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Symantec 250-365 Exam -

Free 250-365 Sample Questions:

1. Which command is used to view NetBackup processes?
A. bpps
B. bpnos
C. bpverify
D. bpsl
Answer: A

2. Which statements are true about a media server upgrade from version 6.0 to version 6.5? (Choose three.)
A. All clients must be on 6.5 if their media server is on 6.5.
B. The media server must be on 6.5 or 6.0 if the clients are on 5.1.
C. The media server must be on 6.5 or 6.0 if the clients are on 6.0.
D. The master server can be upgraded to 6.5 and media servers can remain at 6.0.
E. The media server can be upgraded to 6.5 and the master server can remain at 6.0.
Answer: BCD

3. Which command can be used to configure tape drives and robotic devices?
A. tpautoconfig
B. tpconfig
C. tpreq
D. tpext
Answer: B

4. You have ten different volume pools in your NetBackup environment. You have a limited number of available tapes.
What is the recommended method to assign tapes to different volume pools?
A. Use the NetBackup volume pool.
B. Manually move tapes to every pool.
C. Configure a temp pool and assign all available tapes to the temp pool.
D. Configure a scratch pool and assign all available tapes to the scratch pool.
Answer: D

5. The NetBackup system administrator has been tasked to configure a policy with multiple tape copies enabled.
Where would this be done?
A. From the Attributes tab, enable Allow multiple data streams.
B. From the Clients tab, add the host name and IP address of the client.
C. From the Schedules tab, add a new schedule and enable Multiple copies.
D. From the Schedules tab, enable Increase media multiplexing.
Answer: C

6. Which policy tab is used to specify the e-mail address for the disaster recovery file?
A. Attributes
B. Schedules
C. Disaster Recovery
D. Backup Selections
Answer: C

7. How do you configure Maximum Partially Full (MPF) of volumes?
A. Through storage groups
B. Through storage units
C. Through volume groups
D. Through volume pools
Answer: D

8. Which setting affects the maximum number of destinations configurable in a storage lifecycle?
A. Host Properties-->Global Attributes-->Maximum backup copies
B. Host Properties-->Universal Settings-->Maximum backup copies
C. Host Properties-->General Server-->Maximum backup copies
D. Host Properties-->Servers-->Maximum backup copies
Answer: A

9. There is a NetBackup 6.5 master server running Microsoft Windows 2003.
Which actions must be performed to back up a Redhat AS 3 client? (Choose two.)
A. Install the NetBackup 6.5 media server software for Linux on the client.
B. Install the NetBackup 6.5 for Linux client software on the client.
C. Create an Linux policy type and add the Linux client name to the client list.
D. Create a standard policy type and add the Linux client name to the client list.
E. Install NetBackup 6.5 for Linux using the Install Client GUI on the master server.
Answer: BD

10. In which directory is it possible to create aliases for NetBackup clients?
A. aliases
B. altnames
C. peernames
D. altpath
Answer: B

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