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Oracle 1Z0-822 Exam -

Free 1Z0-822 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
What is the signature-policy attribute's default value for the pkg client?
A. None
B. Verify
C. Require
D. require-names
Answer: B

Q: 2
The following command is issued:
pkg set-publisher -P publisher2
What is the impact on your system?
A. makes the specified publisher sticky
B. makes the specified publisher the highest-ranked publisher
C. displays information about the specified publisher
D. moves the specified publisher one step higher in the search order
Answer: B

Q: 3
Which three statements describe Solaris 11 boot environments (BEs)?
A. A full backup of your OS image is provided.
B. Packages can be installed and uninstalled in an inactive BE.
C. The OS can be upgraded in an active BE while the system is live without impacting production.
D. A new BE can be created from the snapshot of an existing BE.
E. A BE can become active without rebooting the system.
F. An active BE can be unmounted and upgraded without impacting production.
Answer: C, D, E

Q: 4
Which two commands restart the pkg server daemon?
A. pkill -HUP pkg.depotd
B. svcadm restart svc:/application/pkg/server
C. pkill -USR1 pkg.depot
D. svcadm refresh svc:/application/pkg/server
E. pkg fix
Answer: B, C

Q: 5
You need to create a virtual network with two zones, one with a web server and the other with an application server that the web server calls. You decide to create a virtual switch and virtual network interface cards (VNICs) for the zones.
Select the command that will create the virtual switch.
A. dladm create-etherswitch stubO
B. dladm create-vnic -l net1 vnic1
C. dladm create-stub -l vnicO stubO
D. dladm create-vnic -l stubO vnic1
E. dladm create-etherstub vswitchweb1
Answer: E

Q: 6
You are tasked to reconfigure zone1 to use virtual interface vnic1 as its network interface. Which two steps must be included?
A. Disable IP Filter and IPsec.
B. Configure the NWAM NCP to Automatic.
C. Change the shared IP zone to an exclusive IP zone.
D. Reboot zone1 so that changes made with zonecfg take effect.
E. From the global zone, set the IP address of vnic1 and configure the default route.
Answer: C, D

Q: 7
You are about to configure resource controls for a nonglobal zone. You want to first examine settings as well as the system limits for those controls.
Which command fetches this information?
A. priocntl
B. zonecfg
C. rctladm
D. prctl
Answer: B

Q: 8
Yon are using the svc:/network/http:apache22 service to manage your web server.
You have noticed that this service starts as the root: user and later changes to a nonprivileged user called webservd. You do not want this service to operate as the root user and any time. Which
option correctly describes how you could achieve this task?
A. Modify the privileges in the service configuration.
B. Add an authorization to the webservd users' rights' profile.
C. Create a webservd role with a modified exec_attr entry.
D. Modify the PHIV_AWARE state of the service configuration.
Answer: A

Q: 9
You created a role. The role should be able to change the configuration of a zone. How will you assign that privilege to the role?
A. Modify the zone using the admin resource, set the user property to the role and the auths property to manage.
B. Assign to the role the zone Management Rights Profile.
C. Assign to the role the solaris.zones.* authorization.
D. Assign to the role the zone Security Rights Profile.
Answer: B

Q: 10
Your company wants to incorporate a legacy script that runs once during the boot cycle as an SMF service. What appropriate setting for the duration attribute in the startd property group for this service?
A. transient
B. contract
C. wait
D. boot
Answer: A

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