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Citrix 1Y0-A02 Exam -

Free 1Y0-A02 Sample Questions:

1. What is an advantage of application-based virtualization solutions?
A. Higher consolidation ratios
B. Data center high availability
C. Centralized server management
D. The ability to use diverse hardware
Answer: D

2. What is the function of full emulation?
A. Simulating the complete hardware
B. Running applications as conventional local software
C. Leveraging of a hypervisor for the underlying technology
D. Offering an API that modifies the guest operating system
Answer: A

3. What does XenServer Enterprise Edition use to convert storage devices into a storage pool?
A. Local disk drive
B. Network disk drive
C. Logical volume manager
D. Physical volume manager
Answer: C

4. Scenario: An administrator wants to leverage the following XenServer Enterprise Edition features:
1. XenMotion
2. Fast cloning
3. Thin provisioning
4. Shared virtual machine storage
5. Automatic virtual machine placement
Which two storage solutions must the administrator use to allow for all of these features? (Choose two.)
A. NetApp
B. Local disk
C. Fibre-Channel
D. Software iSCSI
E. Hardware iSCSI
F. NFS-based NAS
Answer: AF

5. An administrator is configuring a new XenServer implementation and wants to use the Paravirtualized (PV) drivers for Windows virtual machines. What must the administrator install in order to use the PV drivers?
A. XenServer Tools
B. WHQL Signed Driver
C. Local Host Network Tools
D. RealTek Fast Ethernet driver
Answer: A

6. What is the maximum number of physical CPU cores supported with XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.1?
A. 16
B. 32
C. 64
D. 128
Answer: B

7. By default, MAC addresses assigned to Virtual Machines (VM) virtual network interfaces are
__________? (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)
A. cloned from the XenServer
B. determined by the host server
C. assigned manually by administrators
D. auto-assigned by the server using random algorithm
Answer: D

8. Which mechanism for changing the physical network IP configuration is supported on a XenServer 4.1 host?
A. Use the xe command line interface
B. Use the XenServer CD installer system
C. Use of the XenCenter Client network configuration menu
D. Use a text editor to edit the network configuration files in control domain
Answer: A

9. Scenario: AWindows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition virtual machine (VM) running on a XenServer host with four physical CPUs is consistently reporting high virtual CPU (vCPU) utilization. Currently, the VM is assigned one vCPU. According to Citrix best practices, what is the maximum number of vCPUs that can be assigned to the Windows Server 2003 VM?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 8
D. 16
E. 32
Answer: C

10. Which statement about the use of internal and external virtual networks is true?
A. Internal networks are used to connect to a physical NIC, whereas external networks are used to connect to a physical network.
B. Internal networks are used to connect to VLANs on the physical network, whereas external networks are used to connect to a physical network.
C. Internal networks are used to connect to a physical network, whereas external networks are used to connect to Virtual Machines on multiple ervers.
D. Internal networks are used to connect to other Virtual Machines on the same server, whereas external networks are used to connect to a physical NICs.
Answer: D

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