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Oracle 1Z0-208 Exam -

Free 1Z0-208 Sample Questions:

1.Which of the following opcodes is NOT implemented in the Business Process Tier?
Answer: C

2.Which of the following statements about Opcode­to­function mapping is TRUE?
A.The config structure is included in the CMs pin.conf file
B.The fm_generic_config.c file is provided with Portal SDK as a template for opcode­to­function mapping
C.Each opcode macro name is mapped to one or more C functions
D.A and B E.A, B, and C
Answer: D

3.Which of the following is NOT a valid error location for an error that occurred in the CM?
E.B and C
Answer: C

4._________is a Service Integration Manager that integrates Portal with terminal servers to support dialup Internet access service
A.Radius Manager
B.Content Manager
C.GSM Manager
D.EAI Manager
E.WAP Manager
Answer: A

5.Which of the following would you NOT find in the DMs configuration file?
A.Path and filename of Translation Manager shared libraries
B.Username and password for accessing external systems
C.Queuing manager parameters
D.Hostname and port number of the CM connecting to this DM
E.Database number for the DM
Answer: D

6.An array called PIN_FLD_ADDRESS is to be added onto the input Flist, input_flistp. The new Flist pointer for the array will be called array_flistp. Which of the following provides the CORRECT syntax for adding the array onto the input Flist?
A.PIN_FLIST_ELEM_ADD (PIN_FLD_ADDRESS, input_flistp, 1, &ebuf);
B.array_flistp = PIN_FLIST_ELEM_ADD (PIN_FLD_ADDRESS, input_flistp, 1, &ebuf);
C.PIN_FLIST_ELEM_ADD (input_flistp, array_flistp, PIN_FLD_ADDRESS, 1, &ebuf);
D.array_flistp = PIN_FLIST_ELEM_ADD (input_flistp, 1, PIN_FLD_ADDRESS, &ebuf);
E.array_flistp = PIN_FLIST_ELEM_ADD (input_flistp, PIN_FLD_ADDRESS, 1, &ebuf);
Answer: E

7.Which of the following statements INCORRECTLY describes the Object Tier of the Portal architecture?
A.This tier can also be referred to as the Data Manager
B.One object tier can be used with multiple data tiers
C.This tier is used to translate Portal data into the format that can be processed by the Data Tier
D.This tier processes all requests coming from the Business Process Tier
E.This tier can also be referred to as the Translation Manager
Answer: B

8.All Portal opcodes are defined in the _____file. An opcode corresponds to a ______. To write the code to implement the new opcode, you can use the _____ file as a template.
A.ops.h, function, fm_generic_ops.c
B.pcm_ops.h, function, fm_generic_opcode.c
C.ops.h, function, fm_generic_opcode.c
D.pcm_ops.h, program, fm_generic_ops.c
E.ops.h, program, fm_generic_ops.c
Answer: B

9.Which of the following statements CORRECTLY describes the dm_if_process_op() function?
A.It processes a base opcode from the CM
B.The function contains custom implementation of base opcodes
C.The functionality within this function is specific to the external system
D.A and C E.A, B, and C
Answer: E

10.Which of the following is an example of an event in Portal?
A.Making a phone call
B.Purchasing a product
C.Rolling over unused free minutes
D.A and B E.A, B, and C
Answer: E

11.Which of the following is NOT a Portal supported data type?
Answer: C

12.Which of the following set of information is used to run an opcode using Portal development tools?
A.Input Flist, flag, opcode
B.Input Flist, opcode
C.Input Flist, Output Flist, opcode
D.Input Flist, Output Flist, flag, opcode
E.None of the above
Answer: A

13.Which of the following is a VALID FM entry in the CMs pin.conf file? fm_module ../../lib/ fm_rate_config pin fm_module ../../lib/ fm_rate_config pin fm_module fm_rate_config ../../lib/ pin fm_module fm_rate_config ../../lib/ pin
E.fm_module ../../lib/ fm_rate_config pin
Answer: B

14.Delayed billing on the system has been configured with an offset of 10 days. Jane has a bill cycle date of the 10th. Jane places a call on the 8th but the event is not loaded into Portal until the 15th. What happens to that event?
A.Because the event was loaded within the delayed period, the event will be rated and included in the bill cycle that it was generated in
B.Because the event came in late, Portal will reject the event and not rate it
C.Because the event came in late, it will be included in the next bill cycle
D.Because of delayed billing, Portal will not rate any new events for the next bill cycle until the offset has expired
E.Because delayed billing affects each account differently, you would need to find out how it is configured for Jane to determine what happens with the event
Answer: A

