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Oracle 1Z0-514 Exam -

Free 1Z0-514 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which statement is true regarding the OracleUnversal Installer (OUI)?
A. OUI supports the installation of several active Oracle homes on the same host.
B. Operating system environment variables need to be set before running the OUI.
C. OUI can be usedto unistall only the complete Oracle software and not specific products.
D. OUIenables configuring of listener as part of the installation process but not the creation of Net
Answer: A

Q: 2
You want to change your database by ading some new columns to a particular the. These new columns represent new data that is not accessed by the current application.
Which approach would be the simplest in making these changes?
A. Use edition-based redefinition to create a new version of the table.
B. Add the columns to the table, since dependent objects will not be affected.
C. Encompass all access to these columns in separate PL/SQL procedures to avoid dependecy issues.
D. Add the columns to different table and create a view to access the joined result.
Answer: A

Q: 3
Which three statements are true regarding an Oracle instance? (Choose three)
A. One instance is associated with only one database.
B. Multiple database instances can run on one computer.
C. Only one database instance can run one computer.
D. One instance can be associated with multiple databases.
E. A database instance is created based on the information in the control file.
F. A database instance is created on the information in the SPFILE file.
Answer: A,B,F

Q: 4
Which two statements are true regarding consistent backups? (Chooser two)
A. Database can be opened immediately after the restore operation.
B. Database can be opened only after the restore and recovery operations.
C. Consistent bacups can be taken only when the instance is running and the database is closed.
D. Consistent backups can be taken only when the instance is shut clown and the database is closed.
E. Consistent backup are taken before the changes in the online redo log files haw been applied to the data files.
Answer: A,D

Q: 5
View the exhibit below and examine the details entered.
(The exhibit is not available in this demo)
User HR has made some modifications to data in the HR.EMPLOYEES table. You need to new restore the data in the table to a previous version and use the Enterprise Manager.
From which source does the operation flash back the data to the specified time?
A. redo logs
B. undo tablespace
C. flash recovery area
D. temporary tablespace
Answer: C

Q: 6
A customer is looking to upgrade to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 when they bring in a new database server. Which two features of the release can the customer use to ensure that the performance of their new Oracle Database is maintained through the upgrade?
A. using Database Replay to capture the workload on the existing server, to be used in testing the new server environment
B. adding 20% more memory to the new server to handle the increased requirements of Oracle Database 11g Release 2
C. reproducing the current client environment on the new serverto ensure that the new errvironment can deliver the same results with the same workload
D. using SQL Performance Analyzer to compare the performamce of SQL statements in the new and old server enviroments
E. running both systems in parallel during production usage
Answer: A,C

Q: 7
In your database, the SOL Tuning Advisor is running automatically during the system maintenancewindwo as a maintenance task.
Which of its recommendations would be implemented automatically?
A. creation of new Indexes
B. refreshing optimizerstatisic\
C. restructuring SQL statements
D. creation or modification of a SQL Profile
Answer: D

Q: 8
You have some operatingsystem scripts on one server that need to run in response to certain changes in data in your Oracle Database. The mostefficient way to implement this with Oracle Database 11g would be:
A. Write a PL/SQL routine that connects to the remote server and calls the script
B. Create a script on the database server to perform the remote action and thatscript from adatabase trigger
C. Modify the script on the remote server to periodically chock for these data change in your Oracle database
D. Install an Oracle Scheduler Agent on the remote server and create job to be called from Oracle scheduler in response to a database server event
Answer: D

Q: 9
A customer recently had a security audit, when they were told that their test and development environment contained test data, which was the copy of production data, yet was not properly protected. What technology should be used to quickly bring these environments into compliance?
A. Advanced Security Option
B. Audit Vault
C. Database Vault
D. Data Masking Pack tor Enterprise Manager
E. Label Security
Answer: C

Q: 10
Which two statements are true regarding Oracle Net? (Chooser two)
A. It must reside only on the client for traditional client/server applications
B. It must reside only on the database server for web-based applications
C. It must reside only on the web server and database server for web-based applications
D. It must reside on both the client and database server for traditional client/server
Answer: C, D

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