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Oracle 1Z0-131 Exam -

Free 1Z0-131 Sample Questions:

1.Which two data block properties can be set to abort a long running query? (Choose two.)
A.Number of Records Buffered
B.Numbers of Records Displayed
C.Query Array Size
D.Maximum Query Time
E.Query All Records F.Maximum Records Fetched
Answer: D, F

2.You have written some generic PL/SQL code which loops through the invoked form, getting and setting the global variables in the form. Which two built­ins would you use in this code to get and
set these variables and their values? (Choose two.)
Answer: A, B

3.Which built­in subprogram can you use to navigate to the instance of the current item in the previous record?
Answer: B

4.In Form Builder you attempt to compile a trigger. You receive a compilation error that gives no clear indication of the problem. What are two likely causes? (Choose two.)
A.dividing by zero
B.missing semicolon
C.mismatched quotes
D.mistyped variable name
E.trigger defined on wrong item
F.trigger defined at wrong level
Answer: B, C

5.You are creating summary items that summarize the same item in a data block by performing different functions, such as Sum, Avg, Max, and Min. Design rules require you to place summary items in a control block. Which properties should be set in the control and data blocks to enable your task?
A.The Single Record property must be set to Yes for the control block, and the Query All Records property must be set to Yes for the data block.
B.The Number of Records Displayed property must be set to Yes for the control block, and the Number of Records Buffered property must be set to All for the data block.
C.The Query All Records property must be set to Yes for the data block, and the Precompile Summaries property must be set to Yes for the control block.
D.The Query All Records property must be set to Yes for the control block, and the Precompile Summaries property must be set to Yes for the data block.
Answer: A

6.Which two item properties' settings affect the standard checks performed during item validation? (Choose two.)
A.Font Name
B.Format Mask
C.Conceal Data
D.Case Restriction
E.Lowest Allowed Value
F.Number of Items Displayed
Answer: B, E

7.You created a form that has two data blocks. Which two default navigation methods can a user employ to move the cursor from the first block to the second block? (Choose two.)
A.Press the [NEXT BLOCK] function key.
B.Click an item in the second block with the mouse.
C.Click the single right­arrow icon on the menu toolbar.
D.Right­click an item in the first block, and choose Next Block from the pop­up menu.
Answer: A, B

8.You have created a form that has a block to create an address and perform a mail merge with a selected Word document. You would like to use this block in other forms. How could you package this block and its canvas for reuse?
A.Smart Class
B.Object Group
C.Record Group
D.Property Class
E.PL/SQL Library
Answer: B

9.The EMPLOYEE form contains the CV_SALARY, CV_EMP, and CV_HELP content canvases. Each canvas is displayed in its own window. How could you toggle between the CV_SALARY and CV_EMP canvases without closing the CV_HELP canvas?
A.Create the CV_HELP canvas in a modal window.
B.Create the CV_SALARY and CV_EMP canvases in modal windows.
C.Create all three canvases in modeless windows.
D.A canvas must be dismissed before another canvas can become active.
Answer: C

10.You created the EMP_DATA data block in the EMPLOYEE form based on all the columns of the EMP table. After viewing the prototype, users are asking that you remove the SALARY column from the layout. This column is used in the data block to perform bonus calculations. How would you remove this column from the layout while leaving it in the data block?
A.You must delete the EMP_DATA data block and recreate it.
B.Select the Salary item in the Layout Editor and press DELETE.
C.You must remove the column from the data block to remove it from the layout.
D.Select the frame surrounding the EMP_DATA data block in the Layout Editor, click the Layout Wizard tool, and remove the SALARY column from the Displayed Items list.
E.Select the EMP_DATA data block in the Object Navigator, choose Tools­>Data Block Wizard, and remove the SALARY column from the included list. The SALARY column will automatically be removed from the layout.
F.Double­click the EMP_DATA data block in the Object Navigator to launch the Data Block Wizard, remove the SALARY column from the included columns, enter the Layout Wizard, and remove the SALARY column from the Displayed Items list.
Answer: D

