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Oracle 1Z0-132 Exam -

Free 1Z0-132 Sample Questions:

1.Examine the code below. FUNCTION check_window RETURN VARCHAR2 IS BEGIN RETURN
(GET_VIEW_PROPERTY(GET_ITEM_PROPERTY( NAME_IN('system.cursor_item'), item_canvas), window_name)); END; What does this function return?
A.the name of the item where the cursor is located
B.the name of the form where the cursor is located
C.the name of the window where the cursor is located
D.the name of the canvas where the cursor is located
Answer: C
2.Which statement about windows and blocks is true?
A.Transaction management is block­oriented rather than window­oriented.
B.Forms automatically navigates to an item located in an activated window.
C.A window may contain multiple blocks, but each block can only span one window.
D.A window can contain multiple canvases, and an item can be located on multiple canvases.
Answer: A

3.You include the calendar class in your Hotel Booking application. Which additional form level objects will you need to create to implement this reusable component fully?
B.visual attributes
C.stacked canvas
D.Nothing further needs to be created.
Answer: D

4.You need to create a trigger to locate the Product report on the Rpt_Server, run the report, and test the status of the report. Which three built­ins would you use to use to accomplish this task? (Choose three.)
Answer: C, D, E

5.You create a multiple form application. Which built­in must you use to invoke the form modules
to enable you to programmatically control navigation between the multiple forms in your application?
Answer: B

6.Which built­in would you use to test whether the CREATE TABLE command issued in the SALES
form executed successfully?
Answer: C

7.In the COURSE_ENROLLMENT form module, you define a master­detail relation between the COURSES_OFFERED data block and the STUDENT data block, respectively. To implement block coordination, which statement must be true?
A.The Enforce Primary Key property on the STUDENT block is set to Yes.
B.The Alias property on the COURSES_OFFERED block is set to Student.
C.The Copy Value from Item property on the foreign key item in the STUDENT block is set to the primary key item of the COURSES_OFFERED block.
D.The Synchronize with Item property on the foreign key item in the STUDENT block is set to the primary key item of the COURSES_OFFERED block.
Answer: C

8.You need to create a data block for query operations in the RETIRED_EMPLOYEES form module. Which three data sources can you use for this block? (Choose three.)
B.database view
C.database table
D.transactional trigger
E.PL/SQL table of records
F.multi­dimensional array
Answer: B, C, D

9.Which built­in allows you to update the screen display to reflect the information that Forms has
in its internal representation of the screen?
Answer: A

10.You are creating a form that will access an Oracle8 database. On which three sources can you base a data block? (Choose three.)
B.REF column
C.object table
D.column object
E.INSTEAD­OF trigger
Answer: B, C, D

11.Your end users will need to change values in a REF lookup field in the form application you create. To facilitate choosing a new appropriate value, you provide them with . LOV for REFS
B.a list item for REFs
C.a radio group for REFs
D.a hierarchical tree for REFs
Answer: A

12.Which trigger property applies to Key triggers?
A.Hide Keys
B.Show Menu Keys
C.Hide Menu Keys
D.Display in 'Keyboard Help'
E.Hide Keys Description
Answer: D

13.You created a custom menu for the Order Entry application. The shipping administrator has requested an additional submenu containing four items to invoke various reports . Which command type must you use to identify the parent menu item as a submenu?
Answer: A

14.How do you change the cursor style in your form?
A.Open the form module property palette and set the Cursor Style property.
B.From the Tools menu, select Preferences­­>Runtime Settings.
D.You cannot change the cursor style.
Answer: C

15.The record group in the EMP form is populated using a SELECT statement that is constructed programmatically at runtime. Five employee records are displayed at one time, and a user chooses item two from the record group. Which built­in would you use to determine which rows were flagged in the record group?
Answer: C

16.As an alternative to setting the Visible property to No for the ORDERS_WINDOW, which built­in could you use to achieve the same result?
Answer: A

17.Which is an example of a dynamic SELECT statement?
A.a query whose object names change during its execution
B.a query whose object names are not known until run time
C.a query whose bind variable values change during execution
D.a query whose bind variable values are not known until run time
Answer: B

18.Which three objects can be components of a menu module? (Choose three.)
C.object groups objects
E.visual attributes
Answer: B, C, E

