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Oracle 1Z0-605 Exam -

Free 1Z0-605 Sample Questions:

1. When determining how to best control access to data, the Business Analyst must have an understanding of the differences between master data and customer data.
Which are examples of master data? Choose two.
A. Literature
B. Products
C. Contacts
D. Accounts
Answer: A, B

2. Properly planning and conducting business process workshops is a critical element of the Business Analyst role.
Which is NOT a valid part of the questioning framework for a business process workshop?
A. Verifying that the process meets the customer's needs
B. Using the Siebel application demonstration as the primary enabler of the process
C. Confirming that the process supports the stated business objectives
D. Verifying that the steps in the process reflect the customer's activities
Answer: B

3. The business analyst must consider the functional dependencies of the functionalities being implemented to determine how implementations should be phased.
Based on functional dependence, which functionality would be implemented first?
A. Fulfillment
B. Orders
C. Quotes
D. Opportunities
Answer: D

4. Which is a hosted solution that provides core functionality to casual users, business partners, and remote divisions?
A. Siebel CRM Enterprise
B. Siebel CRM Professional Edition
C. Siebel CRM OnDemand
D. Siebel Analytics
Answer: C

5. If you need to edit your company structure in the Siebel application, which of the following are you able to do? Choose two.
A. Change the name of an organization
B. Remove an organization
C. Delete a division
D. Change a division's organization
Answer: A, D

6. If hyperlinks in Siebel Tools do not appear, what might the problem be?
A. The Drilldown Add-in has not been installed
B. The Web update protection key is invalid
C. Tools is not properly connected to the datasource
D. You do not have the Developer responsibility
Answer: D

7. Limiting data displayed in the My Opportunities view to opportunities associated with a job role within the organization is an example of what?
A. Opportunities associated with their user ID
B. Opportunities for which they are the primary
C. Opportunities associated with their position
D. Opportunities that they created
Answer: C

8. Which statement is true about access to views and data?
A. Users with the same responsibility have the same view and data access
B. View access for a responsibility in one organization will be different in another organization
C. View access and data access are completely independent of one another
D. User ID, position, and responsibility control access to data
Answer: C

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