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Citrix 1Y0-740 Exam -

Free 1Y0-740 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 Scenario: An administrator is implementing a WANScaler appliance in the branch office of a telemarketing environment. Most of the traffic in this environment is voice over IP based. However, the billing and collections team needs access to web servers in the corporate office. Users in this environment have complained that it takes too long for them to access data in the morning, between 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM. Coincidentally, this is when most of the billing and collections employees begin their day.
Which traffic type could the administrator accelerate in this environment?

D. Telnet

Answer: C

Q: 2 Scenario: An administrator is implementing a WANScaler appliance in an environment where the majority of the traffic types are candidates for acceleration. There is an undetermined amount of critical unaccelerated traffic that needs to be considered.
Which two options should the administrator implement to ensure that unaccelerated network traffic types are not suppressed in this environment? (Choose two.)

A. Select hardboost.
B. Select partial bandwidth.
C. Fix the bandwidth limit to 50%.
D. Set the initial bandwidth to 90%.

Answer: B, D

Q: 3 In a high availability pair, configuration changes should be made using which IP address?

A. Virtual IP address
B. Subnet IP address
C. WANScaler IP address
D. Management IP address

Answer: A

Q: 4 Scenario: An administrator designing a WANScaler implementation would like the implementation to be set up based on the following considerations:
1.The data center supports multiple branch offices, of which only one has a WANScaler appliance.
2.The branch office WANScaler appliance should connect directly to the WAN router for the branch office.
3.The headquarters WANScaler appliance should connect directly to the WAN router for the headquarters.
4.All traffic from the branch office to servers at the headquarters should flow through the branch office WANScaler appliance.
Which WANScaler deployment topology should be used in this type of implementation?

A. Star
B. Token Ring
C. Point-to-point
D. Hub-and-spoke

Answer: C

Q: 5 Which TCP variant would be appropriate in an environment where a site is connected to multiple WAN links, each of which has no guaranteed bandwidth?

A. Inline
B. Variable
C. Softboost
D. Hardboost
E. Full bandwidth

Answer: C

Q: 6 Scenario: An administrator would like to implement five WANScaler appliances in an environment. Four of the appliances are deployed in the branch offices and one in the data center. Each office has a single circuit to the data center. All appliances will be implemented in inline mode. The administrator wants to leverage the automatic bandwidth allocation feature. The administrator has decided that WANScaler QoS will not be implemented in this environment.
Which physical WANScaler topology will be appropriate for this implementation?

A. Mesh
B. Full Mesh
C. Point-to-point
D. Hub-and-spoke

Answer: D

Q: 7 An administrator is implementing WANScaler appliances in an environment.
The administrator has been instructed to configure WANScaler appliances to accelerate traffic. What are three types of traffic that can be accelerated by WANScaler appliances? (Choose three.)


Answer: B, C, D

Q: 8 Scenario: An administrator is instructed to implement two WANScaler appliances in high availability mode for a virtual inline deployment. In this environment, the switches
and routers are already connected. What is the minimum number of Ethernet cables required to set up the WANScaler appliances in a single LAN, single WAN deployment?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Answer: B

Q: 9 An administrator is required to configure a service class policy for a service class. Which three parameters could be specified when configuring a service class policy? (Choose three.)

A. If auto-discovery should be used
B. If flow control should be implemented
C. Which network interface should be used
D. Which type of compression should be used
E. Which QoS queue the traffic flow will be directed to

Answer: B, D, E

Q: 10 What should an administrator do to ensure that traffic is sent to the desired appliance when configuring WANScaler appliances in group mode?

A. Turn one of the appliances off in the group mode.
B. Assign the virtual IP address to the primary appliance.
C. Create forwarding rules that use explicit IP addresses.
D. Create a service class policy to manage the distribution of traffic.

Answer: C

Q: 11 An administrator is implementing a WANScaler appliance in WCCP mode in a single LAN, single WAN implementation. What is the minimum number of Ethernet cables required to
set up the WANScaler appliance on the local LAN?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Answer: A

Q: 12 An administrator implementing WANScaler appliances in an appliance only environment has been instructed by the IT Manager to not bring down the network while installing the WANScaler appliances. In which two deployment modes could the administrator implement the WANScaler appliances to meet the stated requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Inline
C. Redirector
D. Virtual inline

Answer: B, D

Q: 13 The ______ is where the set of rules that map accelerated subnets to appliances is created and the ______ is what examines the rules. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. Client; Controller
B. Client; Appliance
C. Controller; Client
D. Controller; Appliance

Answer: C

Q: 14 During the TCP handshake process, the Maximum Segment Size (MSS) of a packet is reduced in order to ______. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)

A. increase interactive performance
B. compress the traffic across the WAN
C. allow room in the packet header for custom WANScaler options
D. indicate the existence of a WANScaler appliance to other WANScaler appliances across the WAN

Answer: C

Q: 15 Which three operating parameters are defined in the TCP header of a packet and exchanged during the autoconfiguration process? (Choose three.)

A. Bandwidth limits
B. Acceleration mode
C. Service class rules
D. Compression mode
E. Compression history

Answer: A, B, D

Q: 16 Scenario: A system administrator deployed a WANScaler 8500 appliance at one branch office and a WANScaler 8800 appliance at the headquarters office. Given the nature of the data transfers that are routinely used between the two offices (including database replication, multiple file transfers and directory synchronization), the administrator decides to use disk-based compression.
After several days of testing, the administrator could not explain why the compression ratio was below the expected level.
What are four possible reasons why the compression ratio was below the expected level? (Choose four.)

