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Oracle 1Z0-257 Exam -

Free 1Z0-257 Sample Questions:

1. Using Hyperion Reports, the Relative Member function can be used with which dimension?
A. Entity
B. Period
C. Scenario
D. Accounts
Answer: B

2. If a user is opening a sub-cube for the first time, which grid displays the fastest?
A. Accounts in rows; Years in columns
B. Entities in rows; Scenarios in columns
C. Accounts in rows; Custom1 members in columns
D. Entities in rows; Value dimension members in columns
Answer: C

3. An administrator needs to link several integrations together in the Hub and run them sequentially. How can this be accomplished?
A. Add the integrations to a group.
B. Use Hyperion Application Link to run the integrations sequentially.
C. Use Common Event services to schedule the DataBroker integrations.
D. Build a master integration in DataBroker which has several sub integrations within it.
Answer: A

4. The AllowAdjFromChildren attribute is checked on a parent entity.
Which two nodes in the Value dimension are valid for Journal entries? (Choose two.)
A. <Entity Currency>
B. <Parent Curr Adjs>
C. [Parent Adjs]
D. [Contribution Adjs]
E. <Entity Curr Adjs>
Answer: C, D

5. For Number Formatting in the User Preferences, _____.
A. the User Preference takes precedence
B. each application has its own formatting
C. Application Configuration settings take precedence
D. the client's machine Regional Settings take precedence
Answer: A

6. What are three available methods for the HFM HAL adapter? (Choose three.)
A. Import Data
B. Import Journals
C. Export Journals
D. Open Application
E. Set Logon Information
Answer: A, D, E

7. When using the HFM HAL adapter, which are Export Data Criteria options?
A. Scenario, Year, View, Entity, Accounts
B. Scenario, Year, Entity, Accounts, Value, ICP
C. Scenario, Year, Custom1, Custom2, Custom3, Custom4
D. Scenario, Year, Entity, Accounts, Custom1, Custom2, Custom3, Custom4
Answer: A

8. You are performing a data extract using the Extract Data module. From which three dimensions can you make multiple selections? (Choose three.)
A. Value
B. Entity
C. Period
D. Account
E. Scenario
Answer: B, C, D

9. What can be extracted using Extended Analytics? (Choose two.)
A. data
B. metadata
C. incremental data
D. metadata changes
Answer: A, B

10. When using the HFM HAL adapter, which are valid Import Data Method options?
A. Replace, Merge, Aggregate
B. Merge, Accumulate, Remove
C. Accumulate, Replace, Clear
D. Merge, Replace, Accumulate
Answer: D

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