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Oracle 1Z0-271 Exam -

Free 1Z0-271 Sample Questions:

1. The default data view for a scenario can be: (Choose two.)
A. Periodic values
B. Month-to-date values
C. YTD values
D. Period-to-date values
Answer: A, C

2. What are the characteristics of a Sub EnumMemberLists()? (Choose three.)
A. Specifies which dimensions have member lists.
B. Names each member list in each dimension.
C. Used to add members to a list.
D. Specify the number of lists for each dimension.
E. Used to create both static and dynamic lists.
Answer: A, B, D

3. A user sets up a Choices list for the Scenario dimension of the Comma application to limit his user Point of View selections to Actual and Budget. This limits the user's member selection to:
A. All reports generated for any database connection
B. All reports generated for the Comma database connection
C. Only the currently selected grid that retrieves data from the Comma database connection
D. Only the currently selected report that retrieves data from the Comma database connection
Answer: B

4. Which statement is true regarding row and column templates?
A. Can modify cell text
B. Can automatically save changes by saving the report
C. Can use inherit formatting
D. Can modify formulas
Answer: C

5. Which of the following does Financial Management use in its multitier architecture? (Choose three.)
A. A Web tier
B. A client tier
C. A database tier
D. An application tier
Answer: B, C D

6. The primary function of the client tier is to:
A. Display data, enter data, maintain data and to maintain metadata.
B. Enter data, authenticate user security, and manage connectivity to Hyperion System 9 BPM Architect.
C. Authenticate user security, manage metadata, display data, and enter data.
Answer: A

7. Which module in BPM Architect is used to import metadata, create members and modify member properties?
A. Application Library
B. Metadata Manager
C. Dimension Library
D. Dimension Impact Manager
Answer: C

8. Which standard dimension provides an audit trail of the transformations applied to Hyperion System 9
Financial Management data?
A. Entity dimension
B. Period dimension
C. Account dimension
D. Value dimension
Answer: D

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