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Oracle 1Z0-522 Exam -

Free 1Z0-522 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Your client has asked that you run a Standard report with payment information for a given payment cycle. Which of the following would give you the desired information?
A. Run the Manual Payment Journal Report.
B. Re-run the Create Payment Group program and set the processing options In the Master Business Function to print the check register.
C. Run the Payment Analysis Report.
D. Set up the Check Register in the Bank Account Information program.
E. Set the processing options for the Automatic Payment Review report to reprint the check register.
Answer: B

Q: 2
The repost program R099102, Is used to re-create balances based upon the F0911 transactions. The batch does which two of the following in update mode?
A. deletes the F0902 records, based upon the data selection and recreates these records with balances based upon the F0911-transaction
B. sets the period involved to zero and recalculates the balance for this period
C. prints a report that shows the period amount of an account in the F0911 versus the F0902
D. sets the periods 1 to 14 to zero and recalculates the balances for these periods based upon the F0911-transactions
E. includes posted and non-posted transactions of the general ledger F0911
Answer: C

Q: 3
A client needs to print attachments as part of payments. Where do you set the processing option to turn on "print attachments"?
A. Create Payment Groups
B. The Speed Release program
C. Work with Payment Groups
D. Cash Requirements program
E. Payment instrument defaults
Answer: E

Q: 4
Your client wishes to run Calculate Withholdings Report In preparation for the payment process. For the Calculate Withholding program to select a voucher, what must the voucher's pay status be?
A. A
B. %
C. W
D. H
E. #
Answer: E

Q: 5
Which three statements are true about customizing the, grid?
A. The color of columns can be customized.
B. The same column can be made to appear multiple times in a grid.
C. The font of columns can be customized.
D. The width of columns can be customized.
E. The sequence of columns can be customized.
Answer: C

Q: 6
You ran the application Credit Analysis Refresh program (R03B525). Which table does the system use to display Information on the Account Balance Inquiry Application?
A. F03B11
B. F03B15
C. F03B16S
D. F03B16
E. F03B21
Answer: C

Q: 7
Which of the following statements is TRUE about the AutoPopulate function?
A. The AutoPopulate function cannot be turned off.
B. The AutoPopulate function can be turned on per application.
C. The AutoPopulate function is a system wide function.
D. The AutoPopulate function can be turned off via a Form Exit.
E. The AutoPopulate function can be turned on via a Row Exit.
Answer: A

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