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Symantec 250-300 Exam -

Free 250-300 Sample Questions:

1. You currently have an NT 4.0 SP6a computer with Backup Exec 8.6 installed. You will be performing an upgrade of the operating system to Windows 2000 along with an upgrade of Backup Exec to 10.0.
What is the recommended upgrade path?
A.upgrade Backup Exec to 9.1, upgrade Backup Exec to 10.0, and then upgrade the operating system to Windows 2000
B.upgrade the operating system to Windows 2000, upgrade Backup Exec to 9.1, and then upgrade Backup Exec to 10.0
C.upgrade Backup Exec to 10.0 first, and then upgrade the operating system to Windows 2000
D.upgrade the operating system to Windows 2000 first, and then upgrade Backup Exec to 10.0
Answer: D

2. Given the following:
There are four tapes to use in a four-week cycle (one tape per week, Friday-Thursday).
A Full backup is scheduled to run every Friday night and is set to Overwrite only.
The current tape is ejected, and the next tape in the cycle is put in the tape drive every Friday.
A differential job is scheduled to run Monday-Thursday and is set to Append only.
After running through all four tapes in four weeks, the first tape from the cycle should be ready for the Friday night overwrite job.
Which media set values for the Append and Overwrite Protection periods are correct to enforce this media rotation and allow the jobs to run as scheduled?
A.APPEND = 26 Days, OVERWRITE = 1 Day
B.APPEND = 21 Days, OVERWRITE = 6 Days
C.APPEND = 6 Days, OVERWRITE = 21 Days
D.APPEND = 6 Days, OVERWRITE = 26 Days
Answer: C

3. You are tasked with creating a backup job of two Windows 2000 Servers: ServerA and ServerB. Each server has two volumes: C: and D:.
Which is a valid resource order for a nightly backup job?
A.ServerB D:, ServerA C:, ServerB C:, ServerA D:, ServerB System State, ServerA System State
B.ServerB C:, D:, System State; ServerA C:, D:, System State
C.ServerA C:, D:, ServerB C:, System State, ServerA System State
D.ServerA C:, D:, Server B C:, ServerA System State; ServerB System State
Answer: B

4. When setting the default scheduling options from the Tools Options menu, the Effective Date is defined as the _______.
A.only date when jobs will run
B.first date when only backup jobs will run when Backup Exec was installed
D.first date when all new jobs will run, unless the Effective Date has been changed in the individual jobs
E.first date when all new jobs will run, regardless of the Effective Date selected in the individual jobs
Answer: D

5. The default option for job logging populates the job log with four job-specific categories.
These four categories are _______. (Choose four.)
A.job priority
B.skipped files
C.the media server name
D.errors encountered
E.completion statistics
F.names of processed subdirectories
Answer: BCDE

6. A monthly template in a policy needs to take precedence over a weekly template in the same policy. You want to create a template rule to specify this precedence.
Where do you configure the template rule? the rules window, select Add the policy window, select New Rule the policy window, select Edit Template, and then select New Rule the Job Setup task pane, select New Rule from the File menu
Answer: B

7. Which Backup Exec option enables the utilization of synthetic and off-host backups?
A.SAN Shared Storage Option (SSO)
B.Central Admin Server Option (CASO)
C.Advanced Disk-based Backup Option (ADBO)
D.Advanced Open File Option (AOFO)
Answer: C

8. Which three options are included in Backup Exec for Small Business Server? (Choose three.)
A.Shared Storage Option (SSO)
B.Agent for Microsoft SQL Server
C.Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server
D.Agent for Lotus Domino
E.Intelligent Disaster Recovery (IDR)
Answer: BCE

9. Backup Exec catalogs are written in which two locations? (Choose two.)
D.job history
Answer: AB

10. A ______ is a logical destination to which a backup job is targeted.
A.volume pool set
C.tape set pool
Answer: B

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