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Oracle 1Z0-233 Exam -

Free 1Z0-233 Sample Questions:

1. The patch 384610 was applied to the Test environment successfully. To schedule the patch to be applied to the Production environment, the Applications DBA should inform the users of the unavailability of the Production environment. Which report can the Applications DBA look at to determine the estimated duration of the task, assuming the hardware, server load and applications running on the servers are unchanged?
A. Timing report
B. Bug Fixes report
C. Files Copied report
D. Action Details report
E. Patch Details report
F. Action Summary report
Answer: A

2. A worker process has been running for a long time, and appears to be hanging. Which are the four correct actions that an Oracle Applications 11i database administrator (DBA) would take to resolve this issue? (Choose four.)
A. Start and use the AD Controller utility.
B. Get that worker process ID.
C. Restart the failed job by using AD Controller.
D. Check for an entry for this process in the V$SESSION table.
E. Check the worker log file in $AD_TOP/admin/<SID>/log.
Answer: A, B, C, D

3. In the Oracle Applications 11i file system, where do you find the server process scripts of the database tier?
A. <APPL_TOP>/admin/scripts
B. <RDBMS ORACLE_HOME>/appsutil/scripts/<context_name>/
C. <iAS ORACLE_HOME>/scripts
D. <8.0.6 ORACLE HOME>/appsutil/scripts
Answer: B

4. The Oracle Applications 11i process must be started on the applications tier. Choose one script that must be run to perform the task.
Answer: B

5. What are the three benefits of the Oracle Applications tablespace model? (Choose three.)
A. takes advantage of manual segment management
B. simplifies maintenance and recovery by using fewer tablespaces
C. utilizes locally managed tablespaces, and enables more control over unused space
D. makes best use of the restricted number of raw devices available in Real Application Clusters (RAC) and other environments
E. decreases block-packing compared to the older model, increasing the overall number of buffer gets
Answer: B, C, D

6. What is true about Rapid Install?
A. Rapid Install can be used to install a new database tier.
B. Rapid Install can be used only for a new installation of Oracle Applications.
C. Rapid Install can be used to install only the new technology-stack components.
D. For an upgrade, Rapid Install installs Oracle 9i RDBMS Oracle home without a database.
E. Rapid Install can be used to set up the file system and configure server processes for an upgraded system.
F. Along with creating Oracle homes, Rapid Install generates new configuration files by using Autoconfig.
Answer: B

7. As a part of cloning process, the Applications DBA needs to copy the Database Tier File system to the target system. Which step is NOT a part of this cloning phase?
A. Log on to the source system application tier nodes as the oracle user.
B. Perform a normal shutdown of the source system database.
C. Copy the database files from the source to the target system.
D. Copy the source <806 ORACLE_HOME> and <RDBMS ORACLE_HOME> directory to the target system.
Answer: D

8. AD Administration contains a utility named Maintain Snapshot Information. Which statements correctly describe the functionality of this utility? (Choose all that apply.)
A. You can create a copy of an existing snapshot.
B. You can delete the current view snapshot.
C. You can create a list of the current view and named snapshots stored in your system.
D. You can export an existing snapshot to a file for storage or to another system.
E. You can update the current view snapshot with any changes to the snapshot since the last update.
Answer: A, C, D, E

9. There was an error while applying a patch. The AutoPatch error message indicates that the FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES table already exists. AutoPatch asks if you want to drop the table. Which two steps need to be performed before dropping the table? (Choose two.)
A. Shut down the concurrent managers process.
B. The users need to log out of Oracle Applications.
C. Determine if there are errors in the Patch log files.
D. Determine if other users are running the AD Merge program.
E. Check whether a previous patch session did not run to completion.
F. Determine if AutoPatch, or any other AD Utility is running in another session.
G. The password for the APPS user is invalid. Confirm the password of the APPS user.
Answer: E, F

10. What happens if you run the <COMMON_TOP>/admin/scripts/<CONTEXT_NAME>/ script?
A. It runs AutoConfig in test mode.
B. It rolls back the previous AutoConfig session.
C. It creates the cfgcheck.html configuration report.
D. It updates configuration and profiles on the database tier.
E. It updates configuration and profiles on the applications tier and database tables.
Answer: E

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