15.Which of the following sample programs can be used to create accounts in Portal?
Answer: A

16.Of the following objects listed, which is NOT created when using
PCM_OP_CUST_COMMIT_CUSTOMER to create an account?
Answer: A

17.Which of the following tasks does the application, pin_bill_accts, NOT perform?
A.It calculates the balance due for each account bill unit
B.It creates a bill for the balance due
C.It creates new bill items for the next bill cycle
D.It usually runs as part of pin_bill_day
E.It generates invoices for all invoice customers
Answer: E

18.Which of the following statements about activity opcodes is INCORRECT?
A.All events are logged by the PCM_OP_ACTIVITY opcode
B.PCM_OP_ACT_USAGE rates and records an event
C.The activity opcode used to capture durational events will log both the start and end timestamp
D.A and B E.A, B, and C
Answer: A

19.Which of the following statements CORRECTLY describes PIN_ERRBUF_CLEAR and
A.PIN_ERRBUF_RESET is used to initialize the error buffer
B.PIN_ERRBUF_RESET frees up extra memory from series style error buffer
C.PIN_ERRBUF_CLEAR is used to reset the error buffer before reusing
D.A and B E.A, B, and C
Answer: B

20.Which of the following is NOT a type of Account Group in Portal?
A.Bonus Sharing
B.Discount Sharing
D.Charge Sharing
E.Resource Sharing
Answer: A

21.When using PCM_OP_CREATE_OBJ to create a new storable object, the mandatory fields for the input Flist consists of
B.PIN_FLD_ACCOUNT_OBJ and all mandatory fields for objects being created
D.PIN_FLD_POID and all mandatory fields for objects being created
Answer: D

22.Which of the following statements about a Storable Class is TRUE?
A.One cannot extend the set of fields for an existing class; a new class has to be created
B.Fields in a storable class can span more than one database table
C.Every storable class has a unique POID
D.All storable classes are defined with a backslash (\) E.None of the above
Answer: B

23.Which of the following statements for field permissions is TRUE?
A.Any field can be encrypted
B.Encrypted fields will not be automatically decrypted when they are retrieved
C.A field with the permission Prohibited implies that the field cannot be edited after a storable object has been created
D.When auditing is enabled for a field, shadow objects are created and stored in the audit tables
E.An example of a field with the Prohibited permission is PIN_FLD_POID
Answer: D

24.Which Rate Plan Structure uses a matrix of charges that depend on event, service, or account attributes?
A.Custom Event Analysis
B.Rate Plan Selector
C.Single Rate Plan
D.Multi­Rate Plan
E.None of the above
Answer: B

25.Which of the following statements about Event Notification is TRUE?
A.Event Notification is used to drive any automatic response that satisfies a business decision
B.More than one event can be mapped to an opcode
C.More than one opcode can be mapped to an event
D.A and B
E.A, B, and C
Answer: E

26.PIN_FLIST_CREATE is a PIN macro used to build an Flist. Which of the following statements
A.Does not unallocate unused memory
B.Preallocates 20 field/value pair locations
C.Returns a pointer to a NULL flist
D.A and B E.B and C
Answer: A

27.Which of the following statements about the Data Tier is TRUE?
A.This tier does not have to be a physical database
B.The Object Tier can have a one­ or two­way communication with this tier
C.The Portal database is part of this tier
D.A and C
E.A, B, and C
Answer: E

28.Which of the following statements about Facility Modules is FALSE?
A.When a specific functionality is not provided in the default Portal product, create a new Standard FM
B.To modify an existing business functionality, modify a Policy FM
C.Not every Standard FM has a corresponding Policy FM
D.An FM is a shared library containing related opcodes linked to the CM E.A and C
Answer: A

29.Which of the following is NOT a Portal PCM macro?
Answer: C

30.At the time of account creation, a number of events can occur. From the following list of events, which WILL NOT occur by default?
A.If the customer is paying via credit card, the credit card information will be validated
B.Portal will assign the customer an account number
C.Portal will check to make sure the login assigned to the user is unique per service
D.The customer will be billed immediately for the plan purchased
E.Fees for events generated will automatically be applied to the account balance
Answer: D

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