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Oracle 1Z0-146 Exam -

Free 1Z0-146 Sample Questions:

1. When do you use static SQL as a technique for avoiding SQL injection?
A. when the WHERE clause values are unknown
B. when the code contains data definition language (DDL) statements
C. when all Oracle identifiers are known at the time of code compilation
D. when the SET clause values are unknown at the time of code compilation
Answer: C

2. Which two queries' results cannot be cached? (Choose two.)
A. queries having the GROUP BY clause
B. queries having the ORDER BY clause
C. the query on dictionary and temporary tables
D. queries having SYSDATE and SYS_TIMESTAMP SQL functions
Answer: C, D

3. Which two statements are true about the usage of the DBMS_DESCRIBE.DESCRIBE_PROCEDURE procedure? (Choose two.)
A. You can describe remote objects.
B. You can describe anonymous PL/SQL blocks.
C. You can describe a stored procedure, stored function, packaged procedure, or packaged function.
D. You can obtain information about the position, name, and data type of the arguments of a procedure.
Answer: C, D

4. Which two statements are true about the tuning of PL/SQL code? (Choose two.)
A. Redundant SQL statements in PL/SQL code should be avoided.
B. Implicit data type conversion in PL/SQL code can improve performance.
C. Usage of the NOT NULL constraint in PL/SQL code can degrade performance.
D. If you have one PL/SQL program unit instead of multiple smaller executable sections, performance can be improved.
Answer: A, C

5. Which three actions can be performed by using the DBMS_ASSERT package to prevent SQL injection? (Choose three.)
A. Detect a wrong user.
B. Check input string length.
C. Verify qualified SQL names.
D. Validate TNS connect strings.
E. Verify an existing schema name.
F. Enclose string literals within double quotation marks.
Answer: C, E, F

6. Which two types of metadata can be retrieved by using the various procedures in the DBMS_METADATA PL/SQL package?
A. report of invalidated objects in a schema
B. report of statistics of an object in the database
C. DDL for all object grants on a table in the database
D. data definition language (DDL) for all objects in a schema
Answer: C, D

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