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Oracle 1Z0-620 Exam -

Free 1Z0-620 Sample Questions:

1. What view allows users to determine the columns that appear in Results?
A. Legend
B. Column Selector
C. View Selector
D. Dynamic Selector
Answer: B

2. Which of the following is NOT true of the Intelligence Dashboards?
A. They can provide personalized views and preconfigured views
B. They can be created base on a user's permission
C. Users with common responsibilities or job functions can share a dashboard
D. Dashboard objects are saved in the repository
Answer: D

3. ABC would like to analyze which of its hundred stores have improved its order fulfillment rate last year. If ABC uses a dimensional modeling to answer the above question, which of the following would be its fact table?
A. Stores
B. Orders
C. Products
D. Time
Answer: B

4. Which of the following stores content created by Siebel Answers requests, filters, Siebel Intelligence Dashboards Pages, and the iBots?
A. Cascading Style Sheets
B. Repository file
C. Web catalog
D. Alerts
Answer: C

5. Which statements are TRUE of Filters? Choose two.
A. Filters are applied on a column-level basis.
B. Table level filters prompts can be added to a request.
C. Saved requests may be used as filters.
D. The SQL within a specific request cannot be edited.
Answer: A, C

6. Where in the Siebel Analytics would you create Web groups and users?
A. Siebel Answers
B. Siebel Delivers
C. Siebel Intelligence Dashboards
D. Siebel Analytics Administration
E. Disconnected Analytics
Answer: D

7. The members of which of the following groups can grant rights to users, set privileges to restrain access to any piece of information, and filter data so that the users have access to the data that are related to their role?
A. Everyone Group
B. Authenticated Users Group
C. Web Administrators Group
D. Administrators Group
Answer: C

8. Which of the following are NOT recommended when working with the Analytics Catalog Manager? Choose two.
A. Give every user the access to Catalog Manager
B. Install Catalog Manager on Windows
C. Modify the Web catalog in the online mode
D. Stop the Siebel Analytics Web service before opening the Analytics Catalog Manager
E. Stop the Siebel Analytics Server
Answer: A, C

9. Which of the following are true of a Web group? Choose two.
A. Groups are created in the Admin Console in Siebel Answers
B. Permissions and privileges can be assigned either in the Catalog Manager or in the Admin Console in Siebel Answers
C. Web Group A is a member of the Web Group B. If Web Group A had Read access to Dashboard A and Web Group B has Deny access to Dashboard A, Web Group A has Read access to Dashboard A
D. Permissions can be granted to Web Groups but not to the specific users
Answer: A, B

10. If you wish to drill down on a column heading, where would you add this functionality?
A. Select Column Properties and choose the Column Format tab.
B. Modify the Physical Layer of the rpd.
C. Edit the Column formula.
D. Select Column Properties and choose the Conditional Format tab.
Answer: A

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