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Citrix 1Y0-A13 Exam -

Free 1Y0-A13 Sample Questions:

1. In a deployment where the internal servers are NOT accessible by the mapped IP address or through the default router, how many IP addresses are needed for the Access Gateway implementation?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Answer: C

2. An administrator has been instructed to give a specific employee in the Finance group access to Engineering resources. To which level should the administrator assign the policy when configuring access for this employee?
A. User
B. Team
C. Group
D. Organization
E. Virtual server
Answer: A

3. Which three kinds of IP addresses are required at a minimum when setting up an Access Gateway appliance in an environment? (Choose three.)
A. Intranet
B. Mapped
C. NetScaler
D. DNS Server
E. Default gateway
Answer: B, C, E

4. An administrator has enabled split tunneling for an environment. What must the administrator do to ensure that the plugin on user devices intercepts intranet traffic only and routes other traffic directly to the appropriate servers?
A. Set split tunneling to OFF
B. Define an intranet application
C. Change the routing table on the client devices to tunnel intranet traffic to the intranet
D. Assign intranet IP addresses to resources that users are accessing through the Access Gateway appliance
Answer: B

5. Scenario: An administrator must bind a policy that changes specific configuration settings for certain users. The administrator enables single sign-on (SSO) within the profile of the policy. Which type of policy must the administrator use in order to complete the task?
A. Session
B. Authorization
C. Authentication
D. TCP Compression
Answer: A

6. An administrator must configure an IP address that will be used by the Access Gateway appliance as a source IP address to connect to internal servers on the corporate network. Which IP type must the administrator configure?
A. Virtual IP
B. Mapped IP
C. NetScaler IP
D. Global Server Load Balancing site IP
Answer: B

7. Which type of IP address must an administrator configure on an Access Gateway appliance to allow applications like Exceed and Netmeeting to initiate connections successfully back to users running the Access Gateway Plugin for Windows?
A. Direct
B. Subnet
C. Intranet
D. Mapped
Answer: C

8. The Policy Precedence Model for Access Gateway 9.0, Enterprise Edition is the priority level in which multiple ______ are prioritized, evaluated and enforced. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)
A. profiles of different types
B. profiles of the same type
C. policies of different types
D. policies of the same type
Answer: D

9. Which session policy option must an administrator select to ensure the use of mapped IP addresses when the appliance runs out of intranet IP addresses to assign to new users?
Answer: C

10. Once a pre-authentication policy is configured, what does an administrator need to do in order for the policy to work?
A. Identify a process to monitor
B. Add an authentication server
C. Bind the policy at the global or virtual server level
D. Bind the policy to the IP address of the authentication server
Answer: C

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