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Symantec 250-323 Exam -

Free 250-323 Sample Questions:

1. You are installing a new NetBackup client that must communicate across a firewall to its master/media server.
Which NetBackup 5.0 process helps reduce the number of ports that must be opened in the firewall?
Answer: C

2. How many different backup image retention selections are available?
Answer: D

3. Which three capabilities are available in the NetBackup 5.0 calendar-based scheduler? (Choose three.) a user backup job a NBU catalog backup
C.exclude a backup job on a specific date a backup job on the fourth Friday of the month a backup job on the last calendar day of the month
Answer: CDE

4. You want to restrict NetBackup administrative access to users logged into a particular media server.
How do you accomplish this?
A.add the media server name to the server list, and not the media server list
B.add the media server name to the media server list, and not the server list
C.add the media server name to both the server list and the media server list
D.remove the media server name from both the server list and the media server list
Answer: B

5. How do you specify an exclude list for a single policy or schedule?
A.Client properties: UNIX clients or Windows clients: Exclude List Select the policy or schedule
B.Client properties: UNIX clients or Windows clients: Exclude list area type in the name of the policy or schedule before the exclude list
C.Client properties: UNIX clients or Windows clients: Exclude List Exceptions to the Exclude List area
D.Client properties: UNIX clients or Windows clients: Include List Exceptions to the Exclude List area
Answer: B

6. NetBackup is not able to communicate with a tape device after you have configured it.
What do you verify?
A.NetBackup is running as root.
B.Media Manager has been installed.
C.The operating system has inetd running.
D.The operating system has mapped the logical device to the physical device.
Answer: D

7. Which two ways can the UNIX client named clientA be configured to have the NetBackup master server only back up clientA over its backup LAN (which is called clientA-bckup)? (Choose two.)
C.Universal Settings > NetBackup Interface > clientA-bckup
D.Universal Settings > Required Network Interface > clientA-bckup
Answer: AD

8. Which two criteria can be used to expire physical media? (Choose two.) full
C.number of mounts moved to a new server
E.change the backup retention level
Answer: AC

9. Given the following scenario about a policy with a single client:
Allow Multiple Data Streams is enabled.
ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES is specified.
Three tape drives are available in the Storage Unit.
Max Jobs Per Client is set to 2.
The client specified has 5 local file systems with no exclude list.
How many backup jobs will be "Active" (not queued) after the policy successfully initiates?
Answer: B

10. Which three commands can help resolve NetBackup network problems? (Choose three.)
D.nbclntcmd -ip
E.bpclntcmd -hn
Answer: ACE

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