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Oracle 1Z0-854 Exam -

Free 1Z0-854 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
1. interface A { public void aMethod(); }
2. interface B { public void bMethod(); }
3. interface C extends A,B { public void cMethod(); }
4. class D implements B {
5. public void bMethod(){}
6. }
7. class E extends D implements C {
8. public void aMethod(){}
9. public void bMethod(){}
10. public void cMethod(){}
11. }
What is the result?
A. Compilation fails because of an error in line 3.
B. Compilation fails because of an error in line 7.
C. Compilation fails because of an error in line 9.
D. If you define D e = new E(), then e.bMethod() invokes the version of bMethod() defined in Line 5.
E. If you define D e = (D)(new E()), then e.bMethod() invokes the version of bMethod() defined in Line 5.
F. If you define D e = (D)(new E()), then e.bMethod() invokes the version of bMethod() defined in Line 9.
Answer: F

Q: 2
Given a valid DateFormat object named df, and
16. Date d = new Date(0L);
17. String ds = "December 15, 2004";
18. // insert code here
What updates d's value with the date represented by ds?
A. 18. d = df.parse(ds);
B. 18. d = df.getDate(ds);
C. 18. try {
19. d = df.parse(ds);
20. } catch(ParseException e) { };
D. 18. try {
19. d = df.getDate(ds);
20. } catch(ParseException e) { };
Answer: C

Q: 3
Which three statements concerning the use of the interface are true? (Choose three.)
A. Objects from classes that use aggregation cannot be serialized.
B. An object serialized on one JVM can be successfully deserialized on a different JVM.
C. The values in fields with the volatile modifier will NOT survive serialization and deserialization.
D. The values in fields with the transient modifier will NOT survive serialization and deserialization.
E. It is legal to serialize an object of a type that has a supertype that does NOT implement
Answer: B, D, E

Q: 4
When comparing to, which capability exists as a method in only one of the two?
A. closing the stream
B. flushing the stream
C. writing to the stream
D. marking a location in the stream
E. writing a line separator to the stream
Answer: E

Q: 5
10. class One {
11. public One() { System.out.print(1); }
12. }
13. class Two extends One {
14. public Two() { System.out.print(2); }
15. }
16. class Three extends Two {
17. public Three() { System.out.print(3); }
18. }
19. public class Numbers{
20. public static void main( String[] argv ) { new Three(); }
21. }
What is the result when this code is executed?
A. 1
B. 3
C. 123
D. 321
E. The code runs with no output.
Answer: C

Q: 6
1. public class Threads2 implements Runnable {
3. public void run() {
4. System.out.println("run.");
5. throw new RuntimeException("Problem");
6. }
7. public static void main(String[] args) {
8. Thread t = new Thread(new Threads2());
9. t.start();
10. System.out.println("End of method.");
11. }
12. }
What two can be results? (Choose two.)
A. java.lang.RuntimeException: Problem
B. run.
java.lang.RuntimeException: Problem
C. End of method.
java.lang.RuntimeException: Problem
D. End of method.
java.lang.RuntimeException: Problem
E. run.
java.lang.RuntimeException: Problem
End of method.
Answer: D, E

Q: 7
12. NumberFormat nf = NumberFormat.getInstance();
13. nf.setMaximumFractionDigits(4);
14. nf.setMinimumFractionDigits(2);
15. String a = nf.format(3.1415926);
16. String b = nf.format(2);
Which two statements are true about the result if the default locale is Locale.US? (Choose two.)
A. The value of b is 2.
B. The value of a is 3.14.
C. The value of b is 2.00.
D. The value of a is 3.141.
E. The value of a is 3.1415.
F. The value of a is 3.1416.
G. The value of b is 2.0000.
Answer: C, F

Q: 8
1. public class Score implements Comparable<Score> {
2. private int wins, losses;
3. public Score(int w, int l) { wins = w; losses = l; }
4. public int getWins() { return wins; }
5. public int getLosses() { return losses; }
6. public String toString() {
7. return "<" + wins + "," + losses + ">";
8. }
9. // insert code here
10. }
Which method will complete this class?
A. public int compareTo(Object o){/*more code here*/}
B. public int compareTo(Score other){/*more code here*/}
C. public int compare(Score s1,Score s2){/*more code here*/}
D. public int compare(Object o1,Object o2){/*more code here*/}
Answer: B

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