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Symantec 250-308 Exam -

Free 250-308 Sample Questions:

1. A network administrator wants to limit RPC traffic across the network and decides to completely restrict the use of DCOM and RPC for end users.
Which Enterprise Vault (EV) Client Extensions should be installed?
A. EV Vault Cache
B. EV HTTP Only Add-In
C. EV Archive Explorer
D. EV OWA Extensions
Answer: B

2. What are the three primary physical data-storage components of Mailbox Archiving in Enterprise Vault? (Select three.)
A. Indexes
B. Archives
C. Vault Store partitions
D. Enterprise Vault databases
E. Enterprise Vault Collector
Answer: ACD

3. What is the recommended minimum number of processors for Enterprise Vault servers?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 8
Answer: B

4. What is the Vault Store configuration result after upgrading to Enterprise Vault 8.0?
A. All Vault Stores are fingerprinted for single instancing.
B. Each Vault Store is added to its own Vault Store Group.
C. All Vault Stores are added to a Default Vault Store Group.
D. Each Vault Store is configured for partition rollover.
Answer: C

5. Which mailbox does the Archiving Task use to connect to the Exchange Server?
A. any mailbox on the Exchange Server
B. the journal mailbox on the Exchange Server
C. the Exchange System mailbox
D. the Enterprise Vault System mailbox
Answer: D

6. A user moves a shortcut created in Enterprise Vault (EV) from a Personal Expenses folder to a Business folder. The folders are associated with Personal Expenses and Business retention categories, respectively. The user notices that when the shortcut is moved, the retention category for the item remains as Personal Expenses.
What should the administrator do to allow the item to inherit the retention period of the folder the item moves in to?
A. EV is working as designed. To change the retention, the user must restore and rearchive the item with the new retention category.
B. modify the options on the Moved Items tab of the Exchange Mailbox Policy to allow retention category updates
C. right-click the mailbox folders and select Update Retention
D. within Site Properties, select the Retention Categories tab and select Update Retention upon Move
Answer: B

7. Refer to the Exhibit.
Exhibit Missing
Based on the information included in the Archive Properties window shown in the exhibit, why should an administrator use the Rebuild Index Volume function?
A. A user's permissions to this archive were recently changed and the administrator wants to update the index entries with these new permissions.
B. The index volume has failed, which prevents accessing the archived items.
C. A user that had previously delegated access to this archive no longer has this access and the index must be updated to reflect this change.
D. The archive's indexing level has been changed from Brief to Medium and the user wants to take advantage of searching all archived items' contents.
Answer: D

8. Refer to the Exhibit.
Exhibit Missing
If an organization uses a Mailbox Archiving Policy that uses the site schedule, how would the task run?
A. It would start every day at 6 p.m. and run until it is complete or until 6 p.m. the next day.
B. It would archive 1000 items for each mailbox each hour starting at 6 p.m. until complete or until 6 a.m. the next day.
C. It would start every day at 6 p.m. and run every hour until 6 a.m. the next day.
D. It would start every day at 6 p.m., synchronize all mailboxes, and then run until it is complete or until 6 a.m. the next day.
Answer: D

9. The administrator of ACME has been given a small number of PST files that have been exported from another Enterprise Vault (EV) system that needs to be accessible from the ACME EV system.
What is the recommended method of migrating the PST files into EV?
A. Client-Driven PST Migration
B. Locate Migrate PST Migration
C. PST Migration Wizard
D. EVPM Scripted Migration
Answer: C

10. After an email is archived for 90 days, a company decides to remove shortcuts from users' mailboxes. Archived email is retained for five years within the archive.
Which three methods provide access to archived email when the shortcut is removed? (Select three.)
A. Search Vaults
B. Outlook search
C. Google desktop
D. Browser search
E. Archive Explorer
Answer: ADE

11. Refer to the Exhibit.

An Enterprise Vault (EV) administrator needs statistics about how frequently items are accessed. EV Reporting has been installed and configured correctly. However, when selecting the Archived Items Access report, it displays "There is no data available to display."
What is the cause for this message to display?
A. EV Auditing is not enabled.
B. EV Operations Manager is not configured.
C. EV Reports Configuration has not run.
D. The EV Fingerprint Database is not created.
Answer: A

12. A group of Enterprise Vault (EV) users can open archived shortcuts successfully. However, they are unable to archive new items. Items selected to be stored within the vault quickly change from a pending shortcut icon to a normal Outlook e-mail icon without an error.
What is the cause of this issue?
A. The ability to archive within EV has been disabled for these users.
B. The Archive Task that processes that user's Exchange server is stopped.
C. The Vault Store where the user archives are located is in Backup mode.
D. The Storage service on the EV server is stopped.
Answer: C

