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CompTIA 220-301 Exam -

Free 220-301 Sample Questions:

1. When considering upgrading RAM on a legacy computer, what determines the memory supported by the PC?
A.system BIOS subsystem
C.operating system
Answer: D

2. Which step should be taken following the replacement of a new motherboard?
A.configure the BIOS the Setup utility
C.PnP (plug and play)
D.flash BIOS chip
Answer: A

3. Which color-code is used for the Mouse Port on a new PC that uses a DIN 6 connector?
Answer: C

4. A technician must enable Int13h support on a SCSI controller card in order to use which device?
C.tape drive
D.bootable CD-ROM
Answer: D

5. How many USB devices can be connected to a single USB controller?
Answer: D

6. A user reports that a PC is experiencing intermittent lockups after installing a sound card. There is a non PnP (non plug and play) internal modem installed in addition to the new PnP sound card. The PC BIOS does support PnP devices and a PnP-aware operating system is installed. What is the MOST likely explanation for this problem?
A.The sound card is conflicting with the modem.
B.The operating system needs to be re-installed.
C.The BIOS needs to be upgraded.
D.The system is overheating.
Answer: A

7. A customer reports that the video is very grainy. What is the FIRST question that this customer should be asked to determine the problem?
A.What kind of video card does the customer have?
B.What operating system does the customer use?
C.How much memory does the customer have?
D.What is the video card resolution set to?
Answer: D

8. Which utility is used to reorganize the data on a hard drive into contiguous segments?
Answer: A

9. Which of the following is the appropriate connector for an AMD Athlon processor?
A.Slot 1
B.Slot A
C.Socket 7
D.Socket 8
Answer: B

10. A Laser printer with an Ethernet interface is easily recognized by its _____ connection.
B.Parallel Port
Answer: D

11. What is another name for "Thin Ethernet"?
Answer: A

12. Using theoretical limits, which of the following is the fastest connection?
A.IR (Infrared)
B.full duplex Ethernet over CAT5e cable
C.single mode fiber
Answer: C

13. What is the standard connector for CAT5e UTP cabling?
Answer: D

14. In Windows XP, which of the following can be used to preserve a computers current configuration?
A.Dr Watson to create dump files
B.MSCONFIG to backup all Windows system information
C.System Restore to create a Restore Point
D.File and Setting Transfer Wizard to create a current Setting backup
Answer: C

15. Which of the following Windows operating systems was the first to allow an alternate IP address should the primary IP address fail to initialize?
A.Windows XP
B.Windows ME
C.Windows 98SE
D.Windows 2000 Professional
Answer: A

16. Which of the following tools can be used to determine the distance to a break in a network cable?
A.loopback connector
B.time domain reflectometer
C.traceroute software
D.continuity tester
Answer: B

17. Which of the following is monitored by the Security Center applet in the Control Panel?
A.Automatic Updates; Virus Protection; Spyware Protection
B.Firewall; Automatic Updates; Virus Protection
C.Firewall; Virus protection; Registry backups
D.Registry backups; Windows updates; Virus protection
Answer: B

18. Microsoft recommends that the swap file size in Windows XP be:
A.five times larger than the installed physical RAM.
B.left at the default System Managed Size.
C.based on the number and type of programs being run.
D.the same size as the physical RAM.
Answer: B

19. Which of the following characters allows text to be redirected from a screen command to a file?
Answer: A

20. A laser printer has a printout that is completely black. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?
A.The corona wire is overcharged.
B.The drum conditioning element is defective.
C.The parts of the drum have become contaminated.
D.The pick-up rollers are causing the paper to become covered with excess toner.
Answer: B

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