19.You are developing a Hotel Booking application for a travel company. The users request a wizard­style interface for this application. How could you satisfy this requirement?
A.Reference the Object Iron packages in your form module.
B.Write an HTML interface, and invoke it from your form module.
C.Include the Wizard class reusable component in your application.
D.Build a customized wizard using tab canvases and a horizontal toolbar canvas.
Answer: C

20.You established access to menu modules using roles. You have allowed the sales role to access the menu module, but prevented access to the Update menu item. Which item property would you alter to gray out the menu option for the role?
A.Item Roles
B.Menu Item Roles
C.Display without Privilege
D.Use Security
E.Command Type
Answer: C

21.Which canvas built­in will display the given canvas in front of any stacked canvases?
Answer: B

22.You are creating the SAL_INFO data block on the EMP_QUERY form. The SALARY field should only be populated if the logged­on user is a manager. Since this query could potentially return a large number of records, you have created a stored procedure which uses a ref cursor on which to base the data block. How would you create the data block?
A.Click the Data Blocks node in the Object Navigator and click the Create button. Choose to build the data block manually. Enter the procedure name in the Query Data Source Columns property and the procedure code in the Query Data Source Arguments property.
B.Choose Tools ­> Data Block Wizard, select Table as the data source type, and base the data block on the columns included in the procedure.
C.Select the Data Blocks node in the Object Navigator and click the Create button. Choose to build the
data block manually, alter the Query Data Source Type property to 'Ref cursor', and enter the name of the procedure in the Query Data Source Name property.
D.Select the Data Blocks node in the Object Navigator and click the Create button. Alter the Query Data Source Name, Query Data Source Columns, and Query Data Source Arguments properties to create a stored procedure that uses a ref cursor.
E.Launch the Data Block Wizard, select Stored Procedure as the data source type, and base the block on the procedure.
Answer: E

23.You create a data block based on a relational table containing a REF column. You select the
REF column for your form module. Which statement about the REF column is true?
A.It is created as a nondisplay item.
B.The Lock Record property is set to Yes.
C.It cannot be referenced in item level triggers.
D.It is placed on the canvas with the highest sequence number.
Answer: A

24.What does the following code do? BEGIN IF GET_RECORD_PROPERTY(3, 'ORD', status) =
'CHANGED' THEN SET_RECORD_PROPERTY(3, 'ORD', status, query_status); END IF; END;
A.If the third property in the ORD block is changed, set the status back to QUERY.
B.If the third record in the current block is set to ORD, set the status back to QUERY.
C.If three records are changed database records in the ORD block, set the status back to QUERY.
D.If the third record in the ORD block is a changed database record, set the status back to QUERY.
Answer: D

25.You write a procedure that will be called from two form level triggers and a database trigger. Where should you store this code?
A.on the Oracle server
B.locally in each form module an attached PL/SQL library
D.on your file network server
Answer: A

26.You are creating a data block based on a stored procedure returning a table of records. So far, you have defined the record type as follows: TYPE emprec IS RECORD (empno emp.empno%TYPE, ename emp.ename%TYPE); Select the line of code that completes the definition of the table of records.
A.emptab emprec%TYPE;
B.CREATE TABLE emptab AS emprec;
Answer: D

27.A user attempts to insert a duplicate value into the primary key column of the SALES table and this message displays: ORA­00001: unique constraint (APPL.sales) violated Unique Key How can you modify the application to return more meaningful error messages to the user?
A.Create a custom messages table. Include the necessary error handling code in the form modules to display the meaningful custom message instead of the ORA­ error message.
B.Provide users with a form in the application to query the ORA­ error, that will return a custom message to replace the ORA­ message.
C.Eliminate constraints where possible, thereby limiting the number of error messages returned.
D.Create a procedure to include the RETRIEVE_MESSAGE built­in that automatically translates common server errors into meaningful messages for use in Forms.
Answer: A

28.Which built­in would you reference in your trigger code to remove a report from the Reports
Server queue dynamically?
Answer: B

29.Which two statements are true about record groups? (Choose two.)
A.They are stored in the database.
B.They are stored in local Forms memory.
C.The type is specified explicitly at design time.
D.The type is implied by when and how it is created.
Answer: B, D

30.The accounting manager wants you to create a form that when queried will display a calculated total of year­to­date actual expenditures for the fund code entered. The values needed to generate this summary data are stored in multiple tables. Which data source type can you assign to the data block for this form without having the DBA create a database object?
A.database table
B.transactional trigger
C.stored procedure
D.FROM clause query
E.client­side procedure
Answer: D

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