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Symantec 250-400 Exam -

Free 250-400 Sample Questions:

Q: 1.
Which two products are included in Altiris Client Management Suite 7.0? (Select two)
A. Ghost Solution Suite
B. Recovery Solution
C. Real-Time System Manager
D. Wise Package Studio
E. Deployment Solution
Answer: C,E

Q: 2.
What does the Application Management Component of Inventory Solution enable an administrator to accomplish?
A. identify application usage on a particular computer
B. manage applications from either a white list or a black list
C. compare changes in files and the registry between two computers
D. back up registry keys from two different computers
Answer: C

Q: 3.
Which Altiris Client Management Suite 7.0 component allows an administrator to track computer resources before an Altiris Agent is installed?
A. Patch Management
B. Application Discovery
C. Handheld Management
D. Network Discovery
Answer: C

Q: 4.
Which statement is true about the Application Management feature of Inventory Solution?
A. It tracks and compares changes to application files and registry keys
B. It monitors and denies the usage of applications on a network
C. It gathers detailed information about application files
D. It limits the usage of applications to the number of purchased licenses
Answer: A

Q: 5.
Which solution is included with Altiris Client Management Suite 7.0?
A. Help Desk
B. Backup Exec
C. pcAnywhere
D. Carbon Copy
Answer: A

Q: 6.
Which two solutions enable an administrator to back up a workstation and then install an application on that same workstation? (Select two)
A. Real-Time System Manager
B. Software Management Solution
C. Recovery Solution
D. Inventory Solution
E. Wise Package Studio Pro
Answer: B,C

Q: 7.
An administrator wants to create a transform file for an obscure .msi and then identify machines that require the softwareWhich two components should the administrator use to accomplish this task? (Select two)
A. Deployment Solution
B. Wise Package Studio Pro
C. Application Management
D. Real-Time System Manager
E. Inventory Solution
Answer: B,E

Q: 8.
Which type of file must the Deployment Console user select while creating a PC Transplant task to capture a computer....s personality?
A. .pbt
B. .xml
C. .zip
D. .exe
Answer: A

Q: 9.
An administrator wants to install an operating system, boot-critical drivers, and a particular piece of software on a new machine . Which solution allows the administrator to accomplish this?
A. Deployment Solution 6.9
B. Deployment Solution 7.0
C. Software Management Solution
D. PC Transplant
Answer: A

Q: 10.
Which type of PC Transplant file determines the application settings captured using PC Transplant?
B. .A2I
Answer: B

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