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Oracle 1Z0-213 Exam -

Free 1Z0-213 Sample Questions:

1. ABC Inc. is implementing the Oracle Accounts Receivable (AR).
The company needs a solution that provides the option of transferring a high volume of customer receipts from the bank into the Oracle AR system.
In its legacy system, receipts are handled by two separate people, and it wants to keep the jobs this way.
Rosemary is responsible for entering the receipts and uploading them to the AR system and reporting on the total collections for the day.
Ben is responsible for posting and applying the receipts after performing due diligence in identifying and classifying receipts that do not have any customer information, or receipts that do not have details such as specific Invoice numbers against which the receipt is to be applied, or receipts which have been received as an ad-hoc payment from a particular customer.
Ben does not want the customers account balance to be affected immediately when the receipts are transferred and uploaded to the receivables system. Before the receipts are posted and applied to each individual customers accounts, he needs to check whether the receipts have been assigned with the appropriate Invoice number for accurate application and whether the rest of the receipt information is correct. It is only after performing this checking process that he finally posts the receipts through a mass update in the present legacy system.
What is the most appropriate receipt creation method to implement in Oracle Receivables?
A.Cash Receipts
B.Manual Receipts
C.Automatic Receipts
D.Quick Cash Receipts
E.Miscellaneous Receipts
Answer: D

2. The customer service department identified an order that was shipped but was not invoiced.
Which factor is NOT a potential cause for the Accounts Receivable (AR) invoice not being created for the shipment?
A.The OM workflow is stuck.
B.AutoInvoice was not run.
C.The invoice lacks an accounting rule.
D.An AutoInvoice validation error exists.
E.The order line has back order credit hold.
Answer: C

3. You are entering bank statement information manually.
Identify three optional setup values from the header and line windows. (Choose three.)
A.Account Name
B.GL Date
C.Value Date
D.Check Digits
E.Statement Number
Answer: C, D, F

4. Jason is tasked with merging customers and customer sites that are deemed to be duplicates. He has identified the list of candidates for merging.
Choose the scenario that is NOT possible with customer merge.
A.Merge the Bill-To site of Customer B into the Bill-To site of Customer C.
B.Merge the Ship-To site of Customer A into another Bill-To site of the same customer.
C.Merge the Ship-To site of Customer H into another Ship-To site of the same customer.
D.Merge the Bill-To and Ship-To sites of Customer D into the Bill-To and Ship-To sites of Customer E.
E.Merge the Bill-To, Ship-To, and Statement sites of Customer J into the Bill-To site of Customer K while creating the Ship-To and Statement sites in for Customer K.
F.Merge the Bill-To, Ship-To and Statement sites of Customer F into the sites of Customer G with the same business purpose.
Answer: B

5. While entering a transaction line, a user sees a popup window with the error message Please correct the revenue account assignment.
What are the two possible reasons for the error message? (Choose two.)
A.AutoAccounting has not been set up.
B.You did not enter a salesperson for this transaction.
C.Revenue recognition has not been enabled for the transaction type of the transaction.
D.No revenue account has been entered for the transaction batch source of the transaction.
Answer: A, B

6. Which two statements are true about Invoicing Rules and Accounting Rules? (Choose two.)
A.If a transaction has an Invoicing Rule, an Accounting Rule is optional.
B.If a transaction has an Invoicing Rule, an Accounting Rule is not allowed.
C.If a transaction has an Invoicing Rule, an Accounting Rule is also required.
D.Invoicing Rules and Accounting Rules have no effect until invoices are paid.
E.Invoicing Rules and Accounting Rules have no effect unless you choose the accrual method of accounting.
F.Invoicing Rules determine when invoices are due. Accounting Rules affect how invoices are accounted for.
Answer: C, E

7. Bill Presentment Architecture enables you to customize the content and format of bills viewed by customers. Which four actions can you perform? (Choose four.)
A.Use Applications Desktop Integrator (ADI) to publish bills.
B.Design the layout and content of a bill.
C.Incorporate attachments on online bills.
D.Display information on bills that is not stored in Oracle Receivables.
E.Assign bill formats to specific customers or to user-defined customer categories.
Answer: B, C, D, E

8. Which action do you need to perform in order for Oracle Receivables to enable you to maintain transactions and balances in multiple currencies for the purposes of MRC?
A.Define currency conversion types.
B.Enable the multicurrency option in the Bank setup window.
C.Associate set of books in the system options window.
D.Assign the primary set of books to the reporting set of books.
Answer: D

9. XYZ Corp. prepared a manual invoice in Receivables for the sale of an inventory item.
While performing an analysis in general ledger, XYZ Corp notices that the accounting for the sale is correct and shows a debit to the Accounts Receivable account and a credit to the Sales account.
However, there is no entry coming from Inventory, to show the decrease in the Inventory account and the increase to Cost of Goods Sold.
Which option best explains the missing entry?
A.The Ship Confirm process has not been run from Order Management.
B.The final Post to General Ledger process has not been run from Receivables.
C.During the entry of the manual invoice, the Accounts Receivable clerk did not click the Complete button.
D.Oracle Receivables does not relieve inventory. You must use Order Management if you are invoicing an item that needs to relieve inventory.
Answer: D

10. Which two statements are true about the "Order to Cash" lifecycle? (Choose two.)
A.Posting receipts is part of the Cash Management process.
B.You can create new orders by entering information or by copying existing orders.
C.The pricing engine supplies the initial unit price from the item price listed in the Inventory Organization.
D.When you book an order, the information is transferred through AutoInvoice to Receivables for invoicing the customer.
E.During AutoInvoice, when the data is brought into the Interface tables, errors are moved to the Interface Exceptions table to be corrected.
Answer: B, E

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