13. An Enterprise Vault (EV) administrator wants to allow users to delete from archives. After installing the EV Outlook Add-In, the EV toolbar fails to display the ability to delete archived items. The desktop policy specifically enables the Delete from Vault functionality on the toolbar.
Which two actions should the administrator perform to correct this issue? (Select two.)
A. add the line "AllowDelete=1" to the WebApp.ini file located in the EV installation directory
B. uncheck "Prevent deletion of archived items in this category" from the retention category properties in the Vault Administration Console
C. check "Users can delete items from their Archives" in the Site properties window in the Vault Administration Console
D. restart the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) to apply the changes in WebApp.ini
E. use the Mailbox Archiving Task to synchronize user mailboxes with the new policy settings Answer: CE

14. Refer to the Exhibit.

An organization is using safety copies on their Mailbox Archiving Vault Stores in Enterprise Vault (EV). Users are prevented from manually archiving or restoring archived items. The organization wants to minimize the time that users see pending shortcuts in their mailboxes using Outlook.
In what order should the administrator run backups and archiving?
A. back up Exchange, run Mailbox Archiving, back up EV
B. back up EV, run Mailbox Archiving, back up Exchange
C. back up Exchange, back up EV, run Mailbox Archiving
D. back up EV, back up Exchange, run Mailbox Archiving
Answer: A

15. Enterprise Vault converts mail message attachments to text or HTML.
What is a benefit of changing the default conversion type from HTML to text for certain document types?
A. increases the performance of file conversion
B. allows for the support of additional document types
C. allows for integration with third-party indexing engines
D. significantly reduces the amount of space taken by indexing
Answer: A

16. What are three benefits of enabling Enterprise Vault (EV) for Outlook Web Access users? (Select three.)
A. extends the archived mail availability
B. provides remote access to multiple user archives
C. provides remote access to archived public folder items
D. unloads mail from the Exchange Server
E. runs independent of EV services
Answer: ABC

17. What is a benefit of archiving mailboxes?
A. enhances PST functionality in users' Outlook profiles
B. allows a central repository for users to access all corporate email
C. centralizes management of archived corporate email
D. removes the need for Exchange mailbox quotas
Answer: C

18. Which is a benefit of deploying Enterprise Vault?
A. It provides an alternative backup database.
B. It provides a way to help address corporate risk.
C. It provides a way to help address access control.
D. It provides an additional Exchange mail relay.
Answer: B

19. From which three sources does Enterprise Vault provide a solution for archiving PST files? (Select three.)
A. Outlook profiles
B. Tape libraries
C. UNIX servers
D. Windows servers
E. Remote client workstations
Answer: ADE

20. Enterprise Vault can synchronize which three Exchange permissions with archive permissions? (Select three.)
A. Outlook Delegates permissions
B. Exchange Public Folder permissions
C. Outlook Folder permissions
D. Domain Administrative permissions
E. Outlook Address Book permissions
Answer: ABC

21. An organization needs an archiving vendor that can provide low administrative overhead for deploying different archiving strategies.
Which configuration task makes it easier to deploy different archiving strategies using Enterprise Vault (EV)?
A. The administrator creates new Windows groups in Active Directory to align with their archiving strategy and moves the users into these groups.
B. The administrator uses provisioning groups to apply different archiving policies to the various groups.
C. The administrator moves mailboxes to specific group Exchange servers, then runs an EV Policy Manager script for each Exchange Server to deploy the policies.
D. The administrator creates a custom archiving policy for each executive user and leaves the default policy for everyone else.
Answer: B

22. In which three languages are Enterprise Vault clients available? (Select three.)
A. Traditional Chinese
B. Danish
C. Portuguese
D. Finnish
E. Hebrew
Answer: ABE

23. Enterprise Vault can archive eligible items in mailboxes based on which attributes?
A. mailbox size and state
B. item age and importance level
C. item age and mailbox size
D. mailbox state and utilization
Answer: D

24. Enterprise Vault introduced enhanced archiving support for which Microsoft Exchange 2007 feature?
A. Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2007
B. Exchange Managed Folders
C. Exchange Management Shell
D. Exchange Dumpster
Answer: B

25. Enterprise Vault can single instance savesets between which two storage locations? (Select two.)
A. Vault Stores
B. Vault Store Groups
C. Collection Files (.cab)
D. Managed Folders
E. Index Locations
Answer: AC

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