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Oracle 1Z0-109 Exam -

Free 1Z0-109 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
What is the JNDI name of the default queue used for configuring web service reliable messaging in WebLogic server?
A. weblogic.wsee.DefaultQueue
B. weblogic.DefaultQueue
C. weblogic.wsee
D. wsee.DefaultQueue
Answers: A

Q: 2
What does a web service generate if an error occurs during the processing of a request?
A. A Java Exception
C. A SOAP Fault
D. None of the above
Answers: C

Q: 3
Which of these are valid descriptive sub-elements of a SOAP fault?
A. faultInteger
B. faultcode
C. faultstring
D. faultactor
Answers: B, C, D

Q: 4
You can specify pages to gracefully handle HTTP errors or Java Exceptions by using which of the following web.xml elements?
A. <error-page>
B. <exception-page>
C. <error>
D. <exception>
Answers: A

Q: 5
Which one of these can be used to extend the Eclipse platform?
A. Extension Development Kit
B. Extension Development Tools
C. Plug-in Development Environment
D. Java Development Kit
Answers: C

Q: 6
The Eclipse desktop development environment is called
A. Workshop
B. Workbench
C. Workspace
D. Workarea
Answers: B

Q: 7
A Web Application contains a logout servlet. The servlet should call which of the following methods?
(Assume that out is the output stream to the browser and session is the HttpSession.)
A. out.clear()
B. session.invalidate()
C. out.flush()
D. session.clear()
Answers: B

Q: 8
Which of the following is not a valid Presentation pattern?
A. Front Controller
B. View Helper
C. Dispatcher
D. Session Faade
Answers: D

Q: 9
Which of these entries in the weblogic.xml would make a Web Application the default Web Application for a WebLogic Server?
A. <context-root>default</context-root>
B. <context-root>.</context-root>
C. <context-root>/</context-root>
D. <context-root>root</context-root>
Answers: C

Q: 10
A developer is creating a Servlet class. In the doPost method of a Servlet, the method request.getParameter("id") is called. Which statement about the method call is true?
A. It always throws a RuntimeException
B. It works only if the user was authenticated
C. It might return a null string
D. It does NOT retrieve data that is sent by HTTP POST
Answers: C

Q: 11
Which of the following statements is true about Java Server Pages?
A. They allow for the division of labor into content production and programming
B. They extend HTML with custom Java code
C. They are compiled into Servlets by WebLogic Server
D. All of the above
Answers: D

Q: 12
In which of the following four application programming models does one JSP accept the request and another generate the response?
A. Decoupled
B. Forward Delegation
C. Simple
D. Response Delegation
Answers: B

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