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Oracle 1Z0-030 Exam -

Free 1Z0-030 Sample Questions:

1. What statement is true about taking a database default temporary tablespace offline?
A. You cannot take a default temporary tablespace offline.
B. The database must be quiesced before you perform this action.
C. You must ensure that all users are assigned to an alternative temporary tablespace first.
D. You must first ensure that the default temporary tablespace has the permanent tablespace characteristic.
Answer: A

2. Consider this syntax: MERGE INTO t1 USING t2 ON (join predicate)?. What does the MERGE syntax do?
A. It performs a merge join of the row from T2 only if it doesn't exist in the T1 table.
B. It creates a natural join of tables T1 and T2 for all columns that have the same name.
C. It creates a Cartesian product of table T1 and table T2 for all columns that have the same name.
D. For each row from T2, it updates the row if it exists within table T1, otherwise it inserts the row into T1.
Answer: D

3. In what way are the two initialization parameters PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET and

WORKAREA_SIZE_POLICY related to each other?
A. The default value for PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET depends on the setting of WORKAREA_SIZE_POLICY.
B. You must provide a nondefault value for PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET before setting
C. The value of PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET can only be changed dynamically (that is, when the instance is open) if the value of WORKAREA_SIZE_POLICY is set to AUTO.
D. You must provide a non-default value for PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET before setting
Answer: B

4. What is the benefit of the Cached Execution Plan feature?
A. SQL statement performance is improved.
B. The SQL statement no longer needs to be cached in the library cache.
C. Improved diagnosability, as the execution plan of a cached SQL statement in memory is preserved.
D. The execution plan is available for diagnosis after the SQL statement is aged out of the library cache.
Answer: C

5. Your database has tablespaces with different block sizes. What must you do to back these up with RMAN?
A. You need to issue a separate RMAN BACKUP command to group tablespaces with the same block size.
B. You need to use RMAN BACKUP BLOCKSIZE=nK to select tablespaces that are not the same size as the standard block size.
C. You can simply issue the RMAN BACKUP command, because a backup set can contain tablespaces of different block sizes.
D. You must allow for the fact that RMAN will generate several backupsets, one for each block size, when you issue the RMAN BACKUP command .
Answer: D

6. Online index rebuild functionality has been extended to include which four index structures? (Choose four.)
A. bitmap indexes
B. reverse key indexes
C. function-based indexes
D. key-compressed indexes on regular tables
E. key-compressed indexes on IOT (including secondary indexes)
Answer: B, C, D, E

7. What is the meaning of using "character semantics" to create a table?
A. You use only use CHAR data types.
B. All columns are a single character wide.
C. You use single letter names of all columns.
D. You specify the width of a column in characters, not in bytes.
E. You use only character type data types (CHAR, NCHAR, VARCHAR2, NVARCHAR2, CLOB, NCLOB).
Answer: D

8. What is true regarding a transaction executed in Automatic Undo Management mode?
A. It is possible for the transaction to span different undo segments.
B. It is possible for the transaction to reuse inactive extents from another undo segment.
C. It is possible for the transaction to use inactive extents from another undo tablespace.
D. It is possible for the transaction to extend the undo tablespace, even if defined with AUTOEXTENSIBLE set to FALSE.
Answer: B

9. Which three resource plan parameters are used to enable Automatic Consumer Group Switching to estimate job execution times automatically, and to perform a switch to a low priority consumer group before they are initiated? (Choose three.)
Answer: A, B, D

10. A bitmap join index is defined as ___________.
A. an index used to join two bitmap indexes on a table
B. a bitmap index created for the join of two or more tables
C. a bitmap index created on the join of two or more indexes
D. a bitmap index created on the join of two or more indexed-organized tables
Answer: B

11. You can use Oracle Flashback to look at past activity in your database. What are two other characteristics of Oracle Flashback? (Choose two.)
A. Oracle Flashback uses undo information to construct consistent data.
B. You can use a PL/SQL cursor opened while using an Oracle Flashback image to perform DML once you deactivate Oracle Flashback in your session.
C. You can only use an Oracle Flashback view of the data if the required records are still in the online redo log files.
D. Oracle Flashback lists the DML that was executed during the period you identify when initiating your session.
Answer: A, B

12. What is true about version-enabled tables?
A. The unit of versioning is the schema.
B. It is possible to version enable a table pertaining to SYS.
C. There are as many segments as versions for the same base table.
D. It is possible to create workspaces if there is no version-enabled table in the database.
Answer: D

13. What does the Metadata Application Programming Interface (API) allow you to do?
A. repair damaged data dictionary entries
B. delete data dictionary information about database objects you no longer need
C. extract data definition commands from the data dictionary in a variety of formats
D. prepare pseudocode modules for conversion to Java or PL/SQL programs with a Metadata code generator
Answer: C

14. Which two statements are true regarding the use of UTF-16 encoding? (Choose two.) A. enables easier loading of multinational data
B. uses a fixed-width multibyte encoding sequence
C. Asian characters are represented in three characters
D. uses a variable-width multibyte encoding sequence
E. European characters are represented in one or two bytes
Answer: A, B

15. Examine the list of variables and their data types:
Name Data Type
Which three expressions using the new date and time data types are valid? (Choose three.)
A. IDS * 2
B. TS + IYM C. TS - TS1
Answer: A, B, C

16. You can control instance recovery performance by setting parameters to define targets for ____________.
A. the size of the redo buffer in the SGA
B. the instance that will perform recovery in a Real Application Clusters database
C. the number of blocks to be read during instance recovery, or the time needed to complete instance recovery
D. the number of passes through the redo logs made by the recovery process to identify blocks needing recovery
Answer: C

17. Which two are true regarding automatic space management segments? (Choose two.)
A. You can create an automatic space management segment in a dictionary-managed tablespace.
B. You can create an automatic space management segment only in a locally managed tablespace.
C. You can successfully invoke the DBMS_SPACE.FREE_BLOCKS procedure on an automatic space management segment.
D. You CANNOT successfully invoke the DBMS_SPACE.FREE_BLOCKS procedure on an automatic space management segment.
Answer: B, D

18. Which statement correctly describes the function of the Oracle9 i Cache Fusion feature?
A. It provides each session with its own view of the database at a different point in the past.
B. It enables you to execute scalable applications on a clustered database without having to partition the users or the database tables.
C. It lets you dynamically reassign memory in your database buffer cache to different block buffer sizes.
D. It allows you to add new sites to multimaster replication environment without quiescing the master definition site.
Answer: B

19. Which four are true regarding the Workspace Manager in Oracle9 i ? (Choose four.)
A. automatically versions all tables
B. automatically installed with Oracle9 i
C. merges changes with parent rows or discards changes
D. provides mechanism to identify and resolve conflicts
E. allows for version enabling tables by use of a packaged procedure
Answer: B, C, D, E

20. The EMPLOYEES table is stored in the SAMPLE tablespace. The corresponding IPK_EMP index for the EMPLOYEES table's primary key is stored in the INDX tablespace. Out of 12 partitions, only partition P1 of the SALES table is stored in the SAMPLE tablespace. Which objects will be exported by this command? exp system/manager tablespaces=SAMPLE
A. only the EMPLOYEES table
B. only the EMPLOYEES table and its corresponding primary key index
C. the EMPLOYEES table and partition P1
D. the EMPLOYEES table, IPK_EMP index, and the SALES table
Answer: D

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