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Oracle 1Z0-548 Exam -

Free 1Z0-548 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Identify the two key Flexfields to which any number of structures can be associated within a single Business Group.
A. Competence
B. People Group
C. Personal Analysis
D. Cost Allocation
E. Collective Agreement Grades
Answer: B, C

Q: 2
You are creating a new non-recurring element. Assume proration is available in the legislation where the element has been created. Identify the two ways in which proration of an element can be achieved.
A. Write a separate proration formula and attach the proration formula to the element definition.
B. Embed the proration calculation within the payroll formula and attach the proration group to the element definition.
C. Attach retro event group to the element definition.
D. Only recurring elements can be prorated, hence create recurring element for prortion.
E. Create input values as effective start dete and effective end date to enable proration for that element.
Answer: A, D

Q: 3
In your client company, 500 employees are eligible for a Telephone Allowance (Recurring Element). This element needs to be attached to all employees hired after 01-Jan-2010.
Because of the volume of data, manual Element Entries cannot be created for all the employees. How would this be achieved?
A. Define an Assignment Set and enter criterion to select employees hired after 01-Jan-2010.
In the Batch Element Entry form, use the Create Batch Lines window to create identical lines for all assignments identified by this Assignment Set.
B. Use the Mass Assignment Update feature to update the assignment data of all the employees.
C. Attach the Element as a Standard Link with no Eligibility Criteria defined.
D. Attach the Element as a Standard Link with Eligibility Criteria defined as Hire Date greater than equal to 01-Jan-2010.
E. Create an Ineligibility Rule to select all employees hired before 01-Jan-2010. Attach the Ineligibility Rule to the Element Link of the TelePhone Allowance. Create the Link as a Standard Link.
Answer: A

Q: 4
In your client company, proration has been enabled on the element. The payroll user has updated the Grade of the employee in the middle of the payroll period. This has triggered the proration Event. What happens once the proration event is triggered?
A. It creates two Input Values: one for the payroll period up to the day before the event, and one from the date of the event to the end of the period.
B. It creates two Global Values: one for the payroll period up to the day before the event, and one from the date of the event to the end of the period.
C. It creates two Run Results: one from the payroll period start date up to the day before the event, and one from the date of the event to the end of the period.
D. It runs the payroll run twice: once before the event and once after the event.
E. The employee is added to an Assignment Set for that payroll period.
Answer: D
Q: 5
Your client has created a competency for driving skills to capture the competency details of all
the employees who are defined as drivers in the system. The client also wants to capture
details such as Source of Proficiency Rating (e.g. Regional Transport Office), Certification
Method (e.g. Driving test), and so on, while recording the competency detail for an employee.
How would you capture these details while recording the competency profile of an employee?
A. The Source of Proficiency Rating and Certification Method fields are available in the
Competence Profile form. These details can be captured while creating the competency profile
of the employee.
B. The details can be captured if the competency is defined as a Global Competency.
C. The details can be captured if the competency is defined as a Local Competency.
D. The details can be captured if the rating scale associated with the competency is defined of
the type Proficiency.
E. These details can be captured if Unit Standard Qualifications Framework Details are specified while defining the competency.
Answer: A

Q: 6
Which three types of compensations can you distribute using Compensation Workbench (CWB)?
A. Salary Increases
B. Bonus
C. Expense Payments
D. Timecard entries
E. Stock Options
Answer: B, C, D

Q: 7
How do you enroll an employee into an Accrual Plan?
A. Employee is enrolled to an accrual plan based on the accrual formula attached to the employee.
B. Accrual plan is associated with the organization in the Additional Organization Information window. All employees who are attached to this organizaiton are enrolled to the accrual plan.
C. Employees are enrolled by manager nomination through Manager self service.
D. Employees are automatically enrolled based on the eligibility formula associated with the accrual plan.
E. An employee is enrolled in an accrual plan by assigning the accrual plan element to the employee.
Answer: D

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