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Oracle 1Z0-511 Exam -

Free 1Z0-511 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A company has multi-currency projects and tasks. What is the hierarchy in which the currency attributes are allocated to a transaction?
A. Project, Task
B. Implementation Options, Project, Task
C. Task, Project, Implementation Options
D. Task, Implementation Options, Project
Answer: B

Q: 2
Identity three transactions that can be entered as a pre-approved expenditure batch:
A. Burden
B. Supplier Invoices
C. Usages
D. Expense Reports
E. Miscellaneous
Answer: A, D, E

Q: 3
An organization has agreed to bill rates based on a person's job, which are updated annually. The rates are recorded on a default bill rate schedule that is attached to each project. An employee has and HR assignment job of Consultant. However, the employee is temporarily working on a project as a Project Manager. What is the correct way to ensure that the employee's time is billed correctly?
A. Amend the employee's HR assignment to Project Manager.
B. Add the employee as a separate line to the defaultbill rate schedule.
C. Use the transaction controlfunctionalityat the project level.
D. Use the assignment override at the project level.
E. Use the employee bill rate override at the project level.
Answer: D

Q: 4
Your company has set up the burdening functionality to capture the overheads incurred on all projects. They have decided to store these overhead costs as a separate expenditure item on the same project and also charge it to a separate expense account. Which step would you perform to set up the required expense account?
A. Setup the accountat the expenditure typedefined for the Burden transaction.
B. Setupthe Total Burdened Cost Credit AutoAccounting function.
C. Set up the Burden Cost Account AutoAccounting function.
D. Set up the BurdenCostClearing Account AutoAccountingfunction.
E. Set up the accountatthe expenditure category defined for the Burden transaction.
Answer: A

Q: 5
Which types of rate schedules should be defined to allow rates to be used to generate financial plans?
A. Job Labor Rates ScheduleNon Labor Rate Schedule
B. Resource Class SchedulePlanning Rate ScheduleLabor Rates Schedule
C. Resource Class ScheduleLabor Rates ScheduleNon Labor Rate Schedule
D. ResourceClass SchedulePlanning Rate ScheduleNon LaborRates Schedule
Answer: C

Q: 6
Identify the correct setup to Integrate Project costing with Oracle Inventory.
A. In Oracle Inventory, enable Project Cost Collection for each organization.
In Oracle Projects, define an expenditure type with class "Inventory."
Define the project related transaction source in Oracle Inventory.
B. Set up Oracle Project Manufacturing.
In Oracle Projects, define an expenditure type with class "Inventory."
Define the project-relatedtransaction source in Oracle Inventory.
C. In Oracle Inventory, enable Project Cost Collection for each organization.
In Oracle Projects, define an expenditure type with class "Inventory."
Define the project-related transaction type in Oracle Inventory.
D. Oracle Project Manufacturing must be set up.
In Oracle Inventory, enable Project Cost Collection for each organization.
Define the project-related transaction source inOracle Inventory
Answer: C

Q: 7
A company requires advance payments for their contract projects. How would they ensure that for specific types of work they always have an advance payment?
A. Create a specific agreement type and use the advance receipts required extension toensure that theseagreements require advancepayments.
B. Set the customer profilein Accounts Receivable to require advance payments.
C. Createa transaction control for specificagreement types to ensure thatadvance payments are received.
D. Entera negative agreement value andfunded amount.
E. Fund the projects with a dummy agreement.
Answer: A

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