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Citrix 1Y0-A05 Exam -

Free 1Y0-A05 Sample Questions:

1. Scenario: An administrator installed the XenApp Advanced Configuration tool to administer a Citrix XenApp server remotely. The server is accessed through a WAN link and it is behind a firewall. Which TCP port should be opened on the firewall to allow the administrator to connect remotely by means of the XenApp Advanced Configuration tool?
A. 1494
B. 2512
C. 2513
D. 2598
Answer: C

2. Session reliability is based on which Citrix service?
D. Services Manager
Answer: C

3. An administrator is installing Web Interface in order to support Windows laptop users that require offline applications. Which type of site should the administrator create to support these users?
A. XenApp Web
B. XenApp Services
C. Web Interface for SharePoint
D. XenApp Plugin for Streamed Apps
Answer: B

4. The Citrix License Management Console runs on which two supported web servers? (Choose two.)
A. IBM HTTP Server
B. Apache HTTP Server
C. SUN Java System Web Server
D. Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
Answer: B, D

5. In order for an administrator to provide a user with access to resources published on a Citrix XenApp server, the user must be a member of which local group on the server?
A. Users
B. Guests
C. Power Users
D. Remote Desktop Users
Answer: D

6. What is the result of renaming an existing report log file?
A. A new report log is created.
B. A duplicate report log is created.
C. The original report log is deleted.
D. The original report log is overwritten.
Answer: a

7. What should an administrator use to confirm the name of a Citrix License Server?
A. The queryhr command in a command prompt
B. The hostname command in a command prompt
C. The basic information screen in the Windows 2008 system applet
D. The server information screen in the Access Management Console
Answer: B

8. The Web Interface server communicates directly with which component in the Citrix XenApp farm to obtain application lists?
A. Data store
B. Data Collector
C. Secure Gateway
D. Citrix XML Service
Answer: D

9. Sound Quality, Special Folder Redirection and Turn off LPT ports are part of which set of rules in a policy?
A. Bandwidth
B. Service Level
C. Client Devices
D. User Workspace
Answer: C

10. Which tool should an administrator use to manage policies in a Citrix XenApp farm?
A. Access Management Console
B. Microsoft Management Console
C. Terminal Services Configuration
D. XenApp Advanced Configuration
Answer: D

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