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Citrix 1Y0-800 Exam -

Free 1Y0-800 Sample Questions:

1. After an initial EdgeSight Agent installation, the administrator must ______. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)
A. backup the EdgeSight database
B. restart the Citrix Licensing service
C. reboot the device onto which the EdgeSight Agent is installed
D. use the Citrix EdgeSight Post-Installation Setup Wizard to perform initial configurations
Answer: C

2. An administrator needs to configure the agent to look for new alerts and/or new worker schedules more than once a day. Which worker configuration does the administrator need to configure to meet the requirements of the scenario?
A. Asset History
B. Configuration Check
C. Fault Report Cleanup
D. Database Maintenance
Answer: B

3. An administrator is creating a new user account which Reporting Services will use to connect to the Report Server Database.
Which two steps should the administrator complete when creating the new user account? (Choose two.)
A. Add the user account to a defined group.
B. Define security parameters for the user account.
C. Set a non-expiring password for the user account.
D. Grant the user account database access privileges.
Answer: CD

4. Scenario: Following miscommunication during a rollout of new hard drives and memory, some devices in the environment were not upgraded as planned. The IT Manager asked the administrator to identify the devices that were upgraded.
Which type of report would the administrator use to obtain the necessary information?
A. Remote
B. Asset Change
C. Memory Upgrade
D. System Comparison
Answer: B

5. Scenario: The level two help desk forwards a call to the administrator to help a user who is currently experiencing difficulties accessing data from an application. The response times seem slow. The administrator decides to collect real-time information to diagnose the issue. Which report should the administrator use?
A. Alerts
B. System
C. Summary
D. Processes
Answer: D

6. Scenario: An administrator is designing a proof of concept (POC) for an EdgeSight 4.5 implementation. The company will allocate only the minimum number of servers necessary for the POC. The administrator has obtained license keys for the necessary software and wants to get the lab hardware operational as quickly as possible. What are the minimum number of EdgeSight servers needed for the project?
A. One
B. Two
C. Four
D. Three
Answer: A

7. Scenario: A company recently purchased Citrix Edgsight 4.5 and plans to use a production Microsoft SQL 2000 Server for the EdgeSight 4.5 database. The administrator wants to install all other EdgeSight components onto a single server. Which two components can the administrator install on the server separate from the Microsoft SQL 2000 database server? (Choose two.)
A. Citrix License Server
B. Citrix EdgeSight Agent
C. Citrix EdgeSight Server Console
D. Citrix EdgeSight Agent Deployment Server
Answer: AC

8. What does an administrator need to do in order to enable secure communications from EdgeSight Agents to server?
A. Select to enable SSL Support.
B. Select to disable SSL Support.
C. Install and configure third-party VPN.
D. Turn on the firewall on the agent device.
Answer: A

9. Scenario: A company currently has EdgeSight 4.5 deployed with a dual-server configuration. One server hosts the Microsoft SQL database, the other is a web server hosting the remaining server-side components. In an effort to improve performance, the administrator decided to create a tri-server deployment model.
Which two components can the administrator move onto the third server? (Choose two.)
A. Citrix License Server
B. Citrix EdgeSight Server Console
C. Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ)
D. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
Answer: AD

10. Scenario: An administrator enabled SSL support for an EdgeSight Server. Now the certificate prevents remote scripts from running and remote pages from displaying. What does the administrator need to do to resolve the issue described in the scenario?
A. Enable SSL support on the agent.
B. Turn off SSL support on the server.
C. Put in an exception for port 9035 at the firewall.
D. Purchase another SSL certificate, as this one is corrupt.
Answer: A

11. Which Microsoft application does an administrator need to install on a device that is being used to view real-time remote reports for EdgeSight?
A. Excel
B. Word
C. Notepad
D. WordPad
Answer: A

12. An administrator for EdgeSight needs to use Microsoft Excel to view reports ______. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)
A. of any type
B. locally on the agent
C. locally on the server
D. using real time remote function
Answer: D

13. What is minimally required for the web server component of the EdgeSight Server?
A. Microsoft Message Queuing
B. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2000 Service Pack 1
C. Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0 for Windows Server 2003
D. Microsoft SQL Server Service Pack 4 Standard Edition or greater
Answer: A

14. Which three configurations does the web server component of the EdgeSight Server require? (Choose three.)
A. ASP.NET allowed in IIS
B. Network COM+ access enabled
C. IIS_WPG users active and enabled
D. Active Server Pages (ASP) enabled
E. Microsoft SQL with mixed-mode authentication
Answer: ABC

15. What does the spectuser account access?
A. Microsoft SQL Server
B. Citrix EdgeSight Agent
C. Citrix EdgeSight Server
D. Microsoft SQL database
Answer: D

16. The spectuser account is a ______. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)
A. Citrix EdgeSight Server user account that is used to communicate with the EdgeSight Agents
B. Microsoft SQL account that the EdgeSight Server uses to connect to its Microsoft SQL database
C. Microsoft SQL account that the EdgeSight Agent uses to connect to its Microsoft Access database
D. Citrix EdgeSight Agent user account that is used to communicate with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
Answer: B

