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Oracle 1Z0-222 Exam -

Free 1Z0-222 Sample Questions:

1. Which four are true about setting the receipt routing defaulting rules? (Choose four.)
A. Supplier set-up supersedes Receiving options.
B. You cannot allow users to override receipt routing.
C. Item set-up supersedes Supplier set-up routing rules.
D. Supplier set-up supersedes Item set-up routing rules.
E. You must set a rule in the receiving options setup form.
F. You can allow a user to override receipt routing by changing a profile option.
Answer: A, C, E, F

2. On a standard purchase order, the distribution line for an expense item with no encumbrance, which is not autocreated from a requisition, the buyer must manually enter the _____.
A. PO Budget Account
B. PO Charge Account
C. PO Accrual Account
D. PO Variance Account
E. Destination Variance Account
Answer: B

3. Select two correct statements with respect to Receiving location (Choose two.)
A. It is required when routing is set as Direct Receipt
B. It is a physical location where goods are received
C. It is a physical location where goods are delivered
D. It is a designated area in which you temporarily store items before you deliver them to their final destination
Answer: B, D

4. When defining suppliers, you can set all of these attributes except _____.
A. Default Currency
B. Default Payment Terms
C. Default Payment Method
D. Default Invoice Match Option
E. Default Purchase Orders Type
Answer: E

5. You are a buyer in the procurement department of ABC Corp. You associated supplier XYZ in the Approved Supplier list for the LAPTOP POWERSOURCE category, but BXT laptop power Adapters (Item Number BXT-8765) belonging to LAPTOP POWERSOURCE category are available only from supplier MNO.
You created a new ASL entry for item BXT-8765, and associated it with MNO.
For item BXT-8765 in the item master, the Must Use Approved Vendor flag is set to Yes.
When creating a requisition for item BXT-8765, which Supplier would be defaulted?
C. No Supplier would default.
Answer: B

6. Which four are Purchasing lookup codes? (Choose four.)
A. Tax types
B. FOB terms
C. Approval groups
D. Inspection codes
E. Transaction reasons
Answer: A, B, D, E

7. Which two are prerequisites for internally sourced requisitions? (Choose two.)
A. must have a valid shipping network
B. must be MRP generated requisitions
C. must be configured in multiple Oracle applications
D. must apply to all items whether internal or external
Answer: A, C

8. A buyer wants to change the supplier's name on the basis of an update that was part of a quotation. Which four document types would be affected by the change? (Choose four.)
A. Return
B. Payment
C. Requisition
D. Sales Order
E. Purchase Order
Answer: A, B, C, E

9. You are implementing Discrete Manufacturing and procurement at ABC Corp. The implemented modules include Oracle Engineering, Oracle Inventory, Oracle Advance Supply Chain Planning, Oracle Bill Of Materials, and Oracle WIP.
Which three modules could potentially feed data in Oracle Purchasing to create requisitions? (Choose three.)
A. Oracle WIP
B. Oracle Inventory
C. Oracle Engineering
D. Oracle Bill Of Material
E. Oracle Advance Supply Chain Planning
Answer: A, B, E

10. You are implementing Oracle Purchasing, Oracle General Ledger and Oracle Payables at ABC Corp. At the end of the month, the financial accountant complains that there is a huge balance in the AP Clearing Account, and it is increasing every day.
The value for the Purchasing options 'Accrue Expense Items' and 'Accrue Inventory Items' is set to 'At Receipt'.
What is the cause of this problem?
A. The client is not posting the Journals regularly.
B. The client is not matching Invoices to Orders/Receipts.
C. The client is not running the month-end Accrual process.
Answer: B

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