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Oracle 1Z1-204 Exam -

Free 1Z1-204 Sample Questions:

1. The technical architecture in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 supports the business needs of the application.
Select three business principles that drive the business architecture in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. (Choose three.) interface
C.Business Intelligence
D.rapid implementation
E.end-to-end integration
F.self-service (HTML/JSPs)
Answer: A, D, E

2. You are the manufacturing lead for XYZ's implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. Your client has these requirements:
1>Create a production plan.
2>Analyze Sales Order information.
3>Calculate capacity load ratio by resource or production line.
4>Analyze resources, materials, costs, and job schedule progress.
Identify the two flows you would implement to accomplish these requirements. (Choose two.)
A.Click to Order
B.Order to Cash
C.Procure to Pay
D.Forecast to Plan
E.Demand to Build
Answer: D, E

3. You receive a request to create a new responsibility for US Payables Manager. The request states that the new responsibility should have access to all menu items except Invoice Payments.
Identify two options that you would use to restrict the Invoice Payments option on the new US Payables Manager responsibility. (Choose two.)
A.Remove the request group from the new US Payables Manager responsibility.
B.Create a Menu Exclusion for Invoice Payments on the US Payables Manager responsibility.
C.Create an Item Exclusion for Invoice Payments on the US Payables Manager responsibility.
D.Create a Security Attribute for Invoice Payments on the US Payables Manager responsibility.
E.Create a new menu excluding the Invoice Payments option and attach the new menu to the responsibility.
Answer: B, E

4. What are the four required fields when defining a request set? (Choose four.)
C.Set Code
F.Active Date
Answer: A, C, D, F

5. Identify two features of an "Independent" value set. (Choose two.)
A.There is a predefined list of values for a segment.
B.The values are stored in a product applications table.
C.The values are stored in an Oracle Application Object Library table.
D.You can enter a value other than those in the predefined list of values.
Answer: A, C

6. Identify the Flexfield that can be used as an individual parameter and as a parameter range in the Oracle Web
Applications Desktop Integrator.
A.Key Flexfield
B.Range Flexfield
C.GL Ledger Flexfield
D.Descriptive Flexfield
E.Account Aliases Flexfield
Answer: A

7. Identify three modules that can be secured using the Operating Unit in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. (Choose three.)
A.Oracle Assets
B.Oracle Payables
C.Oracle Receivables
D.Oracle General Ledger
E.Oracle Cash Management
Answer: B, C, E

8. Identify the two values that the Reporting Level parameter can have when using cross organization reports with the Multi-Org Access Control feature. (Choose two.)
B.Legal Entity
C.Operating Unit
D.Security Profile
E.Business Group
Answer: A, C

9. Identify three features of Oracle Workflow. (Choose three)
A.enhances data security
B.helps you in maintaining business processes
C.helps you in keeping track of individual business transactions
D.starts workflow processes as a result of an inbound message
E.captures exceptions during workflow execution and takes relevant actions
F.integrates business functions only between business processes within a single Oracle E-Business Suite instance
Answer: B, D, E

10. You are a workflow user in the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 instance. Identify three tasks that you can perform using Status Monitor. (Choose three.)
A.Access notification history.
B.View participant responses.
C.Reassign notifications to another user.
D.View Error information for a failed workflow.
E.Cancel a workflow that you no longer want to run.
F.View the status diagram of a subprocess for a particular workflow process.
Answer: A, B, F

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