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Oracle 1Z0-450 Exam -

Free 1Z0-450 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
You are testing a completed application from within your workspace. You would like to change the Field Template of all your form items from "Optional Label with Help" to "Required Label".
Identify the best possible option to accomplish this?
A. Navigate to the appropriate page and dick the region name link within the Items section.
B. Navigate to the page that holds these items. Click Edit All to change the Held Template for all your items.
C. Navigate to the appropriate Page Definition section and edit each page item.
D. Turn on Show Edit Links. Click the small orange icon that appears next to each Item.
Change the Field Template for each item from the Edit Page Item window.
Answer: B

Q: 2
Values of which three items can be set from the Print Attributes page of a SQL Query report?
A. View report as an attachment or inside the browser window.
B. Report output format.
C. Print server port.
D. Report column width.
E. Report column heading.
Answer: A, B, C

Q: 3
Which two statements are true whennavigating on a Page Definition window?
A. anLOV appears only if it is associated withan item on that page.
B. anAuthorization scheme appears only if it is associated with a region on that page
C. A Region Template appears only if it is associated with an item on that page.
D. The last updated history for the page would appear.
E. Images that are referred in the regions on the page appear.
Answer: A, C

Q: 4
Your manager has asked you to not allow any calculations when viewing an interactive report.
Which action would you perform to satisfy this requirement?
A. Deselect the Compute and Aggregate actions from the Search Bar while running the report.
B. Uncheck the Compute and Aggregate options from the Search Bar section within Report Attributes definition.
C. Click Reset from the Actions Menu after deselecting the Compute and Aggregate options.
D. Change the column attribute that contains the link specification to remove the Compute and Aggregate options from the Search Bar.
E. Remove the Compute and Aggregate options when creating the interactive report.
Answer: C

Q: 5
You want to refer to a page by a name (or alias) Instead of by the page number in the application URL which action most accurately achieves the stated objective?
A. Enter an alphanumeric alias in the Page Alias field on the Page Attributes page and refer this alias in the application URL as f?p=myapp:page_alias:&APP_SESSION.
B. Enter an alphanumeric name in the Title field on the Page Attributes page and refer this title in the application URL.
C. CreateNavigationbarEntry for the page from the application's shared components. Refer this navigation bar entry in the application URL.
D. Use the built-in substitution string PAGE_ALIAS.
E. As an instance administrator, log in to the Application Express Administration Services. Go to Manage Services > Feature Configuration > Application Development and set the value to 'Yes' for Refer a page by name (or alias) in the application URL and click Apply Changes.
Answer: A

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