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Oracle 1Z0-241 Exam -

Free 1Z0-241 Sample Questions:

1. Select the three statements that are true about search records. (Choose three.)
A.Search records build the search page for the component.
B.Search records are referenced only at level zero in the component.
C.Search records rarely reference views; they are usually SQL tables.
D.Search records populate level zero on all pages that are in the component.
E.Search records provide a high­level key to the primary records that are referenced in the component.
Answer: A, D, E

2. Select the most efficient way to determine the effect of modifying a definition.
A.Examine the SQL in the PeopleTools tables.
B.Use the XREF reports and visually examine the modifications.
C.Use the Find Definition Reference utility in Application Designer.
D.Use the Cross Reference utility in the PeopleTools, Utilities folder.
Answer: C

3. Select the three true statements about PeopleSoft field definitions. (Choose three.)
A.All PeopleSoft field definition names are in uppercase.
B.Date, Time, and DateTime fields all have a fixed length.
C.When you work with Number and Signed Number field types, the sum of integer and decimal positions cannot
D.Altering an existing field definition's default label can have consequences at both the record definition level and the page definition level.E.For a Long Character field, enter a field length of 256 to enable the database platform to determine the maximum length of the field.
Answer: A, B, D

4. Select the two properties of a summary page. (Choose two.)
A.It is display­only.
B.It contains only level zero.
C.It contains no related fields.
D.It references one record definition.
Answer: A, C

5. Select the three true statements about levels on a page. (Choose three.)
A.You usually associate level zero with the search record.
B.Each level is associated with one primary record definition.
C.Related fields in a level must reference the same record definition.
D.All fields in a level must write to that level's primary record definition.
E.Multiple levels of the same number, for example, two level twos, are allowed on a page.
Answer: A, B, E

6. You click a content reference to access a component. You should see a search page, but instead the component is displayed immediately with a row of data from the table. Select the option that best describes this issue.
A.You saved the component definition without a search record.
B.The component definition search record has no search keys.
C.The table has only one row of data and it is automatically displayed; there is no problem.
D.The component definition is configured with an incorrect search record and the system defaults to the first row in the primary table.
Answer: B

7. Examine this PeopleCode snippet
Local Rowset &RS_Level0, &RS_Level1; Local Row &Row_Level0, &Row_Level1; Local Record &Rec_EMPLOYEE;
Local Field &Fld_ROLE;
&RS_LEVEL0 = GetLevel0();
&ROW_LEVEL0 = &RS_Level0.GetRow(1);
&ID = &FLD_EMPID.Value;
Can the code given above be replaced with the following statement?
&ID = GetField().Value
A.No. The record must be specified.
B.No. The row and record must be specified.
C.Yes, if the code is placed on the current row
D.Yes, if the code is placed on the EMPID field.
E.Yes, if the code is placed on the EMPLOYEE record.
Answer: D

8. For the Employee Expenses application, a PeopleCode program could be placed either on the EMPLOYEE record or on the EMP_EXPENSE component. You decide to place it on the component. Which is a valid reason for choosing to place the program on the component instead of the record?
A.The program updates multiple database tables.
B.The program validates data across multiple records.
C.Component PeopleCode executes before record PeopleCode, so it is more efficient.
D.The record definition is used on several components, but this program should run only on this component.
E.The program initializes fields on the search page, and the search record is associated with the component.
F.The component contains several record definitions and you do not want to duplicate the code in each record.
G.Component PeopleCode is more reusable because component PeopleCode is available for execution on other components.
Answer: D

9. Which two PeopleCode events are part of the field action event set? (Choose two.)
Answer: A, E

10. What type of PeopleCode looping construct will loop a specified number of times?
C.Do While
D.Do Until
Answer: A

11. On the Process Scheduler Request page, you have to define the output type for your job or process. Which three statements are true regarding the process output type? (Choose three.)
A.An output type that is selected for a job at the main job level carries through to the job items.
B.When an output type is selected for a process at the process definition level, it can be changed.
C.An output type that is selected for a job at the main job level does not carry through to the job items.
D.An output type that is selected for individual job items overwrites the output type that is entered for the parent job.
E.An output type that is selected for individual processes or jobs that are attached to a job cannot override the tput type that is entered for the parent job.
F.An output type that is selected for a process at the process definition level overwrites the output type in
the Process Scheduler Request page, and the Type drop­down list box in the Process Scheduler Request page becomes unavailable.
Answer: A, D, F

12. Select the three tasks that you can perform using the Registration Wizard. (Choose three.)
A.Add pages to existing components.
B.Add components to existing menus.
C.Add components to a portal registry.
D.Add components to a permission list.
E.Create new menus and add components to the new menus.
Answer: B, C, D

13. Select the three properties that you can maintain in a PeopleSoft record definition. (Choose three.)
C.Column order
D.Record field length
E.Query Security record
F.Prompt Security record
Answer: B, C, E

14. Select the two field types that should be placed at the end of a PeopleSoft record definition. (Choose two.)
E.Long character
Answer: A, E

15. When considering key structure, which three options are mutually exclusive? (Choose three.)
B.Search Key
C.Descending Key
D.Alternate Search Key
E.Duplicate Order Key
Answer: A, D, E

16. Select the three true statements regarding search keys. (Choose three.) A.Search key fields are indexed.
A.Search key fields are indexed.
B.Search key fields appear on the search page.
C.A field can be a search key even if it is not a key.
D.Selecting the Search Key option automatically selects the List Box Item option.
E.If an existing key field is changed to a search key, you must alter or rebuild the table.
F.The search key property is irrelevant if the record definition is not used as a search record.
Answer: A, B, D

17. Select three changes to a record definition that require you to rebuild the SQL table. (Choose three.)
A.You change the label of a key field.
B.You deselect the Search Key check box.
C.You change the length of a non­key field.
D.You deselect the Alternate Search Key check box.
E.You change an ascending key to a descending key.
Answer: C, D, E

18. Select the three true statements regarding page design principles that enable you to build a successfulPeopleSoft page definition. (Choose three.)
A.Search keys must be at level zero.
B.You can have four levels on a page.
C.Radio buttons must be grouped together.
D.A level three scroll is a parent of a level two scroll. E.All pages must include a level zero and a level one.
F.Related fields must precede their corresponding Display Control fields.
Answer: A, B, C

19. Select the two true statements regarding parent/child relationships and page design. (Choose two.)
A.Parent/child relationships on a page can write to the same table.
B.Parent/child relationships on a page are determined by occurs level.
C.Parent/child relationships on a page are determined by occurs count.
D.Parent/child relationships on a page always indicate a one­to­many relationship.
E.Parent/child relationships on a page are automatically configured by the physical layout of the scroll area or grid.
Answer: B, D

20. What is the maximum number of duplicate levels that you can place on a page?
F.As many as the page real estate can support
Answer: F

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