A. Compression ratios are data-dependent.
B. The WANScaler is not suited for compressing CIFS traffic.
C. File types with little to no redundancy will not compress well.
D. WANScaler appliances must be deployed as matched pairs.
E. Encryption of the data has a negative effect on compressibility.
F. Compressibility of data is affected by the application protocol used.
G. The WANScaler 8500 appliance does not support disk-based compression.

Answer: A, C, E, F

Q: 17 Which two techniques are used to accelerate and optimize CIFS traffic across high latency links in a WANScaler appliance implementation? (Choose two.)

A. Zero locking
B. File read ahead
C. History analysis
D. Recursive file opens
E. Pre-fetching metadata

Answer: B, E

Q: 18 Which two statements are true regarding protocol acceleration? (Choose two.)

A. VoIP optimization is an indirect benefit of other optimizations of the WANScaler.
B. All HTTP traffic is enhanced by applying QoS on cascading style sheets and pages that use Java scripts.
C. IPSec key exchange algorithms are adjusted with the Flow-Control Engine and their payloads are compressed.
D. FTP traffic is enhanced by the ability of the WANScaler appliance to keep track of which files have been previously transferred.
E. Any TCP information exchanged by two WANScaler appliances where the bit patterns exchanged match previous traffic can be eligible for multi-level compression.

Answer: A, E

Q: 19 When data is compressed before passing through a WANScaler appliance, it ______. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)

A. is not encrypted
B. is still compressed
C. is passed through as unaccelerated traffic
D. is decompressed and recompressed using proprietary algorithms

Answer: B

Q: 20 A WANScaler implementation of QoS ______. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)

A. should be used with softboost only
B. operates on accelerated traffic only
C. is incompatible with other QoS solutions
D. is a sender and receiver-side QoS system

Answer: B

Q: 21 Which two network interface settings must an administrator match for proper operation of devices physically connected to the WANScaler appliances? (Choose two.)

B. Port speed
C. Flow control
D. Duplex setting

Answer: B, D

Q: 22 The IT Manager specifically stated that the Network Administrator should implement a WANScaler appliance in virtual inline mode using policy-based routing. Which two steps are valid when configuring a WANScaler appliance in virtual inline mode? (Choose two.)

A. Configure WANScaler with VRRP ID.
B. Configure IP forwarding on the Configuration Tuning page.
C. Configure packet forwarding rules on the WANScaler appliance.
D. Configure router rules to correctly route traffic through the WANScaler appliance.

Answer: B, D

Q: 23 An administrator implementing WANScaler appliances assigned a virtual management IP address to a high availability (HA) pair. Which two additional pieces of information will
an administrator need to specify when configuring two WANScaler appliances in HA mode? (Choose two).

A. The VRRP ID assigned to the pair
B. The service group ID assigned to the pair
C. The serial number of the partner WANScaler appliance
D. The model number of the partner WANScaler appliance
E. The management IP address of the partner WANScaler appliance

Answer: A, C

Q: 24 An administrator has been instructed to implement a WANScaler appliance in WCCP mode. What are two pieces of information that the administrator can specify when implementing the WANScaler appliance in WCCP mode? (Choose two.)

A. The service group ID
B. The IP address of the chosen router
C. The routing protocol used on the router
D. The link speed for traffic passing through the appliance

Answer: A, B

Q: 25 An administrator is configuring bandwidth settings for WANScaler in an environment that has unaccelerated latency sensitive traffic. What should the administrator configure to ensure that the unaccelerated traffic is not suppressed by the accelerated traffic?

A. The WANScaler appliance to use softboost
B. The WANScaler appliance to use partial bandwidth
C. A service class policy for the unaccelerated traffic and give that policy the highest priority
D. The bandwidth limit for the unaccelerated traffic on the WANScaler appliance to 90% of the maximum link speed

Answer: B

Q: 26 An administrator needs to configure the IP address of the apA accelerated interface of a WANScaler appliance from the serial interface. Which command should the administrator use to specify the IP address?

A. Address
B. IP Address
C. Set IP Address
D. Add IP Address

Answer: A

Q: 27 Scenario: A manufacturing company keeps a central sales database at its headquarters, which employees access through a Citrix Web Interface site. Sales representatives who
travel to customer sites across the country have complained that entering sales information while on the road takes too long. To speed up this process, the WANScaler Client has been installed on the corporate laptops of each sales representative. They connect to a dedicated WANScaler appliance with a separate Internet link.
When configuring the bandwidth settings for the WANScaler appliance in the headquarters office, the administrator should enable ______ and select ______ bandwidth. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. softboost; full
B. hardboost; full
C. softboost; partial
D. hardboost; partial

Answer: A

Q: 28 Scenario: An organization has a set of bulk FTP transfers. The administrator would like for the FTP traffic to use as much available bandwidth as it needs with at least 15% of the link guaranteed during peak traffic times. As traffic diminishes overnight, FTP traffic should claim the unused bandwidth.
Which two steps should the administrator take to configure QoS in this environment? (Choose two.)

A. Enable partial bandwidth and set aside 85% of the link speed.
B. Configure additional bandwidth settings based on the time of the day.
C. Use hardboost bandwidth schedule to increase the bandwidth limit at night.
D. Assign the service class for FTP to Queue B and all other traffic in the environment should be assigned to Queue A.
E. Configure two QoS queues, Queue A and Queue B, and assign 15% of the bandwidth set aside for acceleration to Queue B and assign the remaining 85% of the available bandwidth set aside for Queue A.

Answer: D, E

Q: 29 Which transport layer optimization makes it possible to maximize bandwidth utilization under any network conditions while minimizing latency and loss?

A. Fair queuing
B. CIFS acceleration
C. Data compression
D. Lossless flow control

Answer: D

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