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Citrix 1Y0-913 Exam -

Free 1Y0-913 Sample Questions:

1. What are two advantages of using SMTP as an alert mechanism for resource manager? (Choose two.)
A. It is easier to configure
B. It limits the number of emails that need to be sent.
C. It is supported by all versions of resource manager
D. It does not require an email client to be installed.
Answer: AD

2. Which component of installation manager restores the packaging environment quickly, readying it for new installation packages?
A. ADF Service
B. Citrix Packager
C. Installer Service
D. Citrix Installation Manager Plug-in
Answer: B

3. Which two statements regarding Installation Manager are true? (Choose two.)
A. The installation manager node cannot publish the application automatically after installation.
B. Deleting a published application installed with Installation Manager does not result in the application being uninstalled from the target server.
C. To create ADF packages, install MetaFrame XP Presentation Server, Advanced Edition and the packager component on a separate Windows 2000 Server system dedicated to packaging only.
D. If a program is uninstalled from a target machine locally, without the use of installation manager, the program will not appear to be installed in the management console for MetaFrame XP.
Answer: AB

4. Jobs, when no longer used, become old jobs.
What should be done to them?
A. Old jobs should be deleted when no longer in use.
B. Old jobs should be renamed when no longer in use.
C. The OldJobs utility should be used to detect old jobs.
D. Old Jobs should be saved in the \%old_jobs%directory.
Answer: A

5. At what frequency are application thresholds checked by resource manager?
A. Once every second
B. Once every 5 seconds
C. Once every 10 seconds
D. Once every 15 seconds
E. Once every 20 seconds
Answer: D

6. You can configure resource manager to raise an alert when a yellow threshold is crossed, allowing you to proactively fix problems before they arise using which three types of alert? (Choose three.)
A. WMI alerts
B. SMS alerts
C. Email alerts
D. SNMP alerts
E. NT administrative alerts
Answer: BCD

7. What is required to configure the Resource Manager SMS alert component?
A. A modem attached to one TAPI server
B. The TAPI service running on each server being monitored
C. A "Citrix" group containing users who will receive alerts
D. The SMS service running on at least one server in the farm
Answer: A

8. What are two features of Installation Manager? (Choose two.)
A. Faster application publishing
B. Scheduling for off-peak hours
C. Automatic discovering and gathering tools
D. Installation Management Services compatibility
Answer: BD

9. Installation manager includes an improved packager. Which two advantages are part of the new packager? (Choose two.)
A. It generates MSI files.
B. It dynamically edits Reg files.
C. Its rollback quickly restores the packaging environment.
D. It allows individual files or groups of files to be packaged for distribution.
Answer: CD

10. You need to install three applications on five Presentation servers. Installation manager can expedite this installation for you.
Which Presentation Server will allow the installation of installation manager?
A. Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 Presentation Server
B. Citrix MetaFrame XP Presentation Server, Standard Edition
C. Citrix MetaFrame XP Presentation Server, Advanced Edition
D. Citrix MetaFrame XP Presentation Server, Enterprise Edition
Answer: D

11. Which two statements are true concerning installation manager? (Choose two.)
A. Application installed using installation manager can be uninstalled using the management console of MetaFrame XP Presentation Server.
B. Deleting an application from the Applications Node of the management console of MetaFrame XP Presentation Server does not uninstall the application.
C. Installation manager must be installed on each server in the MetaFrame XP server farm in order for MetaFrame XP Presentation Server to function properly.
D. Uninstalling the application using the management console for MetaFrame XP Presentation Server does not allow installation manager to keep track of its inventory.
Answer: AB

12. Which utility is responsible for managing installation manager packages?
A. Publish Application Manager
B. Package Application Manager
C. Access Management Console
D. Management console of MetaFrame XP
Answer: D

13. Which statement is true concerning installation manager?
A. The uninstall program for installation manager removes the projects folder and its contents.
B. Citrix Installer Service is needed on servers in the server farm in order to install application packages.
C. A UNC sharepoint is not needed to install application packages that have been created by the packager.
D. The Installation Manager Plug-in does not allow the administrator to install and manage application packages in the server farm.
Answer: B

