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Citrix 1Y0-992 Exam -

Free 1Y0-992 Sample Questions:

1. What method for conducting scalability test iterations provides the most valid results?
A. 1. Monitor server for 10 minutes with no users
2. Add users until the server fails
B. 1. Monitor server for 10 minutes with no users
2. Add a single user
3. Wait until the login process is complete
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the server fails
C. 1. Monitor server for 10 minutes with no users
2. Add 5 users
3. Wait 10 minutes
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the server fails
D. 1. Monitor server for 10 minutes with no users
2. Add a single user
3. Wait 10 minutes
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the server fails
Answer: C

2. When creating an answer file for an unattended install with a SQL datastore, the credentials for the SQL server will show up in clear text. This can be a security risk for some companies. What is the suggested workaround for this potential risk?
A. Create a SA account specifically for the SQL datastore.
B. Leave the username and password blank and wait for the prompt to enter the credentials during the unattended install.
C. Only use unattended installs for Access datastores. Use DSMAINT MIGRATE after deployment to move to an SQL datastore.
D. Populate the username and password fields in the answer file just prior to the unattended install and then delete them afterwards.
Answer: D

3. What is the primary objective for configuring SQL server replication of the data store?
A. Performance
B. Administration
C. Fault tolerance
D. Disaster recovery
Answer: A

4. Which command is used to add serial numbers to the license store?
A. clicense add
B. ctxlicense add
C. xplicense install
D. xpinstall license
Answer: A

5. Which three sections are included during the update of an answer file fo a MetaFrame XP Presentation Server? (Choose three.)
A. [MSDE Settings]
B. [Citrix XML Service]
C. [Feature Release 3]
D. [Published Application]
E. [MetaFrame License Agreement]
Answer: ABE

6. An administrator is tasked with deploying 10 MetaFrame XP Presentation Servers at the corporate office site. Based on the analysis and design performed by the IT consulting firm, he has decided to use an unattended installation to install his MetaFrame XP Presentation Servers. Which three options are sections that require answers during the configuration of the answer file? (Choose three.)
A. [Citrix IMA Settings]
B. [Citrix XML Service]
C. [Shadowing Restrictions]
D. [Indirect Connection Settings]
E. [Program Nieghborhood Settings]
Answer: BCD

7. Which two options can be used when deploying ICA clients through Active Directory? (Choose two.)
A. Java Client 7.0 or later
B. Program Neighborhood Client 7.0 or later
C. Program Neighborhood Agent Admin Tool
D. Microsoft Windows Installer Service 2.0 or later
E. Management console for MetaFrame XP Presentation Server
Answer: BD

8. An administrator wants to use Microsoft Active Directory to deploy the ICA clients. Which two files can be used to perform this task? (Choose two.)
Answer: AB

9. The ________ is a utility that monitors and records changes to an application installation on the packaging server.
A. Packager
B. Installer Service
C. Application Monitor
D. Management console for MetaFrame XP Presentation Server
Answer: A

10. Administrators should consider creating an application package if an application requires __________ updates.
A. seldom
B. frequent
C. automated
D. undocumented
Answer: B

11. What three kind of information about published applications would be located in the data store database (Choose three.)
A. Audio settings
B. License count
C. Encryption level
D. Application name
E. Connected sessions
Answer: ACD

12. What are two benefits of configuring a MetaFrame XP Presentation Server to point directly to the data store? (Choose two.)
A. Scalability
B. High Availability
C. Single point of failure
D. Easy implementation
Answer: AB

13. What is the first step in the Load Management process?
A. Each server calculates its load.
B. A request for a published application is sent to the data collector.
C. Load values of all possible evaluation criteria are sent to the data collector for the zone.
D. The data collector uses the load information received from the servers and forwards the request to the least busy server.
Answer: A

14. Microsoft Office is installed and published on the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server in the server farm. All 1,500 users remotely access the Microsoft Office Suite of applications. What are two actions that an administrator can take to improve server performance? (Choose two.)
A. Enable Disk Caching
B. Disable Disk Caching
C. Enable Last File Access Update
D. Disable Last File Access Update
Answer: BD

