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Citrix 1Y0-A01 Exam -

Free 1Y0-A01 Sample Questions:

1. What is a valid remote command line interface invocation for XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.0?
A. xe dmesg
B. xm dmesg
C. xs vm-list -s -u root -pw password
D. xe vm-list -s -u root -pw password
E. xm vm-list -s -u root -pw password
Answer: D

2. Which mechanism underlies both external networks and internal networks?
A. Stub
B. Router
C. Virtual LAN
D. Virtual Switch
Answer: D

3. Which XenServer component allows flexible pooling of disk devices?
A. Logical Volumes
B. Physical Volumes
C. Storage Repository
D. Logical Volume Manager
Answer: C

4. When submitting a problem report to Technical Support, which command should be used to capture diagnostic information from XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.0?
A. xm log
B. xm info
C. xen-bugtool
D. cat /proc/xen
Answer: C

5. What is the duration of performance statistic trending in the XenCenter Client?
A. 15 minutes
B. 30 minutes
C. 4 hours
D. 24 hours
Answer: A

6. Which software must be running inside a Linux virtual machine (VM) in order to enable the "Switch to X Console" button in the XenCenter Client?
A. X11
Answer: C

7. To run a Microsoft Windows-based virtual machine (VM), the hardware platform must support _________ or _________. (Choose the two options that correctly complete the sentence.)
C. Intel LT
D. Intel VT
Answer: BD

8. What is the minimum memory requirement for XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.0?
A. 0.5 GB
B. 1 GB
C. 1.5 GB
D. 2 GB
Answer: B

9. In which location are the XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.0 server logs stored?
A. /var/log
B. ~/.xensource/logs
C. C:\Windows\System32\Logs
D. C:\Program Files\XenSource\log
Answer: A

10. Which file must an administrator edit to enable verbose client logging?
A. hosts.CFG
B. Logging.RTF
D. XenCenter.exe.config
Answer: D

11. By default, MAC addresses assigned to virtual machines (VM) virtual network interfaces are ______? (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)
A. cloned from the XenServer
B. determined by the host server
C. assigned manually by administrators
D. auto-assigned by the server using random algorithm
Answer: D

12. Which step is NOT required to install a XenServer?
A. Reboot the server
B. Select disk devices for install
C. Boot the server from either the XenServer CD or network installer
D. Install the XenServer server software after installing the host operating system
Answer: D

13. What is an inappropriate method for creating a virtual machine (VM) with the XenSource management tools?
A. Import a Microsoft.VHD file directly into XenCenter
B. Create a VM in XenCenter from an existing VM template
C. Import a previously-exported XenServer VM image using the XenServer command line interface
D. Use XenCenter to install from vendor media, such as a CD/ISO image or network install source
Answer: A

14. Which action should an administrator take to begin a physical to virtual (P2V) operation for a Linux server?
A. Use the P2V Wizard in the XenCenter Client
B. Boot from the XenSource installation CD and select the P2V option
C. Install the P2V client from the XenServer installation CD on the source Linux server
D. Enter the hostname of the computer to be virtualized and select "Start P2V Conversion" in the XenCenter Client
Answer: B

15. What is the maximum number of physical network interfaces supported by XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.0?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
Answer: B

16. What is the maximum number of virtual network interface cards (NICs) supported in a virtual machine (VM) on a server running XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.0?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 7
E. 8
Answer: D

17. What are two unsupported methods to configure the physical network IP configuration on a XenServer Virtualization Server? (Choose two.)
A. Using the XenServer CD installer system
B. Using the XenCenter Client network configuration menu
C. Editing network configuration files manually in Domain 0 after installation
D. Editing network configurations manually from the XenServer command line interface
Answer: BD

18. What is NOT a supported operating system in a hardware virtualization Windows virtual machine (VM) on a XenServer Virtualization Server?
A. Windows XP
B. Windows NT
C. Windows Server 2000
D. Windows Server 2003 64 bit
Answer: B

19. In Domain 0, what is the name of the logical Linux device for the first physical network adapter?
A. eth1
B. eth0
C. ifcfg-eth1
D. ifcfg-eth0
Answer: B

20. What is NOT a true statement about the XenServer command line interface?
A. It runs on remote Linux client systems.
B. It runs on remote Windows client systems.
C. It runs locally in Domain 0 of the XenServer.
D. It requires the command name as the first parameter.
E. It sends communication between a remote client and server without encryption.
Answer: E

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