
An administrator is reviewing software resources in the software catalog. There is a duplicate for a software resource. The administrator has initiated the Resolve Duplicate Software Resources Wizard and selected the option to merge duplicate resources. What will happen to the duplicate entries in the Software Catalog?
A. It creates a new software resource with the information from both entries and keeps the duplicates.
B. It updates the original software resource with both unique identifiers and the duplicate isdeleted.
C. It creates a new software resource with the information from both entries and the entry with the newest timestamp isdeleted.
D. It updates the original software resources with the information from both entries and the entry with the oldest timestamp isdeleted.
Answer: B

Q: 7
When manually creating an entry within the Software Catalog, the administrator needs the Managed Delivery policy to verify that prerequisite software is installed before deploying a new application. What should the administrator use to execute a prerequisite check?
A. Detection Rule
B. Applicability Rule
C. Basic Inventory
D. Software Filter
Answer: B

Q: 8
A system administrator discovers that an unauthorized piece of software called "Solitaire 2099" has been installed on company desktops. The software installs a browser toolbar that prevents the use of the company standard browser toolbar and needs to be removed immediately. The administrator has also been instructed to identify all users that are playing the game so that they can receive a private email about the situation. Which two capabilities of Inventory Solution will help the administrator? (Select two.)
A. Inventory Solution provides data about the number of installed instances of an application.B.Inventory Solution automatically associates software titles to users.
B. Inventory Solution automatically determines unauthorized software titles.
C. Inventory Solution tracks how often an application isexecuted.
D. Inventory Solution identifies harmful applications stored on local hard drives.
Answer: A,D

Q: 9
A system administrator deployed the Inventory Solution Agent Plug-in to 15,000 endpoints across a company. Subsequently, the administrator realizes that the performance of the Notification Server is slower during the inventory scan times. Which two actions can be taken within Inventory Solution to reduce the processing impact on the Notification Server during these times? (Select two.)
A. Create multiple policies on different schedules for subsets of computers.
B. Create a custom weekly schedule instead of using the default weeklyschedule.
C. Enable the priority setting in the advanced settings of the inventory task.
D. Use the AeXRunControl.exe program to randomize the collection of inventory.
E. Use the throttling setting in the advanced settings of the inventory task.
Answer: A,E

Q: 10
After customizing the preboot configuration files, previously created configurations need to be updated. Each file is highlighted and then the option to rebuild them is selected. After all items have been updated, the "Save" button on the policy is selected to ensure all changes are stored in the database. However, after several hours or even a day, the configuration files on the PXE servers maintain an old date instead of the new date. Why do the PXE servers have the old date?
A. The PXE servers are missing from the policy assigned to the preboot configurations because several policies were modified at the sametime.
B. SBS Services must first be restarted to accept new policy changes from the server even though the agent has received the policy.
C. The PXE Server configuration policy must also be updated at the same time as the preboot configurations.
D. The preboot configuration policy changes are already saved and have been lost due to saving the policy again.
Answer: D

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