15. What are the two methods for deploying ICA Win32 clients through Active Directory?
A. Create an ADF package of the ICA Client.
B. Create a new Windows Installer package with specific changes.
C. Create a copy of the ICA client directory and upload it using Installation Manager.
D. Create a transform file (.MST) and apply it to the original Microsoft Installer package.
Answer: BD

16. What are the two types of application compatibility scripts? (Choose two.)
A. Install
B. Logon
C. Debug
D. Parser
E. Command
Answer: AB

17. Which three actions are recommended after creating a package? (Choose three.)
A. Apply the transform file.
B. Review the packaging script.
C. Restore the packager partition.
D. Test the application to ensure proper execution.
Answer: BCD

18. What are two components used by Citrix Installation Manager when packaging and pushing packages? (Choose two.)
A. The Citrix Packager
B. ADF Installer Service
C. The Installation Packager
D. The Windows Installer Service
Answer: AB

19. What is the best measure of server performance during a scalability test?
A. User Experience
B. Memory Utilization
C. Percent Disk Time
D. Processor Utilization
Answer: A

20. Which kind of scalability does the Citrix Server Test Kit most commonly test?
A. Data store scalability
B. Server farm scalability
C. Data collector scalability
D. Application server scalability
Answer: B

21. What are two requirements for deploying the ICA client through Active Directory?
(Choose two.)
A. Windows NT 4.0 backup domain controller.
B. WIN32 bit client with Windows Installer Service.
C. Program Neighborhood Client version 6.00.779 or greater
D. Program Neighborhood Client version 7.00.13547 or greater
Answer: BD

22. Which two statements are true concerning MetaFrame XP Presentation Server? (Choose two.)
A. TCP port 80 is the default configuration for the XML service.
B. UDP broadcasts are sent to the ICA browser on TCP port 1494.
C. By default, Citrix XML Service is installed on the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server.
D. The only method of communication for an ICA client to a MetaFrame XP Presentation Server is through the XML service.
Answer: AC

23. Under which two nodes in the management console for MetaFrame XP Presentation Server can drivers be replicated? (Choose two.)
A. Servers
B. Applications
C. Printer Management
D. Citrix Administrators
Answer: AC

24. Joe needs to use the QUERYHR command but it is not currently installed on his server. Where on the install media is this utility located?
Answer: B

25. Adam is the network administrator for his company in New Jersey. Currently, there are three MetaFrame XP Presentation Servers implemented in his environment. His company recently purchased 10 new servers. These new servers have MetaFrame XP Presentation Server installed and must support 25 published applications. Before Adam begins the configuring of his new server farm he needs to verify the current farm name. When Adam enters QUERYHR -N at the command prompt, he receives a messages that indicates that the command he entered is invalid. What must Adam to do to verify the server farm information he needs?
A. Reboot his server and the command will work.
B. Run QUERYHR -SERVERFARM from the command line.
C. This command will not work unless Adam activates his server license.
D. Copy QUERYHR from the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server install media.
Answer: D

26. Which file must be recreated if cloning a MetaFrame XP Presentation Server, Enterprise Edition with resource manager installed?
Answer: C

27. What are three benefits of piloting a test server? (Choose three.)
A. Logon scripts produce the desired results.
B. Applications are compatible with the network environment.
C. All users can connect to the MetaFrame XP Presentation server farm.
D. The MetaFrame XP Presentation Server and published applications interact correctly with network file and print services.
Answer: ABD

28. Deployment planning involves documenting the required processes and contingencies in a project planning capacity. This is essential for proper change management control. Some of the things that can be considered in the rollout project plan are:
A. Resources needed for deployment
B. Date and time for specific deployment activities
C. Users, groups and organizational units affected
D. Only B and C
E. All of the above
Answer: E

29. Which three are benefits of two or four-processor MetaFrame XP Presentation Servers over eight-processor servers? (Choose three.)
A. Ease administration
B. Speed of thread utilization
C. Provide greater redundancy
D. Avoid operating system memory limitation
E. Reduce price of server hardware per concurrent user
Answer: CDE

30. The server hardware and software configuration that is used for the pilot will be identical to the configuration in which additional phase?
A. Production
B. Proof of Concept
C. Scalability Testing
D. Application Development
Answer: A

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