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Oracle 1Z0-615 Exam -

Free 1Z0-615 Sample Questions:

1. Where should a user navigate to in Siebel 7.7 to resume a suspended interactive workflow process?
A. The Workflow screen
B. The users Inbox
C. The users homepage
D. The Workflow Administration screen
Answer: B

2. Which component of the Siebel architecture creates and processes data at the UI, Business, and Data layers providing the environment in which Siebel applications run?
A. File System Manager
B. Siebel Repository File
C. Application Object Manager
D. Application Configuration File
Answer: C

3. Which statement is true of Master data?
A. Cannot be grouped into catalogs and categories
B. Includes dynamic, transactional data
C. Is created and managed by only users of the application
D. Access is controlled at the level of catalog and category
Answer: D

4. Which client accesses a local .cfg and .srf file and directly accesses a local database and Siebel File System?
A. Web Client
B. Wireless Web Client
C. Dedicated Web Client
D. Handheld Client
Answer: D

5. What is the effect of using the ONLY BASE TABLES or ONLY BASE COLUMNS process options in the IFB file when performing EIM processes?
A. Decreases the amount of processing that Enterprise Integration Manager must do
B. Identifies the level of tracking that will be logged in the transaction log files
C. Causes EIM to stop processing if it encounters data for a non-base table
D. Causes EIM to process multiple EIM tables/sections in a single run
Answer: A

6. List columns and controls in the UI Layer reference which object definitions in the Business layer?
HINT: You may want to sketch the Major Objects Definitions diagram you learned in class as a reference.
A. Fields
B. Business components
C. Business objects
D. Columns
Answer: A

7. Click the Exhibit button to view the exhibit associated with this question.
The Property window shown is for which type of link?
A. 1:1
B. 1:M
C. M:1
D. M:M
Answer: D

8. In order to change the layout of your Siebel application, what file(s) should you modify?
A. Siebel template files
B. Cascading style sheets
C. Siebel.exe file
D. SQL scripts to change the data model
Answer: A

9. What is displayed in the Thread Bar if the Thread Title property is null in the thread properties?
A. A question mark is displayed in the thread bar
B. The name of the business component is used to populate the thread bar
C. The Title property is used to populate the thread bar
D. A hyperlink is not added to the thread bar
Answer: C

10. Which statements are true about using the Table wizard to create a new standalone table? Choose two.
A. The new table will relate directly to a base table
B. The new table will have a type setting of Data (Public)
C. The new table will include seven system columns
D. The new table will include a PAR_ROW_ID column
Answer: B, C

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