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CompTIA 220-603 Exam -

Free 220-603 Sample Questions:

1. An internal user has deleted a file named, pagefile.sys and is concerned this deletion may affect the computer.  The user should be instructed to:
A. reboot the computer because Windows automatically generates a new page file.
B. add a new hard drive, format the drive and install Windows.
C. back up all data, reboot the computer and notify a desktop technician.
D. reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows.
Answer: A

2. A user reports that it takes a long time to boot up in Windows XP and that there are a lot of icons appearing in the right lower side of the Task Bar. Which of the following tools can be used to minimize startup time?
Answer: A

3. A technician needs to use Remote Assistance with a user. The user is asked to use an email application to send the technician an invitation to remotely access the user's computer. The email application has not been configured in the user's computer.  Which of the following would be another way for the user to send the Remote Assistance invitation?
A. Configuring the Windows Firewall exceptions.
B. Using Windows Messenger.
C. Configuring My Network Places.
D. Using Internet Explorer.
Answer: B

4. Which of the following should a technician instruct a user to do to initiate Remote Assistance for a user running Windows XP Professional?
A. Network Neighborhood > navigate to the users computer > right click > select Offer Remote Assistance
B. Go to Help and Support Center > Pick a Task > Use Tools > Offer Remote Assistance
C. Run Remote Desktop Connection > Select Connect to User Enter the IP address
D. Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Remote Assistance
Answer: B

5. Which of the following sequences of steps can be used to increase the amount of virtual memory (page memory) available to Windows?
A. Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced tab > Startup and Recovery > Advanced tab > Settings > Advanced tab
B. Start > Control Panel > System > General tab > Under Performance > Settings > Advanced tab
C. Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced tab > Under Performance > Settings > Advanced tab
D. Start > Control Panel > System > Performance tab > Under Performance > Settings > Advanced tab
Answer: C

6. A company may use the Windows XP Professional MUI Pack because the company: (Select TWO).
A. has offices where users who speak different languages share computers.
B. wants to maintain multiple operating systems.
C. has users who work remotely at home offices.
D. wants to deploy and maintain a single operating system standard.
Answer: AD

7. Which of the following describes how to set the Read-only attribute on a folder? (Select TWO).
A. Right-click the folder > Properties > Security tab > select the username from the list > Permissions > clear the box labeled Read > OK
B. Open the folder > Tool > Folder Options > General tab > Read-only > OK
C. Open the Command Prompt > type attrib r [drive:][path] > Enter
D. Open the Command Prompt > type attrib +r [drive:][path] > Enter
E. Right-click the folder > Properties > General tab > Attributes > select Read-only > OK
Answer: DE

8. Which of the following commands are used to create folders in a command prompt?
Answer: C

9. A user suspects that a recently installed program overwrote a Windows system file on the computer.  Which of the following commands could be run to check and verify the system files?
A. system /v
B. winnt /s
C. sfc /scannow
D. chkdsk /f
Answer: C

10. A user reports that the computer is running slowly. After running the SFC, a technician observes that the dllcache folder has become corrupted. Which of the following utilities can be run to repair the contents of the dllcache directory?
C. HyperTerminal
Answer: B

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