11.You are creating the ORDERS form that contains a text item called Date_Ordered. How could you ensure that when a new record is entered, the Date_Ordered item displays the current date in DD­MON­YYYY format?
A.In the Date_Ordered Item Property Palette, set the Initial Value property to $$date$$.
B.In the Date_Ordered Item Property Palette, set the Default Value property to SYSDATE.
C.You must use a Pre­Insert trigger to accomplish this task.
D.You must use a Pre­Commit trigger to accomplish this task.
Answer: A

12.Which built­in allows you to dynamically change the alert message text?
Answer: B

13.You are customizing default functionality of an image item so that the image displays when a user single­clicks the item. Which trigger would you use to accomplish the task?
Answer: C

14.Which two operations create a text item? (Choose two.)
A.use the Create icon in the Layout Editor
B.convert an existing item into a text item by setting its Item Type property
C.use the text item tool in the Object Navigator
D.use the text item tool in the Layout Editor Field­­­>New­­­>Text Item from the menu
Answer: B, D

15.You want to capture the username and password of the current user. Which built­in subprogram can you use?
Answer: A

16.You can use a When­List­Activated trigger to trap a user selection. For which list item style can you do this?
C.combo box
D.any style
Answer: A

17.How would you associate database tables with form objects in order to access the tables from a form?
A.Create a data block and base it on all database tables you need to access.
B.Create a control block and associate its items with columns from database tables.
C.Create a data block for each database table you need to access.
D.Create a control block and associate its items with data blocks that are based on database tables.
Answer: C

18.Which built­in subprogram can be used to create global variables?
Answer: C

19.Which property type can be created by overriding a property set by a property class?
Answer: B

20.How could you associate a data block with more than one frame?
A.Use the Layout Wizard in reentrant mode to associate the data block with an additional frame.
B.Alter the Frame value in the Property Palette for the data block.
C.Use the Data Block Wizard in reentrant mode to associate the data block with an additional frame.
D.A data block can be associated with only one frame.
Answer: D

21.What is true when your form is in Enter­Query mode?
A.You cannot navigate out of the example record.
B.You cannot execute the query without entering search criteria.
C.You cannot exit Enter­Query mode without executing the query.
D.You cannot query an invalidated item in the current form.
Answer: A

22.When does external navigation occur?
A.when the navigation unit is outside the form
B.when the cursor input focus changes
C.when the input focus goes outside of the Mouse Navigation Limit
D.when you click on an item with Mouse Navigable set to No
Answer: B

23.Which triggers can be used to perform additional tasks during the record retrieval process?
A.query triggers
B.commit triggers
C.block processing triggers
D.triggers that can be fired in Enter Query mode
Answer: A

24.If there is more than one trigger of the same type at different levels, how could you change the firing sequence of the lowest­level trigger?
A.Define the trigger as a SmartTrigger.
B.Right­click the trigger to set its priority.
C.Set the Trigger Style property of the trigger.
D.Set the Execution Hierarchy property of the trigger.
E.Set the form module properties to override the default trigger firing sequence in the form.
Answer: D

25.Which two properties specify coordinates of the stacked canvas viewport relative to upper left corner of the stacked canvas? (Choose two.)
A.Viewport X Position
B.Viewport Y Position
C.Viewport X Position on Canvas
D.Viewport Y Position on Canvas
Answer: C, D

26.Which two statements about list items are true? (Choose two.)
A.A list item must have an access key.
B.A list item can be true, false, or null.
C.A list item is an alternative to a radio group.
D.A value in a list item can be set programmatically.
E.A list item can be used to select more than one value at the same time.
Answer: C, D

27.Which circumstance will cause the Data Block Wizard to display the Master­Detail page?
A.when you are creating a control block
B.when there is an existing block in the form
C.when you check the Enforce Data Integrity check box
D.when a foreign key exists in the database which relates to the table you are using as a data source
Answer: B

28.How would you convert an inherited property to a variant property?
A.Type over the inherited value with a new value.
B.Copy the property class and save with a new name.
C.Copy the property to be changed into a new property class and change the values.
D.An inherited property cannot be converted to a variant property.
Answer: A

29.You have created a form with validation set at the record level. Users would like to be able to press a button to cause validation to occur immediately without committing changes or navigating out of the record. Which built­in would you call in the When­Button­Pressed trigger to implement this?
Answer: A

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