14. Which tool allows users to publish applications?
A. Network Manager
B. Resource Manager
C. Installation Manager
D. Management console for MetaFrame XP
Answer: D

15. Which three functions are possible with Installation Manager using the management console for MetaFrame XP Presentation Server? (Choose three.)
A. Viewing packages
B. Scheduling installations
C. Diagnosing network problems
D. Adding ADF and MSI packages
E. Changing node symbols to represent a Citrix MetaFrame Node
Answer: ABD

16. In which two ways can an administrator generate a custom report on database folders and zones? (Choose two.)
A. By using Crystal Reports
B. By running a direct query on the database
C. By merging the data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
D. By generating a snapshot report from the management console
Answer: AB

17. Which feature of resource manager enables administrators to correct potential problems before they become more serious?
A. Alert on yellow
B. Folder support
C. Snapshot report
D. Graphing capabilities
Answer: A

18. Fee groups in resource manager can be assigned to __________ and __________. (Fill in the blank with two options from below.)
A. Farms
B. Zones
C. Servers
D. Domains
E. Cost centers
Answer: DE

19. Which tab in the resource manager pane of the management console should be accessed to create fee profiles?
B. Billing
C. Reports
D. Watcher
E. Summary Database
Answer: B

20. Which billing profile option should be used to set a custom currency symbol using resource manager?
A. Code
B. User Defined
C. ISO4217 Code
D. System Settings
Answer: B

21. When using resource manager to charge for the duration of a session, how are profiles billed?
A. By the hour
B. By the minute
C. By the millisecond
D. By the megabyte-minute
Answer: A

22. Which four of the following billing options are available for fee profiles in resource manager? (Choose four.)
A. Memory
B. CPU time
C. Session time
D. Concurrent users
E. Number of sessions
F. Process loaded time
Answer: ABCF

23. An administrator recently modified five metrics in resource manager.
How would an administrator apply only the recently configured metrics to three specific servers in a farm that contains ten total servers? (Choose two.)
A. Automatically select all modified metrics and select all servers to update.
B. Select the individual metrics from the list and select the specific servers to update.
C. Select the individual servers from the list and select the specific servers to update.
D. Automatically select entire metric configurations and select the specific servers to update.
Answer: AB

24. SMTP is being used as an alert mechanism for resource manager. The SMTP server has SSO enabled.
Which two tasks must be completed in order to use SMTP as an alert mechanism for resource manager? (Choose two.)
A. SMTP port number must be listed
B. User name and password must be typed.
C. Authenticate connection must be enabled.
D. Sever name/ IP address must be specified.
E. “Use SSL for email alerts” option must be turned on.
Answer: AD

25. Which dialog box is used to overwrite the farm set of recipients for an individual server when using SMTP to send alerts?
A. SMTP Recipient dialog box
B. Farm Properties dialog box
C. SMTP Server Configuration dialog box
D. Resource Manager Alerts Recipients dialog box
Answer: D

26. The resource manager snapshot report provides detailed memory and usage information for processes that use __________ of memory or processor resources. (Fill in the blank with an option from below.)
A. More than 5%
B. More than 10%
C. 5% or more
D. 10% or more
Answer: C

27. Which resource manager option is used to create snapshot reports from real-time graphs?
A. scale graph
B. show points
C. scale graph to show all data
D. generate reports from graph via mouse
Answer: D

28. Which Windows Managed Instrumentation object represents MetaFrame XP Presentation servers?
A. Provider
B. CIM repository
C. Managed system
D. Management Application
Answer: A

29. Which three tasks can be completed by the MetaFrame XP Provider? (Choose three.)
A. Monitor errors
B. Logoff an ICA session
C. Send messages to users
D. Monitor services on the servers
E. Execute a new process
Answer: ABC

30. What must be installed on all servers for administrators to gather information using the MOM console?
A. Packager
B. Load manager
C. Resource manager
D. Installation manager
E. MetaFrame XP Provider
Answer: E

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