17. An administrator just installed an EdgeSight Server in the environment.
Which two post-installation configuration items need to be defined after installing EdgeSight in the environment? (Choose two.)
A. Company
B. Time Zone
C. Department
D. SNMP Trap Handler
Answer: AB

18. When installing Citrix EdgeSight for Presentation Server Agents, which two items must be specified to ensure that the EdgeSight Agent will be able to report to the EdgeSight Server without any errors? (Choose two.)
A. Certificate authorities
B. Agent/Server communciation port
C. SNMP port the EdgeSight Server is using
D. Company name exactly as it appears in the EdgeSight Console
Answer: BD

19. After installing an EdgeSight Server, which two things must an administrator create to complete the appropriate post-installation configurations? (Choose two.)
A. Company
B. Department
C. Superuser account
D. Spectuser account
Answer: AC

20. Scenario: An administrator is going through the Post-Installation Wizard for an EdgeSight Server. The administrator decides that the EdgeSight Agent will be deployed to user devices in the company.
Which option should the administrator select for the Server Mode to meet the needs of the scenario?
A. EndPoint Support Only
B. Server and EndPoint Support
C. Presentation Server Support Only
D. Presentation Server and EndPoint Support
Answer: A

21. An administrator is installing the EdgeSight for Presentation Server Agent in a multiple EdgeSight Server deployment.
Which server name must the administrator specify in the EdgeSight for Presentation Server Agent Setup Wizard?
A. Web Server
B. Report Server
C. License Server
D. Database Server
Answer: A

22. An administrator is installing and deploying an EdgeSight Agent and wants to specify custom install settings. Which two actions would allow the administrator to control the full range of installation options, including specifying a log file? (Choose two.)
A. Create a transform file.
B. Run the installer user interface.
C. Specify key/value pairs on the command line.
D. Create a customized MSI file from the Autorun Wizard.
Answer: AC

23. Scenario: An administrator must use a customized report to provide specific information so that an engineer can troubleshoot an application issue in the environment. The administrator does not want other users to be able to see the report.
Which option must the administrator select to ensure other users cannot see the customized report?
A. Public
B. Private
C. Installer Only, during upload
D. This User Only, during upload
Answer: B

24. Scenario: An administrator is due to go on vacation and must ensure that other administrators of EdgeSight can run the custom report named "CstAppRpt01," which the administrator uploaded a month ago.
The administrator's colleagues report that they cannot see the report. What must the administrator do to ensure the custom report can be accessed by the other administrators during his absence?
A. Delete the report and upload it again using the public attribute.
B. Change the other administrator accounts to be in the administrator role.
C. Change the report attribute of private to public and restart the EdgeSight Server.
D. Delete the administrator roles and re-create them with permissions to the report.
Answer: A

25. Which type of editing tool should an administrator use to modify an existing report?
A. Any XML editor
B. Any VBScript editor
C. The Microsoft Visual Studio Tool
D. The Microsoft SQL Report Designer Tool
Answer: A

26. An administrator needs to create a new report to assist with troubleshooting an application which is currently being developed.
Which report file type extension must be used for successful upload to the Citrix EdgeSight Server?
Answer: A

27. An administrator is verifying a new report which has been uploaded to the EdgeSight Server and discovers that it has a fault in the Query Parameter names. Which step is required to correct the error?
A. Export the report in VBS format and use a VBS editor to correct the errors.
B. Select edit mode in the properties page, correct the error(s) and save the report.
C. Correct the error(s) in the RDL file and use the update link on the properties page to update it.
D. Correct the error(s) in the RDL file and use the upload a report link to upload the corrected report file.
Answer: D

28. Scenario: An administrator receives information that a critical financial application crashed. The Finance department requires the application to process the payroll today, so the administrator needs to gather information about the processes running at the time of the crash.
Which remote report will allow you to generate a snapshot of the crashed process?
A. Alerts
B. System
C. Summary
D. Processes
Answer: D

29. Scenario: A Network Administrator is required to view remote reports to ensure that issues can be troubleshot as they arise. During a test, the administrator discovers that he cannot view remote reports. None of the other administrators can view remote reports either. What must the administrator do to rectify this?
A. Install Microsoft Excel.
B. Install the Citrix EdgeSight Excel Conversion Agent.
C. Specify the path to Microsoft Excel in the EdgeSight Server settings.
D. Specify the path to the EdgeSight Conversion Agent in the server settings.
Answer: A

30. Scenario: Following complaints from a number of users at a remote site, an administrator must find more information about the problem. Users are complaining that the response time of remote applications has significantly deteriorated. Some users have been unable to make a connection. Not all users at the remote site are experiencing the problem. The administrator decides to collect real-time information to diagnose this issue.
Which report should the administrator use?
A. System
B. Trace Route
C. Network Summary
D. Presentation Server Summary
Answer: B

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