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Citrix 1Y0-A21 Exam -

Free 1Y0-A21 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
In order o prevent configuration errors from typographical errors and to streamline the creation of expressions, an administrator should leverage _______when creating policies(Choose the correct option to complete the sentence)
A. pattern sets
B. entity templates
C. inline expressions
D. named expressions
Answer: A

Q: 2
An administrator has executed the following commands:
 enable ns feature lb
 add service s1 HTTP80
 add service s2 HTTP 80
 add lb service vs1 HTTP 80
However, the adminisrator notices that the virtual server is DOWN.
Whichaction must be the adminisrator take to set the virtual server state to UP?
A. Set lb vserver vs1 –state UP.
B. Bind a monitor to the services.
C. Set lb vserver vs1 –accessDown yes.
D. Bind the two services to the lb vserver vs1.
Answer: D

Q: 3
The expression<url==﹡txt‖res http header content-encoding==text/html> can be used for ______and______(Choose the two options that correctly complete the sentence)
A. caching
B. compression
C. load balancing
D. surge ptotection
Answer: A,B

Q: 5
An administrators is configuring a virtual server for encrypted traffic from clients that needs to be decrypted prior to being forwarded to the back-end servers.
Which type of virtual server and service should the administator configure?
A. SSL server and service
B. SSL_TCP virtual server and service
C. SSL_TCP virtual server and TCP service
D. TCP virtual server and SSL_TCP servic
Answer: C

Q: 6
What can an administrator configure to perform a health check for a SVC1,which is transferring HTTPS traffic so that a probe id only sent when there is no taffic to the server?
A. An HTTP monitor with the secure parameter selected
B. An HTTP monitor with the transparent parameter selected
C. An HTTP-lnline monitor with the secure parameter selected
D. An HTTP-ECV monitor with the transparent parameter selected
Answer: C

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